10 Things You Didn’t Know About Garance Doré

Garance Doré is a French author, photographer, and fashion influencer known for her elegant style and captivating online presence. With millions of followers on her blog and social media platforms, she has become an influential figure in the fashion industry. While many may be familiar with her work, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Garance Doré.

1. She Started as a Illustration Artist

Before becoming a renowned fashion blogger, Doré initially pursued a career in illustration. She studied at the renowned Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris and worked as a freelance illustrator for various magazines and publications. Her artistic background is evident in the aesthetically pleasing visuals that accompany her blog posts and social media content.

2. A Chance Encounter Led to Her Blogging Career

The decision to start her blog was rather spontaneous. During a trip to New York City in 2006, Doré met Scott Schuman, the creator of the popular street style blog The Sartorialist. He encouraged her to launch her own platform, and thus, Garance Doré was born. Her blog quickly gained attention for its unique perspective on fashion, showcasing both street style and her own delightful illustrations.

3. She Has Collaborated with Many Fashion Brands

Garance Doré’s influence extends beyond her online presence. She has collaborated with numerous fashion and beauty brands, including Dior, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., and Zara. Doré’s collaborations usually involve creating limited-edition products, such as illustrations, accessories, or even her own clothing line. Her ability to seamlessly merge art and fashion has made her a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

4. Garance Doré Has Published a Book

In 2015, Doré released her autobiography titled “Love × Style × Life.” The book delves into her personal journey and provides insights into her creative processes. Through a mix of photographs, illustrations, and anecdotes, Doré shares her thoughts on love, style, and life, offering readers a glimpse into her captivating world.

5. She Advocates for Authenticity in the Fashion Industry

One of the reasons Garance Doré has amassed such a loyal following is her unwavering commitment to authenticity. She often shares personal stories, experiences, and reflections, encouraging her readers and followers to embrace their unique selves. Doré believes that fashion should not be limited to trends but should be a means of self-expression and self-acceptance.

6. Garance Doré’s Podcast, ‘Pardon My French’

In addition to her blog and social media presence, Doré is also the host of a popular podcast called “Pardon My French.” In this podcast, she engages in casual conversations with influential figures in the fashion and creative industries. From discussions on personal growth to career journeys, the podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of influential individuals.

7. She Has Photographed Numerous Celebrities

Garance Doré’s talent as a photographer has led her to capture the essence of many renowned individuals. Her portfolio includes portraits of celebrities like Lauren Hutton, Sofia Coppola, and Karlie Kloss. Doré’s intimate, natural style of photography immortalizes these icons in a unique and captivating manner.

8. Garance Doré Hosts Creative Workshops

Recognizing her ability to inspire and teach others, Doré has organized a series of creative workshops. These workshops focus on various aspects of creativity, including photography, writing, and illustration. Through hands-on sessions and personalized guidance, Doré shares her knowledge and encourages participants to explore their talents.

9. Doré Has Transformed the Beauty Industry

Garance Doré’s influence is not limited to fashion alone. She has also made a significant impact on the beauty industry. With a focus on embracing natural beauty and skincare, she encourages her followers to develop a healthy and balanced approach to their beauty routines. Doré emphasizes self-care and self-love, encouraging individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin.

10. She Is Passionate About Female Empowerment

As a powerful woman in the fashion industry, Garance Doré is an advocate for female empowerment. She believes in uplifting and supporting women, and this ethos is evident in her work. By sharing stories and experiences of women who have overcome challenges, she inspires her audience to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Garance Doré’s unique perspective on fashion and life has made her a much-admired figure in the industry. From her beginnings as an illustrator to her influential blog and collaborations, Doré continues to inspire individuals around the world.

For more information about Garance Doré and to explore her work, visit her official website here.

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