10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Harry Styles’

Boasting a captivating charm, a melodic voice, and undeniable charisma, Harry Styles is a global superstar. The English singer-songwriter started his music career at just 16 years old as a member of the boy band, One Direction, before crafting a distinct sound and style that made his solo career a roaring success. However, there’s always more to uncover about the enigmatic musician. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Harry Styles.

1. Harry’s Audition for X Factor was his First

Harry Styles made his musical debut on X Factor in 2010, but did you know that it was his first ever audition? Folklore has it that the young Cheshire lad had such a singular focus on music that he skipped all school activities and even the annual talent show to avoid distractions. His dedication certainly paid off when he blew away the judges, setting the stage for his music career.

In fact, he performed Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” at the audition, proving to everyone his immense talents. However, he was later eliminated during the boot camp stage, before then being brought back to form One Direction along with four other solo contestants.

2. He Loves Performing Barefoot

Many artists have peculiar habits, and Styles is no exception. He prefers to perform barefoot! He feels it keeps him grounded and helps him connect more authentically with his music and his audience. He first adopted this practice during a rehearsal and since then, it’s become his signature style.

Beyoncé, Lorde, and some of the other great performers in history have shared this trait, proving that perhaps there’s something to this barefoot magic. Staples of his wardrobe during performances might include lavish suits, but shoes are not always part of the mix.

3. Harry’s First Job was at a Bakery

Prior to his fame and success, Harry had a very typical teenage job as a baker. At the age of 14, he worked at a local bakery in his hometown, Holmes Chapel. He worked there for two years, making £6 an hour. He even went back to the bakery during his 2014 documentary, where he served customers and decorated cupcakes with his old colleagues.

This experience set him in good stead for later in life when in One Direction’s music video for their song, “Story of My Life,” Harry can be seen making bread. It seems that those bakery skills never left him.

4. He Has over 50 Tattoos

You wouldn’t be blamed for losing count of Harry’s ever-growing tattoo collection. The singer admits he stopped counting after 50! They range from small emblems to larger pieces and hold a wide variety of meanings. Some are tributes to his family and friends, while others are created on a whim or inspired by his music.

Among his more notable tattoos include two swallows on his chest, a butterfly on his stomach, and a “Late Late” logo on his arm, courtesy of a game on James Corden’s Late Late Show. As if his unique style wasn’t enough, Harry’s tattoos add another level to his aesthetics.

5. He Writes Songs for Other Artists

Did you know that Harry Styles wears more hats than just that of a performer? He’s also a gifted songwriter and has penned songs for other artists too. Ariana Grande’s hit “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” was actually written by Harry. He also wrote “I Love You” for Alex & Sierra, the X Factor USA, Season 3 winners.

His songwriting skills are clearly just as impressive as his soulful voice, as both songs received rave reviews from both critics and fans. In fact, “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” was praised for its lyrical depth, proving Styles is as versatile a songwriter as he is a performer.

6. He’s a Big Fan of Romantic Comedies

It virtually goes without saying that Harry Styles is a heartthrob. But did you know that he himself is a fan of all things romance? Harry has a well-documented love for rom-coms. His favorite movie is ‘Love Actually’, a British classic filled with love, laughter, and a well-chosen soundtrack.

Harry’s love for romance doesn’t just stop there. He’s even taken inspiration from rom-coms for his music videos, with the video for ‘Night Changes’ imitating typical dating scenarios from a female perspective. It’s clear that Harry isn’t shy about putting his love for romance on display.

7. He Suffered from Stage Fright

Given his charismatic stage presence, you’d be surprised to learn that Harry had to overcome stage fright. Early in his career, Harry suffered from a lack of confidence and often avoided taking center stage. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and over the course of multiple tours, live performances, and the maturation process he’s now become quite the confident performer.

These days, it’s all but impossible for fans to imagine Harry as anything other than the self-assured, confident superstar that he is today. He radiates charisma and grace on stage, all evident of a performer who has triumphed over his fears.

8. He is an Avid Reader

Harry Styles’ image as a rock-and-roll savant doesn’t overshadow his intellectual pursuits. He is an ardent reader and often cites literature as a source of inspiration for his music. Harry was even seen carrying books during his appearances, ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami being one of them.

As a lyricist, Harry has always been known for his introspective and poetic words. His love for the written word reinforces the authenticity of his lyrics and gives them even greater depth. Clearly, his passion for reading has helped shape him as an artist.

9. He Invests in New Talent

Apart from being a music icon, Harry Styles is also known for his support and investment in new talent. He is a co-owner of the music management company, Full Stop Management, and is known to have contributed significantly to numerous new musician’s careers.

As well as supporting the careers of promising talent, Full Stop Management also acts as a representative for established names in the music world, including Harry himself. His involvement in the management company shows his dedicated commitment to music and the growth of the industry.

10. He Can Juggle

Harry Style’s talents extend beyond music and acting. He can juggle! This odd, yet entertaining skill was showcased during an interview on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden. During a segment called “Flinch,” Harry successfully juggled while being pelted with fruit, delighting both the audience and viewers.

Whether this peculiar skill was learned during his childhood or is a product of behind-the-scenes downtime, it only adds to his charm. The pop star’s juggling act is yet another fun fact that sets him apart, making Harry Styles one fascinating individual.

From his X-Factor beginnings to his flourishing solo career and all the quirks in between, there’s no denying that Harry Styles is a fascinating character in global pop culture. This peek behind the curtain showcases that there’s a lot more to the superstar than meets the eye.

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