There’s no doubt that Harry Lambert is a name that resounds in the fashion industry. Known as the visual genius behind Harry Styles’ voguish and eclectic style, Lambert has quickly become one of the most admired stylists globally. But how much do we really know about the man responsible for Harry Styles’ transformation into one of the most fashionable men in the world? Let’s uncover some lesser-known facts about this fashion maverick.

1. Background and Education

Harry Lambert was born on August 19, 1988, in Essex, England. Surprisingly enough, in his early years, Lambert showed no particular interest in fashion. Lambert attended Chelmsford College to study media, during which he developed a deep-rooted fascination with fashion and aesthetics which subsequently led him to transfer to the London College of Fashion.

It was in this fashion-forward environment that Lambert’s passion and unmistakable eye for style began to truly flourish. His academic journey not only broadened his outlook but also developed his exceptional talent for recognizing an individual’s story and projecting it beautifully through their style.

2. Early Career

Right after his graduation from the London College of Fashion, Lambert began his career as an intern at i-D Magazine, a renowned British publication known for its eclectic content. This crucial phase in Lambert’s life not only gave him a platform to experiment with his own ideas but also connected him with people who would later play a significant role in his career.

After bidding goodbye to i-D magazine, Lambert then got a chance to work as an assistant for Alister Mackie, the creative director of Another Man magazine. Mackie eventually became a mentor for Lambert, teaching him the importance of telling a story through fashion and style.

3. Works with Renowned Brands

Over the years, Lambert’s impressive work has lead him to collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. Ranging from Gucci, Saint Laurent, Burberry to ethical brands like Wales Bonner and Harris Reed, Lambert’s client list is as high-end as it gets.

His distinctive touch and innovative approach have earned him immense respect from the industry’s giants, making him a go-to stylist for many brands regardless of their size or market reputation.

4. Partnership with Harry Styles

The magic began when Lambert joined the One Direction team as a stylist for their ‘On The Road Again’ tour in 2015. This engagement turned into a long-term creative partnership with Harry Styles, certainly the most noticeable part of Lambert’s working portfolio.

Lambert and Styles’ transcendent collaboration is often credited with breaking the boundaries of menswear fashion. Together, they have defied gender norms and introduced a style that has left a lasting impact on not only the music industry but also the world of fashion.

5. Role in Harry Styles’ Dresses

Lambert’s styling genius reached new heights when he dressed Harry Styles in a string of traditionally feminine outfits, including a lacy, black evening gown for the front cover of Vogue. This turned out to be a ground-breaking moment as Styles became the first-ever man to appear solo on the cover of American Vogue.

Serving as the chief architect behind Styles’ aesthetic evolution, Lambert has skillfully cultivated a gender-fluid image for the singer, making him a symbol of modern masculinity unconfined by traditional expectations.

6. Vision for Menswear

Lambert’s vision for menswear is as unique as it is transformative. He firmly believes in breaking the outdated binary of gender-specific clothing and is a big advocate of men embracing more expressive and gender-fluid styling.

His audacious and groundbreaking approach has not only refashioned the landscape of men’s fashion but also inspired many men to be more explorative and personal with their style choices.

7. Love for Vintage

Vintage fashion plays a significant role in Lambert’s style. Whether it’s a rock-star-themed photoshoot or a red carpet event, Lambert loves to integrate vintage pieces into his styling. For him, old clothing items carry a story in them, and he’s always keen on adding that extra layer of depth to his creations.

Many of Lambert’s iconic looks, including some of Styles’ best outfits, consist of vintage pieces he cleverly mixes with contemporary fashion to create an unmistakably Lambert look.

8. First Award

In 2020, Lambert’s exceptional contributions to the fashion industry were recognized at The Fashion Awards as he received the prestigious Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator. The recognition puts him in the same illustrious bracket as his own mentor, Alister Mackie, who received the award in 2011.

For Lambert, it was more than an award; it was recognition and affirmation from the industry that not only his work but his vision and creativity are setting industry standards and influencing fashion trends globally.

9. Lack of Personal Social Media

Despite being one of the most influential people in fashion, Lambert is surprisingly diffident on social media. Other than his work-related Instagram account, he doesn’t maintains any personal social media profiles, making him somewhat elusive in this digital era.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away from the fact that his work continually creates ripples on the web, with each of his styling innovations and bold fashion statements leaving an overwhelming impact on the fashion community and netizens.

10. Not Just a Professional, But a Friend

Lambert maintains warm relationships with many of his clients, including Harry Styles. Over the years, he has developed a deep bond with Styles that transcends the professional realm, with the two often spotted hanging out together off duty.

This close camaraderie allows Lambert to better tap into the personal style and fashion aspirations of his clients, enabling him to craft outfits that are not only beautiful but also resonates with their personality and artistic ethos.

Harry Lambert’s journey from a fashion student to one of the most renowned stylists is a testament to his extraordinary talent and inimitable style vision. By challenging norms and pushing boundaries, Lambert has reshaped the landscape of menswear, making him a real fashion game-changer.

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