10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gisele Bündchen

If you know anything about the fashion world, you certainly know of Gisele Bündchen. The Brazilian supermodel has ruled the runway for decades and continually graced the covers of high-profile magazines. But while her professional exploits are well-documented, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about Gisele Bündchen, the person. Peel back the layers of glamour and glitz, and you find a fascinating individual. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Gisele Bündchen.

1. She is Not An Only Child

Many may not know that Gisele Bündchen is not an only child. She was born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, into a large family with six girls. One of her sisters, Patricia, is her fraternal twin. Their birth was marked with such joy, and their parents must have been overwhelmed by mountains of love, hopes, and dreams for their children—now beautiful women, each successful in her own way.

Her close-knit relationship with her sisters and the values rooted in family have undoubtedly shaped Gisele to become the woman she is today. These relationships deeply influenced her worldview, reflected in her strong commitment to her family and humanitarian efforts.

2. She Was Discovered In a Shopping Mall

Gisele’s journey to supermodel stardom began in a most unsuspecting place—a shopping mall. At 14, she was eating a Big Mac with her friends, when she was approached by a talent scout who saw her potential. Gisele didn’t think much of it initially, as she had dreams of becoming a volleyball player. Nevertheless, she took the leap and joined the Elite Modeling Agency.

The choice turned out to be a great one, as she was soon walking the runways in New York, and her career promptly took flight. But remember, Gisele didn’t initially aspire to be a model—and it was a shopping mall and a Big Mac that started it all!

3. She Practices Transcendental Meditation

When you’re one of the biggest names in fashion, life can become a whirlwind of runway shows, photoshoots, and international flights. Gisele has found a way to stay grounded amidst the chaos through Transcendental Meditation. This technique provides her with the mental clarity and calm she needs to keep up with her fast-paced life.

Transcendental Meditation is not a recent development in Gisele’s life. She’s been practicing it for over ten years and says it’s an “incredible tool” that helps her live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Gisele is a shining example proving that a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t make room for tranquility and peace of mind.

4. She is Fluent in Multiple Languages

One of the many talents Gisele possesses is her fluency in multiple languages. As a native Brazilian, she speaks Portuguese fluently and is also proficient in English and Spanish. This multilingual ability no doubt plays a crucial role in her global success as a model, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Gisele believes speaking multiple languages broadens one’s world perspective and enables better communication with different individuals and cultures. It’s a testament to her resolve to rise beyond the limitations of language and connect with people worldwide.

5. She Loves Horse Riding

Horse-riding is a passion close to Gisele’s heart. This fun fact may surprise many who perceive her mostly as a glammed-up supermodel. Gisele fell in love with horse riding from a young age, and the passion has stuck with her throughout her life.

She considers horse riding as therapy and a way to connect with nature. If you ever need a mental image of Gisele in her element, imagine her atop a beautiful horse in the open countryside, away from the cameras and runways.

6. She was the Highest-Paid Model For Over a Decade

For those who don’t follow the fashion sphere closely, it may come as a surprise that Gisele reigned as the highest-paid model for over a decade until 2017. A testament to her modeling prowess and business acumen, she managed to remain at the top of a highly competitive industry for so long.

Gisele’s success story is not just about her earning power but her influence on the modeling industry. She revolutionized the “heroin chic” trend with her vibrant, healthy ‘Brazilian model’ look, bringing a refreshing change to the industry’s standards.

7. She Has a Successful Line of Lingerie

It’s not just on the runway where Gisele shines—she is also quite an entrepreneur. Bündchen has her own successful line of lingerie, Gisele Bundchen Intimates, launched in 2011. Her brand emphasizes comfort, elegance, and femininity, mirroring her personal sense of style.

This venture allowed Gisele to blend her industry expertise with her business sense, resulting in a brand that celebrates women’s beauty and confidence. Apart from modeling and entrepreneurship, Gisele uses her platform to voice issues close to her heart, including environmental advocacy and sustainability, which are reflected in her brand’s core values.

8. She Is an Environmental Activist

Gisele’s love for nature extends beyond horse riding and outdoor activities. She is a committed environmental activist and has been using her platform for environmental advocacy for years. In 2009, she co-hosted the Rainforest Alliance’s annual gala to help conserve biodiversity and promote sustainability. In 2016, she was awarded the Global Citizen Award for her environmental work.

Beyond her love for the environment, Gisele believes in the concept of interconnectedness—that human well-being is linked to the health of our environment. This ideology fuels her passion for defending and preserving our planet.

9. She Is a Certified Diver

Besides being multilingual, a horse rider, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a model, Gisele adds another feather to her cap—she is a certified diver. Gisele is someone who is not afraid to venture out of her comfort zone and explore different aspects of life, further strengthening her persona as a well-rounded and multi-talented powerhouse.

Having a diver’s license means Gisele can undertake deep dives when she travels, adding another layer of excitement to her adventures. It is a testament to Gisele’s spirit, courage, and zest for life.

10. She Is Also an Author

Last but not least, Gisele is an accomplished author. Her book, “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life,” provides a closer look at her life experiences. The book also offers life lessons she’s learned along the way on various topics—family, career, health, relationships, and spirituality.

Through her book, Gisele invites readers into her world, revealing significant episodes of her life to provide a comprehensive understanding of the person behind the Supermodel. “Lessons” is much more than a memoir—it’s a testament to Gisele’s belief in openness, sharing, and personal growth.

For those keen to learn more about Gisele, visit her official website at Gisele Bündchen’s Official Website or check her book, “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life”, available on Amazon at Amazon.