10 Things You Didn’t Know About Glenn Martens

Glenn Martens is a name that continually resonates in the fashion industry. From his remarkable tenure at Y/Project to his recent appointment at Diesel as creative director, Martens keeps making waves, leaving his distinct mark on the world of fashion. With a fundamental ethos of pushing the boundaries of fashion, he has revolutionized the industry. While many are intrigued by his spectacular collections, not many delve deeper into the creative genius that he is. Here, we spotlight ten things you probably didn’t know about Glenn Martens.

1. His roots and humble beginnings

Martens was born and raised in Bruges, very much removed from the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. His mother, a cleaner, and his father, a furniture builder, greatly influenced his ethics and aesthetic sense. The city’s celebrated historical significance also contributed to his appreciation for art and design.

Surprisingly, Martens was not always on track to be a fashion designer. He initially pursued a degree in Interior Architecture in Ghent before making a dramatic switch to fashion.

2. His Training at Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Seeds of Martens’ passion for fashion were sown at the renowned Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he got a chance to hone his skills. He was especially captivated by the innovative approach that the institution had towards fashion.

His fascination with modern cultural mash-ups, a notable characteristic of his creations, was enhanced at Antwerp. His final year collection gained immense appreciation and recognition, providing an excellent launch pad for his career.

3. His Stint at Jean Paul Gaultier

Before heading to commercial fashion brands, Martens worked on the junior team of Jean Paul Gaultier. This stint laid the foundation of his polished skills in craftsmanship. Working under one of fashion’s most notable geniuses, he got a profound insight into the dynamics of the fashion industry.

At Gaultier, he learned to give artistic integrity precedence over commercial gain. His synergy with Gaultier firmed his belief in the power of fashion to defy societal norms.

4. Y/Project Era

Glenn Martens’ arrival at Y/Project triggered a transformation of the brand image. His distinctive aesthetics brought a new perspective to Y/Project, making it one of Paris’ most exciting labels.

With Martens at the helm, the brand’s collections pushed boundaries and blurred gender norms. He effectively incorporated his knack for mixing history with streetwear into every piece. This era also marked his global recognition, earning him the coveted ANDAM Fashion Award.

5. His Approach to Sustainable Fashion

Martens is well-known for his commitment to sustainability in fashion. His design philosophy consistently involves the regeneration of fashion, with a keen eye on sustainability.

His principle of creating versatile fashion pieces is not just cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly. By endorsing responsible fashion, he strives to use sustainable materials via ethical manufacturing processes.

6. Appointed the Creative Director of Diesel

In October 2020, Martens was appointed as the creative director of Diesel. With this important role, he became responsible for shaping the future of the entire brand. His ability to balance commerciality with creativity made him the perfect fit for Diesel’s international audience.

The glimpses of Diesel under Martens’ creative gaze were unveiled in June 2021, amalgamating documentary-style images and a runway-cum-museum exhibition. His fresh vision for Diesel is eagerly anticipated, and he promises an exciting future for the brand.

7. His idea of Defying Gender Norms

Martens strongly believes in the idea of fluid gender norms in fashion. His collections at Y/Project are not strictly gender-specific and transition seamlessly between masculine and feminine styles.

His androgynous collections challenged the traditional understanding of gender norms in fashion. This radical approach gave him a unique standing in the world of fashion.

8. Love for Historical References

Martens’ affinity for historical references in his design is another trademark of his creative process. His designs often exhibit a fusion of varied cultures and periods.

From medieval themes to 18th-century details, his work exhibits a wide range of historical inspirations. This creative blend of the past with the present gives his designs a unique edge in the industry.

9. His Practical View on Fashion

While Martens loves to experiment with his designs, he insists on maintaining the wearability of the clothing. His creations are translated into practical forms, keeping the everyday individual in mind.

His knack for creating adaptable pieces reflects his consideration for the utilitarian aspect of fashion. Martens believes that the true success of a creation depends on how well it can move off the runway and into the streets.

10. A Maestro of Deconstruction

Martens’ mastery in the art of deconstruction continues to shape his fashion narratives. His works routinely experiment with the deconstruction and reconstruction of garments, resulting in unique fashion pieces that hold separate identities by themselves.

This concept is not just an aesthetic feature but is also a metaphor for his belief in limitless opportunities and progressive changes in fashion.

With the significant contributions made to the world of fashion, Glenn Martens is undoubtedly a figure to follow. From fluid gender norms to sustainability, his approaches have influenced many.

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