10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gary Magness


Gary Magness, known to many as a business magnate, film producer, and an off-road racing enthusiast, has been scaling great heights in various spheres of life. Since taking over the reins of his family’s fortune, Gary Magness has never been shy of taking on lucrative business ventures, philanthropic activities, and explorative excursions that define his brand. Here are 10 interesting tidbits about Gary Magness that you probably didn’t know.

1. He Carries the Legacy of His Father

Gary Magness is no stranger to the world of business since his father, Bob Magness, was the founder of Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI). Bob started TCI from scratch, which grew to eventually become the largest cable company in the U.S. As a result, Gary was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, but this never stopped him from forging his path.

After gaining his father’s trust and business acumen, Magness continued the legacy and expanded the family fortune. He has proven himself to be more than just a businessman – generously reaching out to the needy through his philanthropic activities.

2. His Philanthropic Work Is Noteworthy

Alongside his wife Sarah, Gary Magness is the co-founder of The Magness Investment Trust. This entity is responsible for managing investments in diversified businesses. Large parts of the profits go toward philanthropy through The Gary Magness Family Foundation.

Driven by the family’s strong commitment to social development, the foundation supports numerous charities and initiatives focusing on education, health, and wellness, arts and culture, and human services across the globe.

3. He Is an Accomplished Off-Road Racer

Apart from being a successful businessman, Magness is greatly interested in off-road racing. His passion for motorsports made him a decorated off-road racer, participating in many competitions around the world, including the infamous Baja 1000, where he started as a co-driver, eventually proving himself as a proficient driver.

His team, Mango Racing, combines his business acumen and adventurous spirit, competing in some of the world’s most challenging off-road endurance races. He has happily admitted his love for the thrill of racing, as it challenges skills and determination.

4. He Is a Film Producer

Outside the boardroom and the racetrack, Magness is an accomplished film producer. Together with his wife Sarah, he founded the production company Smokewood Entertainment. They had success with the film “Precious,” a story of a young girl overcoming tremendous adversity, which won two Academy Awards in 2010.

His company is famous for producing films that tackle controversial and social justice themes – a clear testament to his philanthropic efforts.

5. He Manages a Diverse Portfolio of Investments

As a shrewd businessman, Magness has focused on creating a diverse investment portfolio. From technology and entertainment companies to agriculture and natural resources. He is putting in work to follow modern trends and opportunities around the world. This approach has seen him build wealth far beyond the impressive legacy left by his father.

He is also known for investing in renewable energy industry and owns several farms, including cattle ranches in his portfolio. His diverse interest reflects his innovative spirit and his willingness to take on fresh new challenges.

6. He Has a Collection of Classic Cars

Another testament to his adoration for things that move is his collection of classic cars. His collection boasts some notable pieces, only finding their equals in the museums or the garages of other wealthy enthusiasts. As an accomplished off-road racer, his interest in cars and their mechanics seems only natural.

His collection is a perfect blend of beauty, history, and technology, and reflects his diverse interests and taste for classics.

7. He Flies Helicopters

Apart from his love for racing and classic cars, Magness also enjoys flying helicopters. His interest in machines extends to the sky. Perry Barndt, his co-driver in his off-road racing pursuits, mentioned that Gary has a knack for handling machines – be it on land or air.

This aspect of him showcases not just his adventurous spirit but also his technical ability and thirst for learning new things.

8. He Developed A Love for Horses

Among his various interests, one that distinctly stands out is his love for horses. Believing in the therapeutic power of horse-human interactions, he opened the Winding River Resort. Here, visitors get to enjoy the therapeutic presence of horses while participating in various outdoorsy activities.

His love for these majestic animals is so profound that he incorporated equine therapy into the resort’s operations several years ago, enticing visitors with the promise of relaxation and rejuvenation.

9. He is a Family Man

While it’s easy to see Magness through the lens of his professional life, at heart, he is a family man. Married to Sarah Siegel-Magness, an equally accomplished businesswoman, they have two children together. The family likes to keep a low profile considering their status.

Despite his professional pursuits, Gary ensures that he spends quality time with his family, reflecting his deep-rooted family values and the importance he places on his close-knit family.

10. His Media Presence Is Exceptionally Low-key

It is evident through Gary Magness’s life that he prefers to keep things low-key. Despite being a successful figure in business, sports, and Hollywood, he doesn’t make the tabloid headlines like many on Forbes’ billionaire’s list.

Gary chooses to focus on work, family, and his hobbies. This understated approach has allowed him to build successful ventures while maintaining a private life.

Gary Magness is a man of many talents, interests, and successes. Beyond the public eye and the glittering successes, Magness is a visionary businessman, philanthropist, family man, sports enthusiast, and lover of machines and animals. From land to air and back to the ground – there is no ambition too great, and no challenge too daunting for this man to take on.

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