Harry Styles, the multi-talented English singer, songwriter, and actor, has captivated audiences around the globe with his soulful voice, charming personality, and daring fashion choices. Initially known as a member of the pop boy band One Direction, Styles has since carved out a successful solo career, demonstrating his versatility and broadening his appeal. However, there’s much more to Styles than his music, acting roles, and statement-making outfits. From his humble beginnings to his lesser-known hobbies, here are 10 things you may not know about Harry Styles.

1. A Humble Beginning in a Band Called White Eskimo

Before One Direction and his successful solo career, Harry Styles was part of a band called White Eskimo. The band was formed during his high school days at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive in Cheshire, England. Styles was the lead singer, and the group consisted of three other members. They even won a local Battle of the Bands competition, which was the first sign of Styles’ musical talent.

While White Eskimo did not reach global success, the experience undoubtedly provided Styles with a solid foundation in music and performance. It was during these early years that he began to understand the dynamics of being part of a band, a skill that would later come in handy when he joined One Direction.

2. He Worked in a Bakery

Before the fame and the music, Harry Styles held a rather ordinary job. He worked at a local bakery in his hometown of Holmes Chapel, England. He took the job when he was 14, earning £6 an hour. The job involved everything from serving customers to scrubbing the bakery floor.

The experience left a lasting impression on Styles. Even after achieving fame, he still occasionally refers to his time working at the bakery, reflecting on the value of hard work and humility. He even visited the bakery during a segment for the One Direction TV special “A Day in the Life.”

3. Auditioned for The X Factor Twice

Many fans know that Harry Styles got his big break on The X Factor UK. However, few are aware that his 2010 audition was actually his second attempt. Styles first auditioned for the show in 2009 but did not progress beyond the initial stages.

Undeterred, he returned the following year, this time capturing the judges’ attention with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Although he was ultimately eliminated as a solo act, he was teamed up with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson to form the band One Direction, marking the start of his journey to stardom.

4. He Has More Than 50 Tattoos

Harry Styles is well-known for his love of tattoos. He reportedly has more than 50 of them, each with its own story or significance. Some of his most noticeable tattoos include a butterfly on his torso, two swallows on his chest, and a heart on his arm.

While some of his tattoos have clear meanings – such as the Green Bay Packers logo as a tribute to his friend’s favorite NFL team – others are more obscure. Despite the various questions and speculations around his body art, Styles has remained fairly private about their meanings, adding an element of mystery to his persona.

5. He Made his Acting Debut in ‘Dunkirk’

Apart from his music career, Harry Styles has also ventured into acting. He made his film debut in Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed war epic, “Dunkirk,” in 2017. Styles played the role of Alex, a young British soldier trapped in the French beach town during World War II.

Styles’ performance in “Dunkirk” was well-received, proving that his talents extended beyond music. Despite his lack of prior acting experience, he held his own among a star-studded cast and delivered a compelling performance, suggesting a promising future in film should he choose to pursue it.

6. He is a Big Fan of Fleetwood Mac

Harry Styles’ musical influences are wide and varied, but one band he has consistently praised is Fleetwood Mac. He has often cited the British-American rock band as a significant influence on his music style. His admiration for the band’s lead singer, Stevie Nicks, is well-known, with Styles referring to her as his “idol.”

In fact, their mutual respect led to several collaborations. Styles invited Nicks on stage during one of his concerts in 2017, where they performed a duet of the Fleetwood Mac classic “Landslide.” Nicks also joined Styles on stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2019.

7. His Fashion Sense has Made Headlines

Harry Styles is not just a musical icon; he’s a fashion icon too. Known for his unique and often gender-fluid style, Styles has made headlines with his daring and distinctive fashion choices. From lace blouses and pearl necklaces to vibrant suits, his wardrobe challenges traditional notions of masculinity.

In 2020, Styles made history as the first man to appear solo on the cover of Vogue, where he was photographed wearing a ball gown. His fashion choices have sparked discussions about gender norms and have established him as a trailblazer in both music and fashion.

8. He Auctioned Off His Gucci Loafers for Charity

Styles is not just about making fashion statements; he’s also about making a difference. In 2020, he auctioned off a pair of his iconic black Gucci loafers for a charity auction. The proceeds went to the mental health charity, Mind, which offers support and resources to those dealing with mental health issues.

The loafers, worn by Styles at a 2019 rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, fetched over $7,500. This act was one of many instances where Styles used his platform to support causes he believes in, showcasing his philanthropic spirit.

9. He Released a Sleep Story for Calm App

In 2020, Styles partnered with the mindfulness and sleep app Calm to release a sleep story titled ‘Dream with Me.’ In the 30-minute story, Styles uses his soothing voice to help listeners relax and fall asleep.

The release caused quite a stir, with fans and app users expressing their delight at the thought of falling asleep to Styles’ voice. The move was a testament to his versatility as an artist and further solidified his bond with his fan base.

10. He Loves to Bake

When he’s not singing, acting, or making fashion statements, Styles enjoys baking. He’s spoken about his love for baking in several interviews and has even been spotted in bakeries learning from professionals. He reportedly baked a pie for his ‘Dunkirk’ co-stars and baked cupcakes for a charity event with TV host Nick Grimshaw.

His love for baking reveals a down-to-earth side to the superstar, a hobby that offers him a break from the fast-paced life of show business. Whether it’s his music, his fashion, his acting, or his baking, Harry Styles continues to captivate fans with his multi-faceted personality and talent.