10 Things You Didn’t Know About Francisco Jose Riberas Mera

Francisco Jose Riberas Mera is a name synonymous with success in the steel industry and for his contribution to Spanish economy. Beyond being the co-founder of Gonvarri Steel Industries and Gestamp Automocion, there’s much more about Mr. Riberas Mera that may be lesser-known. This article will take you through ten things you didn’t know about Francisco Jose Riberas Mera.

1. Humble Beginnings

Despite being counted among one of the wealthiest people in Spain today, Francisco Jose Riberas Mera had quite humble beginnings. He and his brother, Jon Riberas Mera, began their journey in the steel industry with a small steel trading company in 1958. It was from this small company, Gonvarri, that Gestamp Automocion conglomerate was later formed.

Gonvarri Steel Industries grew incrementally over the years, and today, it operates more than 40 steel plants across the world. It was through their smart business decisions and relentless dedication that the brothers were able to witness such exponential growth.

2. Role in Gestamp Automocion

Francisco Jose Riberas Mera is the co-founder and president of Gestamp Automocion, a multinational automotive parts manufacturer. He co-established this engineering company in 1997 to design, develop, and manufacture components for vehicle manufacturers. Under his leadership, it has grown enormously and operates in 22 countries.

His key role in Gestamp Automocion extended to strategy formulation, technological innovation, and the forging of key strategic alliances with major automobile manufacturers globally. His contribution in bringing up such a company until it achieved a billon-euro turnover is nothing short of praiseworthy.

3. Among Forbes Richest People

Francisco’s success in the steel industry and automobile component manufacturing didn’t go unnoticed. He is listed among Forbes’ Billionaires. In fact, in 2019, Forbes Spain ranked him the third richest in the country. There is no doubt that he has made a mark on the global stage and is a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Despite being a billionaire, Francisco has always been known for his down-to-earth character and dedication to his work. Even though he has achieved remarkable success, he remains committed to his businesses and his roots.

4. Focus on Green Energy

Beyond automotive manufacturing, Francisco has also made significant investments in renewable energy projects. One such initiative was the creation of a joint venture company called Gonvarri Energía. Their aim is to explore developments in clean and renewable energy sources, contributing towards a cleaner environment.

His interest and investment in renewable energy further reveal Francisco’s commitment not just to profit but also to sustainable development. His vision for a low-carbon future boldly champions the cause of environment protection, leading the way for other business leaders to follow.

5. Philanthropy

Francisco’s success hasn’t made him lose sight of the less fortunate. He is involved in numerous philanthropic activities through the Fundación Francisco Riberas Mera, a foundation he established to undertake social projects. This foundation supports educational initiatives, sponsors sports activities and contributes to numerous charity organizations.

Beyond just providing monetary support, Francisco has shown real commitment towards societal causes. Be it through fostering education, sport or any other form of charity, Francisco’s philanthropic commitment shows his genuine interest in giving back to the community and the society at large.

6. Interest in Soccer

Francisco is not just a business tycoon, but also a soccer enthusiast. He is a known supporter of Athletico Madrid, a prominent soccer club in Spain. He often attends their matches and has also been described by many as an avid sportsman.

His immense love for soccer has translated in him becoming an investor and supporter of football clubs. This recreational side in Francisco’s life adds a different dimension to his personality, making him an all-rounder.

7. Passion for Sailing

Sailing is another one of Francisco’s passions. He is reported to own one of the most luxurious yachts in Spain, furthering his seeding interest in the sea. In fact, he is known to take time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a good, relaxing sail.

His yacht is often spotted in the exclusive Marina Ibiza, where he spends time enjoying beautiful sunsets and the calming sea. His passion for sailing showcases his appreciation for nature and relaxation amid a highly demanding and busy life.

8. Family Man

Apart from his well-established professional persona, Francisco is also a dedicated family man. He has been happily married for many years and he and his wife have two children. Despite his busy business schedule, Francisco always finds quality time to spend with his family.

He has instilled his hard-working values in his children who are now actively involved in the family business. Francisco’s dedication to his family reflects his commitment not just towards his business ventures, but his personal life as well.

9. Awards and Honors

For his commendable contribution to the Spanish industry, Francisco has received multiple recognitions. One such recognition is the Gold Medal for Merit in Work, conferred on him by the Spanish Government. This award recognizes his extraordinary work ethics, commitment, and significant contribution to the Spanish business sector.

His awards and recognitions are a testament to his unyielding dedication and firm commitment towards his business and his country’s economic growth. Moreover, these awards duly reflect his stature as a business leader.

10. International Presence

Francisco, through his various businesses, has marked an international presence. His companies have a significant global footprint, thanks to their operations in many nations. Companies like Gestamp Automocion and Gonvarri Steel Industries are recognized worldwide for their expertise and quality.

His contribution to international business is immense. His international presence has not only helped Spanish businesses widen their reach but has also led to increased job creation and innovation in the countries where his business operates.

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