Automotive enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs, and Massachusetts locals alike have probably heard the name Herb Chambers. After all, Chambers owns more than 60 car dealerships, with diverse brands from Acura to Volvo, scattered throughout the region. He’s a staple in the area and a force within the industry, unmissable and unforgettable. But, there might still be a few fun facts you didn’t know about the dealership tycoon. We have collated 10 interesting tidbits of information about Herb Chambers for you to peruse.

1. The Humble Beginning

Herb Chambers wasn’t always the king of car sales. In fact, Herb used to be a simple copy machine repairman. He launched A-Copy, a company that refurbished and sold copy machines. His natural business acumen helped A-Copy grow wildly successful, putting Chambers on the path to wealth and acclaim.

Eventually, Chambers sold A-Copy to Ikon Office Solutions for a sum that prepared him for his future in the automotive industry. Translating his knack for resale and service into the car dealership world allowed Chambers to effectively and efficiently grow his empire.

2. His First Dealership

Herb Chambers’ first brush with the car dealership was when he purchased a Cadillac dealership in New London, Connecticut. He was not particularly car-savvy, but his business instincts saw potential in the dealership which he otherwise could have forgotten.

It might come as a surprise to some Chambers’ first dealership wasn’t in Massachusetts, given his significant presence in the state now. However, the New London dealership set the groundwork for his automotive empire that was to follow.

3. He is among the Top Dealership Groups in the US

Herb Chambers has worked his way to the lofty heights of the automotive industry in the United States. He ranks 17th in the top dealership groups by total revenue in the country, making his name prominent in an industry dominated by giants.

His strategically diversified portfolio holds over sixty car dealerships dealing in high-end, exotic to family-friendly, utility vehicles, which certainly helps his name stay affixed on the top dealer group lists.

4. He Doesn’t Just Deal in Cars

While Chambers is undeniably renowned for his prowess in the automotive industry, his business portfolio extends beyond cars. Herb Chambers also owns a luxurious yacht called the ‘Excellence’. Manufactured by the esteemed German firm Abeking & Rasmussen, the yacht is an epitome of opulence and craftsmanship.

The Excellence yacht is considered one of the high-quality superyachts in the world. Equipped with a swimming pool, helipad, and a fleet of exotic jet skis, Chambers has created a floating fortress of solitude and luxury unrivaled by most on the water.

5. He Loves Speed

One could argue, a love for speed might come naturally to a person dealing in exotic sports cars. Chambers is a fan of speed and power, so much so that he once considered entering his powerboat into the World Powerboat Championships.

His obsession with performance is not only limited to sports vehicles. Anyone who has seen the Excellence braving the seas knows it is a beast of power and performance, much like the vehicles he sells.

6. The Unachieved Dream

Despite his vast success in the automotive world, Herb Chambers hasn’t managed to fulfill one particular dream. Chambers intended to purchase an NFL team, specifically the New England Patriots, but did not succeed.

Still, he remains a dedicated fan and continues to support his would-be team. It’s a testament to the fact that even wildly successful businessmen like Herb Chambers can still have something they aspire towards.

7. Charitable Works

Herb Chambers isn’t all about business and pleasure. He is known for his extensive philanthropic work as well. Chambers has reportedly donated heavily towards scientific research and education in the Boston area.

He views his wealth as a means to give back to the community that allowed him to prosper, creating a cyclical flow of success and generosity that has boosted his reputation both in and out of the car industry.

8. The ‘Herb Chambers Companies’

Herb Chambers Companies is the conglomerate that oversees the multiple dealerships under the Chambers banner. It’s an impressive corporation built on Chambers’ dreams and ambitions and grown through his business savvy and strategic decisions.

The company believes in providing only the highest standards of customer service, an ethos that Chambers personally embraces, and something that has certainly helped the company’s dealerships stand out from the competition.

9. He is a Private Man

Despite his wealth and fame, Herb Chambers is known to be a private individual. He prefers to keep his personal life separate from his business proceedings, which is reflected in his dealings with the media. He may be a big name in the industry, but Chambers likes to remain somewhat enigmatic.

His quiet demeanor has only added to the intrigue around him, as he remains a prominent yet elusive figure in the automotive world and beyond.

10. His Legacy

Herb Chambers made a career transition from a copy machine salesman, to a car salesman and a respected entrepreneur. His life reflects the spirit of hard work, entrepreneurial risk-taking, and smart business moves.

Tech industry entrepreneur Herb Chambers has transformed his innovative visions into tangible successes, influencing many prospective entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. He is a living testament that dreams are achievable, and a little bit of calculated risk can go a long way.

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