10 Things You Didn’t Know About G.V. Prasad

The name G.V. Prasad is well-known in the world of Pharmaceutical industry. As the Co-Chairman and CEO of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., his contribution to the medical field is momentous. But apart from this well-known persona, there are many aspects of his life and personality which remain unfathomed till now. This article unfolds ten unknown facts about G.V. Prasad.

1. Background

G.V. Prasad is not just a successful entrepreneur; he devises a modest background. Unknown to many, Gunupati Venkateswara Prasad hails from a small town of Andhra Pradesh, India. Born into an agriculturist family, he is a real example of someone who has risen from modest backgrounds to reaching appreciable heights on the basis of his diligence, ambition and hard work.

Despite his influential position today, Prasad has always stuck to his roots. His humility speaks volumes about his upbringing. He believes in maintaining a connected environment and instills the same values at his workplace as well.

2. Chemical Engineer by Education

It’s a little-known fact that Prasad is a chemical engineer by education and not a pharmacist or a business graduate. He procured his engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. This extensive background in Chemical Engineering provided him with a foundation that enabled him to make data-driven decisions in the pharmaceutical industry.

His knowledge in chemical engineering was a cornerstone in the firm’s success. It has not only led to effective cost management but also facilitated various processes in developing new medications and improving existing formulations.

3. Prior Exploits in Chemical Field

Before his current venture in the pharmaceutical sector, Prasad initially started his career in the field of chemicals. He had various stints at companies such as Standard Organics Limited and Vorin Laboratories Limited. These early career explorations gave him a profound understanding of chemicals and their potential which later proved crucial for his role in Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

In fact, under his leadership, Specialty Chemicals Division of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories grew exponentially over the years and expanded to various international markets.

4. Propel to Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

G.V. Prasad joined Dr. Reddy’s laboratories in the year 1986 as Executive Director, after the sudden demise of his father-in-law and the founder of the company, Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy. At that point in time, the company was only producing bulk actives. But under his guidance, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories made a transition into producing a full line of pharmaceutical products.

This transition not only marked a major turning point in the history of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, but also laid a foundation for the future of generic manufacturing in India. His vision and entrepreneurial strategies initiated a paradigm shift in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

5. Green Philosophy

Not commonly known, Prasad diligently follows and promotes a green philosophy in his business. He believes in adopting environmentally-friendly business practices and is deeply committed to promoting sustainable development.

His green initiative transcends beyond the walls of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. He advocated practices like waste minimization, recycling, energy saving and minimizing carbon footprint in every endeavor, thus making sustainability an integral part of the decision-making process.

6. Mentored by His Father-in-law

Prasad considers his late father-in-law Dr. Kallam Anji Reddy as his mentor. As he stepped into the shoes of his father-in-law in managing Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Prasad received great insights and inspirations from him. The scientific spirit of Dr. Reddy has always influenced his strategies and decisions related to the company.

Even today, Prasad often recalls how his father-in-law’s principles and ideologies have guided him through various challenges and helped him establish a successful enterprise.

7. Man of Philosophy

Prasad is much more than just a successful businessman. He is a man who takes keen interest in philosophy and applies it in his daily life. He studied various courses on philosophy, both Eastern and Western, and this provides him with a unique understanding of the world.

His innovative business strategies and way of dealing with corporate issues resonate his philosophical teachings. It also greatly influences his interaction with employees, fostering an environment of dignity, respect and intellectual curiosity.

8. Global Acumen

Under the stewardship of Prasad, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has made remarkable strides in the international markets. Prasad’s insightful industry knowledge and strategic acumen led to numerous successful ventures overseas, making Dr Reddy’s Laboratories a global name.

Because of Prasad, the footprints of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories can be found in more than 40 countries today with offices in the USA, UK and various parts of Asia. His global acumen has resulted in substantial business growth and expansion for the company.

9. Philanthropist

Unbeknownst to many, Prasad is a philanthropist who is committed to giving back to the society. He runs Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that works towards empowering underprivileged young people by providing them with vocational and employment skills.

In addition to professional skills, the foundation also imparts soft skills, leadership skills and helps the underprivileged youth secure a job in the organized sector. It is this generous endeavor by Prasad that proves his dedication towards making an impact not just in the industry, but also in the society.

10. Avid Reader

Prasad is quite an avid reader. Reading not just helps him unwind but it also influences the way he perceives and reacts to challenges in life. He takes a keen interest in the globe’s socio-economic patterns and never misses an opportunity to enlighten himself about the evolving trends.

His bookshelf is always adorned with books on philosophy, economics and biographies of successful personalities, that provide him with a source of inspiration. His profound breadth and depth of understanding on various subjects are testament to his reading habit.

Pharmacologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and more, there is much to admire about G.V. Prasad. A humble individual who has made consistent efforts to inspire and motivate his team towards realizing the dream of providing high-quality and affordable healthcare solutions.

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