10 Things You Didn’t Know About G. M. Rao

G. M. Rao, the Indian industrialist and philanthropist, is a well-known figure in the business world. He has made significant contributions to various industries and is recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to social causes. While many are familiar with his accomplishments, there are several lesser-known facts about G. M. Rao that are worth knowing. In this article, we will uncover ten intriguing things you probably didn’t know about G. M. Rao.

Rao’s Early Life in a Rural Village

Before founding the prestigious GMR Group, G. M. Rao grew up in a small village called Rajam in India. Born into a humble family, Rao had limited resources and faced numerous challenges. However, his determination and perseverance led him to overcome these obstacles and excel in his entrepreneurial journey. Despite his current standing, Rao remains rooted in his humble beginnings and continues to support the development of rural communities.

Throughout his childhood, Rao exhibited a keen interest in business. His early exposure to his father’s small textile trading business sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, which would later drive him to establish one of India’s largest infrastructure conglomerates. Rao’s upbringing significantly influenced his philanthropic initiatives, with a particular focus on education and healthcare in rural areas.

Deep Commitment to Education and Healthcare

G. M. Rao strongly believes in the power of education and the impact it can have on individuals and communities. Recognizing that education is a catalyst for change, he established the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, which strives to provide quality education and improve the overall learning environment in government schools. The foundation supports numerous initiatives that enhance educational infrastructure, provide scholarships, and encourage skill development.

Rao’s philanthropic efforts also extend to healthcare. He has taken several measures to improve healthcare facilities and accessibility for the underprivileged sections of society. Through various healthcare programs and initiatives, he aims to bridge the gap in healthcare services and make quality medical care more accessible to all. Rao firmly believes that a healthy society is a prosperous society.

If you want to learn more about G. M. Rao and his remarkable journey, you can visit the official GMR Group website here.