10 Things You Didn’t Know About Guram Gvasalia


When it comes to the world of luxury fashion, few names reignite the landscape like Guram Gvasalia. The daring business mind behind the internationally prestigious fashion brand, Vetements, Guram has carved up a unique presence in the industry. However, we realized there’s so much about this creative business maverick that people don’t know. So, here’s an exclusive peek into the world of Guram Gvasalia.

1. A Background Rooted in Georgia

Many wouldn’t guess that Guram and his creative force of a brother, Demna Gvasalia, were born and raised in Soviet-era Georgia. The rising threads of civil unrest and economic turmoil could have easily overshadowed their artistic potential, but instead, the upheaval became a backdrop against which their creativity flourished.

During this time, fashion was viewed as an outlier and a remnant of Western decadence. It was against this binary that Guram developed his fascination with fashion, transforming it into a platform for self-expression and rebellion.

2. Education in International Law

Surprisingly, before diving into the world of fashion, Guram had his sights set on a career in law. He studied international law at Saarland University in Germany and even practiced in the field for two years. Fashion, it seemed, had other plans.

The pull of the fashion industry proved too strong to resist. Guram left his promising legal career behind and swung open the doors to a world where artistry and business coexist.

3. Co-Founder of Vetements

Chances are, if you’re a fan of the high-fashion streetwear brand, Vetements, you’ve got Guram to thank. In 2014, he and his brother Demna launched Vetements, transforming the fashion scene with their subversive designs and high-octane shows.

Equally vital is Guram’s business acumen, steering the brand forward with keen foresight and savvy dealings. This dynamic craftsmanship-business balance has quickly established Vetements as a force to be reckoned with.

4. He’s an Advocate of Slow Fashion

In a world spinning faster on trends and consumer demands, Guram is one to advocate for slowing down. He puts substance, quality, and sustainability at the forefront of Vetements’ operations.

Under Guram’s influential guidance, Vetements has made several strides towards ethical fashion, from sustainable production practices to sensible fashion show expenses. This echoes Guram’s philosophy of putting soul back into shopping and a long-lasting appeal in fashion.

5. A Break From the Fashion Calendar

Guram was one of the first to bring up the need for a restructured fashion calendar. He was vocal about abandoning the traditional concept of seasons because he believed that working according to a fixed schedule does not allow creativity to bloom as it should.

This vital shift tore down walls in the fashion industry and allowed designers to express their creativity freely, without the confining restrictions of trends and seasons.

6. He’s Got Deep Respect for His Customers

Guram firmly believes in giving value to his customers. He respects their intelligence and capacity to recognize quality. With Vetements, Guram takes notice of changes in buying behavior and responds by adapting his strategies to maintain a bond with his customers.

This respect for the customer’s intelligence directly influences Vetements designs, often resulting in boundary-pushing and idea-defying creations that it’s become renowned for.

7. A Vanguard Against Over-Production

Gvasalia has always been vocal about his stance against the industry’s overproduction. He criticizes fashion houses that overproduce and discard enormous amounts of garments every season. Through Vetements, he champions a more sustainable approach by producing only what he sells.

This effective approach is not only environmentally friendly but also makes each piece more exclusive and meaningful.

8. He’s a Visionary Leader

Guram is known to make bold decisions that establish him as a visionary leader in the fashion industry. Whether it’s making significant changes to the traditional fashion calendar or leading Vetements out from the Paris Fashion Week schedule, he is comfortable treading new and uncertain paths.

His grit and vision have undoubtedly played a significant role in bringing Vetements to its current prominent position within the fashion landscape.

9. An Innovator in the Digital Sphere

In tune with the digital era, Guram led Vetements into exploring the virtual realm. When the global pandemic hit and changed the dynamics of the industry, Guram was quick to adapt.

Vetements released a ‘secret project’ on Instagram, reaffirming the brand’s disruptor status and setting the precedent for other designers in engaging with their clientele within the digital landscape.

10. Guram is Passionate About Philanthropy

A lesser-known fact about Guram is his commitment to giving back. He’s been a considerable supporter of several charitable organizations, embodying his belief that fashion can and should contribute positively to society.

One can see Guram’s philosophy reflected in Vetements’ efforts to promote diversity, inclusion, and charitable causes in their work.


The face behind Vetements, Guram Gvasalia, is not just an entrepreneur but also an innovator, leading the fashion industry into the future. With his forward-thinking ideas and sustainable practices, this Georgian born visionary is undeniably making a monumental difference in the world of fashion.

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