George Sakellaris is a renowned entrepreneur and businessman in the energy sector in the United States. With his incredible vision and determination towards creating sustainable energy solutions, he has significantly contributed to the industry. But there’s more to George than what meets the eye. We take a closer look at 10 things you might not know about George Sakellaris.

1. His Notable Efforts Towards Energy Efficiency

George Sakellaris is often spoken about for his outstanding contribution to energy efficiency. He is the founder of Ameresco, an independent provider of comprehensive energy solutions in North America and the UK. Under his leadership, Ameresco significantly reduced the energy burden for many large consumers of energy including federal, state, and local governments, colleges and universities.

Before Ameresco, Sakellaris co-founded an energy management company, Demand Management Inc, which reminded people about the importance of energy conservation to both their wallets and the environment. Sakellaris always underscores the importance of clean and efficient energy production and usage.

2. He is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur

George Sakellaris’s remarkable strides in the energy sector haven’t gone unnoticed. He has been honored with numerous awards including the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year New England Award to recognize his extraordinary success in areas such as innovation and business performance.

His leadership skills and innovative ideas have been lauded extensively by the energy industry and beyond. These accolades testify to Sakellaris’ dedication to advancing the cause of clean energy and sustainable development.

3. The Philanthropic Side of Sakellaris

In addition to his professional achievements, Sakellaris is a notable philanthropist. He is keen on supporting his community and causes he believes in. He generously contributed to the restoration of the historic Cotuit Library on Cape Cod, citing his belief in the importance of preserving local history.

Sakellaris’ philanthropic endeavors also extend towards education. His significant gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology helped in establishing the Sakellaris (Class of 1882) Professorship of Physics, thus contributing to the scientific research and learning field.

4. His Maritime Passion

One lesser known fascinating aspect about Sakellaris is his passion for sailing. He is not just a lover of the sea but a skilled and highly successful sailor. Sakellaris has sailed to victory in some of the world’s most challenging regattas.

Sakellaris owns a series of high-performance racing yachts named Shockwave and has a dedicated team of expert sailors. Together, they have won numerous championships and races contributing immensely to his distinguished profile beyond the energy domain.

5. His Academic Background

Sakellaris has an impressive academic background that underpins his professional success. He completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He then went on to secure an MBA from Colorado State University. Furthermore, he obtained a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Northeastern University.

His knowledge and experience garnered from these institutions, paired with his vision and dedication, have helped Sakellaris rise to the peak of his industry. His strong academic foundation has undeniably played a pivotal role in his successful career in the energy sector.

6. He is a Former Trustee of Northeastern University

Sakellaris held an esteemed position as a trustee of Northeastern University. His commitment to education and belief in the power of academic institutions led him to take on this role.

As a trustee, he strove to contribute to the governance of the university and influence positive changes in the academic environment. Sakellaris’ expertise and insights brought valuable contributions to the university during his term as trustee.

7. An Expert Team Player

One of the hallmarks of Sakellaris’ leadership style is his belief in the power of team collaboration. Sakellaris has always sought to build effective and efficient teams, attributing much of his business success to team efforts.

His teamwork-oriented mindset resonates with his approach in sailing. Whether leading a business venture or a sailing team, Sakellaris lays great emphasis on team collaboration and joint efforts towards achieving each goal.

8. His Dedication Towards Innovation

Sakellaris is a staunch advocate for innovation in the energy sector. He ardently believes that only through constant innovation can we address the world’s energy problems and mitigate environmental damages caused by human activities.

Leading by example, Sakellaris has consistently championed innovative energy solutions within Ameresco and his previous ventures. His firm insistence on innovation is a crucial part of his vision for a sustainable and energy-efficient world.

9. His Optimism Even During Adversity

Sakellaris believes in maintaining optimism during challenging times. His ability to remain optimistic and innovative during downturns has guided his companies successfully through numerous industry changes and economic downturns.

These qualities have made Sakellaris a resilient entrepreneur, one capable of withstanding and overcoming a range of challenges. He serves as an inspiration to many emerging entrepreneurs and established business leaders.

10. He Hails From Greece

Born and raised in Greece, Sakellaris brings his unique cultural experiences from his home country to his work in the United States. His Greek heritage is a critical part of his identity and has undeniably shaped his world views.

Despite being well-integrated in the U.S. business context, Sakellaris always carries with him the values and principles that he has learned from his home country. His multicultural perspective has contributed to his unique approach to business and energy conservation.

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