10 Things You Didn’t Know About He Xiaopeng

In the fascinating world of hi-tech entrepreneurs, we often only scratch the surface of their stories and feats. In this in-depth feature, we will uncover ten things you may not know about He Xiaopeng, the famous Chinese entrepreneur. Known for his pivotal role in creating two massive tech giants: UCWeb and now Xpeng Motors. Let’s delve into the hidden verses of Xiaopeng’s remarkable journey.

1. Humble Beginnings

Many don’t realize that Xiaopeng arose from very humble beginnings. Born and brought up in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, he has firmly placed his ordinary city on a global map. The city is traditionally known for wood carving, it didn’t take long for Xiaopeng to steer this narrative towards technology.

Xiaopeng’s relentless drive and dedicated work ethic were visible even in his early life. The son of a factory worker and a kindergarten teacher, he managed to enter one of the best universities in China, marking the humble start of a journey that would dramatically alter the Chinese tech landscape.

2. Educational background

He Xiaopeng is a Computer Science graduate. He studied at the South China University of Technology. In a country where millions aspire to be successful, he stood out from a young age, thanks to his inquisitiveness and academic excellence.

Post-university, Xiaopeng channelled his computer science training to work at various IT companies rounded off by three years at Microsoft China. This professional trajectory set the perfect stage for his entrepreneurial journey and provided him with a strong foundation in the tech industry.

3. From UCWeb to Alibaba

Before Xpeng Motors, Xiaopeng was a co-founder and CEO of UCWeb. The company developed the popular UC Browser which is the world’s largest third-party mobile browser by user base. In 2014, UCWeb was acquired by Alibaba in what was then the largest merger in the history of Chinese internet companies.

After the acquisition, Xiaopeng served as the president of the Mobile Business Group of Alibaba Group. This acquisition marked an impressive chapter in Xiaopeng’s career, solidifying his impact within the tech industry.

4. Xpeng Motors: An Ambitious Endeavour

In 2014, Xiaopeng founded Xpeng Motors with Henry Xia and He Tao. This company marks an ambitious undertaking, aiming to redefine the future of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs) in China.

The company’s state-of-the-art smart EVs, integrate cutting-edge Internet technologies with globally leading automotive technologies. This innovative fusion showcases Xiaopeng’s unwavering vision, particularly in a world combating climate change and transforming its energy consumption patterns.

5. Competitive Spirit

Xiaopeng is not daunted by competition. His decision to venture into the EV industry meant a head-on competition with companies such as Tesla. He believed that rather than importing EVs, China could produce them domestically to cater to local consumers’ preferences.

His competitive spirit could also be demonstrated when Tesla accused Xpeng of stealing autopilot source code. Xiaopeng promptly denied those accusations and came out stronger than ever, proving his mettle and determination in the corporate world.

6. Billionaire Status

The success of Xpeng Motors led Xiaopeng to the billionaire status. In August 2020, following a successful Xpeng IPO in New York, his net worth escalated dramatically, making him one of the wealthiest self-made billionaires in the Chinese tech sector.

This milestone not only serves as a testament to his calibre and acumen but also inspires millions of aspiring Asian entrepreneurs who strive to make a mark in the global tech scene.

7. Not Just a Businessman: A Family Man too

Beyond business, Xiaopeng is a family man. He’s married to Liang Liang and together they have two children. He believes in maintaining a balance between his work and personal life, subscribing to the philosophy that success encompasses all areas of life.

In several interviews, Xiaopeng has vocalised about the importance he places on being a doting husband and a responsible father. This aspect of his personality helps him stay grounded, keeping him connected to his roots.

8. Philanthropy

Like many global tech magnates, Xiaopeng is a philanthropist. He believes in leveraging his wealth and influence to bring about positive change in society. His vision expands well beyond business and personal success, demonstrating a reverence for social causes.

Details of his philanthropic efforts are scarce, indicating a preference for privacy when it comes to charitable deeds. Nonetheless, it’s known that he doesn’t shy away from sharing his wealth to uplift those less fortunate, reinforcing his image as a compassionate leader.

9. An Avid Blogger

Aside from his business endeavours, Xiaopeng indulges in blogging. He uses this platform to voice his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on various topics ranging from tech to corporate culture. His posts offer readers a peek into his intellectual prowess and innovational vision.

Through his blogs, he not only inspires millions of readers but also facilitates valuable discourse in the Chinese tech industry. His thoughts drafted online serve as a testament to his deep thinking and versatile intellect.

10. A Pioneer of Smart EV

Xiaopeng’s contribution to the EV industry will leave an enduring legacy. With Xpeng Motors leading the charge in Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Internet systems, the potential of EVs transcends conventional usage, ushering the era of smart electric cars.

Xiaopeng’s vision doesn’t stop at merely producing cars, he aims to create a novel and dynamic driving experience. His ambition to fuse the world of technology and automobile paints a promising future for the global EV landscape.

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It is He Xiaopeng’s relentless pursuit of innovation and progress that distinguishes him from his peers, making him one of the stalwarts of the Chinese tech and automotive industry. As we continue to monitor the rise of electric mobility and smart vehicles, his name is sure to pop up more often, writ large on the face of the future.