When we talk about the economic dynamos powering Turkey’s rapid growth, one key name that comes to mind is Hamdi Akin. A trailblazer in the Turkish business world, Mr. Akin, along with his family, has been instrumental in redefining the country’s business landscape. Today, let us explore 10 things you may not know about this business tycoon and his family.

1. The Founding of Akfen Holding

Established in 1976, Akfen Holding is the brainchild of Hamdi Akin. It may be one of the country’s leading infrastructure investment holdings today, but it started as just a construction company. Akin’s entrepreneurial journey might have started with aiding in the construction of housing projects in Ankara but it quickly grew into an empire, all thanks to his astute business sense and unrelenting governable ambition.

Today, Akfen Holding has substantial investments in infrastructure, energy, ports, airports, real estate, and water distribution in Turkey. Truly, Akin has worked ardently to transform his company into a well-diversified conglomerate.

2. Involvement in Turkey’s Healthcare Industry

One of the lesser-known facts about Akin is his deep involvement in Turkey’s healthcare sector. Through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, his company has built city hospitals in Isparta, Eskişehir, and Tekirdağ. He believes that everyone should have easy access to the best healthcare facilities, and through his business ventures, he continually works towards making this possible.

Akin’s interest in healthcare extends beyond business propositions; it is an integral part of his philanthropic endeavors. His contributions in the healthcare sector, both entrepreneurial and philanthropic, have significantly improved Turkey’s public healthcare system.

3. Pioneering in the Transportation Sector

Akin and his family saw potential in the transportation sector early on. They became instrumental in transforming the way people in Turkey travel. Through various strategic partnerships and investments, they significantly improved the country’s transportation sector. This includes major investments in Istanbul’s first cruise port and the privatization of Turkey’s first airport.

Today, Hamdi Akin’s maritime transportation company is undisputedly the leader in Turkey’s sea transportation industry. Rearranging sea routes to connect major cities and towns further illustrates Akin’s vision and influence in shaping Turkey’s transportation industry.

4. Energy Projects

Hamdi Akin hasn’t just limited himself to infrastructure and transportation; his influence can also be observed in the energy sector. His company has significant stakes in renewable energy projects across the country, including hydroelectric and wind power plants. Akin and his family recognize the importance of sustainable energy and are playing a significant role in transitioning Turkey to a greener energy infrastructure.

In 2013, he has signed a major agreement with the International Finance Corporation for the development of renewable energy projects in Turkey. This marked a significant step towards bolstering Turkey’s quest for sustainable energy solutions.

5. Awards and Recognition

Over the years, Hamdi Akin and his family have been bestowed with several awards and recognition for their tremendous contributions to Turkey’s business landscape. In 2012, he received Turkey’s ‘Businessman of the Year’ award. His leadership at Akfen Holding has also been celebrated, with the firm named as Turkey’s ‘Company of the Year’ in 2011.

Akin’s business acumen and corporate leadership have been recognized globally as well. He was awarded the ‘Global Turk’ award by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) in recognition of his influential role in promoting Turkey’s business interests abroad.

6. Real Estate Ventures

One cannot mention Hamdi Akin without highlighting his involvement in the real estate sector. His company, Akfen Real Estate Investment Trust, has been involved in numerous real estate projects over the years. This includes key investments like the Novada Outlet and Park project, which has changed the face of retail in Turkey.

Akin’s strategy in real estate isn’t just about investment and returns; it’s also about creating value in Turkey’s urban spaces. This is evident in many of his real estate projects, which often include social facilities and green areas, contributing to the beautification of the urban landscape in Turkey.

7. Contributions to Education

Understanding the importance of education in fostering a society’s growth, Hamdi Akin’s holding has built schools in various regions of Turkey. In collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, they have constructed over 40 schools since 2011, giving thousands of students across Turkey the opportunity for a better education.

His generous contributions to education extend to university scholarships as well. Every year, numerous university students all over the country benefit from scholarships provided by Hamdi Akin and his family.

8. Love for Fine Art

Hamdi Akin’s love for fine art is lesser-known but equally profound. He is a zealous collector of art, with a significant portion of his collection consisting of works by Turkish contemporary artists. His support for the country’s art scene has been instrumental in promoting Turkish art both nationally and abroad.

Given this love for art, it’s no surprise that one of his ventures includes a fine arts gallery. The gallery serves as a platform for Turkish artists to showcase their work and contributes to the local art scene’s growth and development.

9. Family Involvement

While Hamdi Akin is the face of the business, his family has always been a part of his journey. His siblings and children have held various management positions within his businesses, contributing to their overall success. His daughter Pelin Akin-Özalp is a board member at Akfen Holding and is well respected in the business circles of Turkey.

Keeping the business in the family ensures that his legacy continues. For Akin, his business isn’t just about profits—it’s about creating a family legacy that will lead Turkish business circles for generations to come.

10. Philanthropy

Last but certainly not least, Hamdi Akin’s philanthropic efforts are commendable. He is associated with numerous charitable organizations, and his contributions to social causes are widespread. Especially noteworthy are his contributions to health, education, and the arts.

Even in his business ventures, Akin often incorporates philanthropic elements. From building hospitals and schools to supporting the local art scene, his commitment to giving back to society is evident in everything he does.

Without a doubt, Hamdi Akin and his family have made incredible contributions not just to Turkey’s economy, but also to its culture and society. Their impact is a testament to their vision, enterprise, and philanthropic spirit.

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