10 Things You Didn’t Know About Frits Goldschmeding

Frits Goldschmeding, a name that resonates in the business world like few others, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. He is the founder of Randstad, the second-largest staffing and recruitment company globally. Goldschmeding’s life and career are a textbook study in entrepreneurship, determination, and philanthropy. But aside from his well-chronicled business success, there are many aspects of Goldschmeding’s life that remain relatively unknown. Here are 10 things you probably did not know about this iconic business figure.

1. Goldschmeding Was Initially a Lecturer in Economics

Before moving into the world of business, Goldschmeding lectured in economics. His strong academic background played a significant role in his business success, with a keen understanding of economic principles and market patterns fundamental to growing Randstad from a modest operation into a global giant.

Even after becoming a business magnate, Goldschmeding continued to contribute to academia. He collaborated with various universities, sharing his insights and knowledge to shape the next generation of business minds.

2. He Originally Founded His Company in His Dorm Room

Like legendary tech companies, Apple and Facebook, and the iconic fashion brand ‘Ralph Lauren’, Randstad owes its beginning to a university room. Goldschmeding conceived and started the company from his dormitory room at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam while still a student.

He launched it with his fellow student Ger Daleboudt, but despite the humble beginnings, their vision was grand. From the start, they aimed to revolutionize the temporary work sector, a goal they achieved as Randstad is now synonymous with quality temporary staffing solutions.

3. Flexibility Was Always at the Centre of His Business Model

One of Goldschmeding’s core business principles was flexibility. He saw it as a vital catalyst for the growth and success of Randstad.

In his view, modern economies demand adaptability, and nothing epitomizes this more than a dynamic workforce. Temping allowed companies to adjust their number of employees seamlessly to align with their needs, and Goldschmeding capitalized on this with great success.

4. Goldschmeding Became the Wealthiest Man in the Netherlands

In 2011, the distinguished business magazine Quote named Goldschmeding as the wealthiest person in the Netherlands. This marked a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

However, Goldschmeding’s wealth didn’t change his modest lifestyle, nor his commitment to philanthropy. Despite his immense fortune, he remains an unassuming figure committed to making the world a better place.

5. He Created a Foundation for Social Good

Demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy, Goldschmeding established the Goldschmeding Foundation. This foundation focuses on projects that contribute to a sustainable, more inclusive society, both on a local and global scale.

He translated his business success into making a social impact by supporting initiatives in education, sustainable economic development, and social cohesion. Through these efforts, he is not only contributing to society financially, but also shaping the future with progressive social initiatives.

6. He Wrote a Dissertation on Temporary Work

Proving his academic prowess and thorough knowledge of the temping sector, Goldschmeding wrote his doctoral dissertation on ‘The Temporary Help Service Industry.’

This dissertation offered a profound analysis of the sector and is considered one of the most comprehensive understandings of the industry. It provides a detailed exploration of the intricacies of the temping world that still holds relevance today.

7. Goldschmeding is a Patron of Arts and Culture

Goldschmeding’s interests extend beyond business and economics. He is also an active patron of arts and culture, supporting various artists and cultural initiatives around the world.

His dedication reflects in his philanthropic endeavors and personal collections of art, demonstrating his keen interest in promoting creativity and supporting the arts.

8. Philanthropy is a Major Part of His Retirement

After declaring his retirement in 1998, Goldschmeding has dedicated a substantial part of his life to philanthropy. He is not merely writing checks but actively participating in various charitable initiatives.

His Foundation perpetuates this commitment, focusing on initiatives that drive sustainable and inclusive social change. A significant part of his life has been devoted to giving back in a meaningful way.

9. His Motto is ’To Know, To Serve, To Trust’

The founding principles of Randstad – ‘To Know, To Serve, To Trust’, have guided Goldschmeding throughout his career. He believes that only by truly understanding their clients can they serve them effectively, and by doing so consistently, they can earn their trust.

This ethos continues to guide Randstad and has been critical to its international expansion and enduring success. They are a testament to Goldschmeding’s deep understanding of business relationships and his belief in sustainable enterprise.

10. He Believes in the Power of People Above All Else

In an interview with the Financial Times, Goldschmeding stated, “In the end, it is all about people.” Despite being a global player in the employment industry, he believes that recognizing the individual’s humanity, needs, and potential is paramount.

This focus on humanity has been at the core of his business strategy, leading to a human-centric model in Randstad that has greatly contributed to its global success.

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