Holli Rogers: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

For many, Holli Rogers is synonymous with luxury fashion and trendsetting. As the CEO of Browns and Chief Brand Officer at Farfetch, she’s a pivotal figure in the fashion industry. Yet, there’s more to this esteemed professional than meets the eye. Here are ten aspects of Holli Rogers you probably didn’t know.

1. She’s a Native Texan

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Rogers’ career trajectory is somewhat distant from her Southern U.S. roots. However, her experience navigating this cosmopolitan city might have contributed to her ability to understand diverse fashion tastes and preferences.

Rogers admits that her Texas upbringing shaped her professional outlook. She values honest relationships and clear communication, characteristics often associated with the straightforward, friendly approach typical in her home state.

2. Net-a-Porter Was Her Stepping Stone

Before her time at Browns, Rogers spent several pivotal years at Net-a-Porter, another heavyweight in the world of online luxury fashion retail. Beginning in 2002, she fine-tuned her skills in merchandising and brand management.

Her 12-year tenure at Net-a-Porter allowed Rogers to explore various facets of the company, from buyer to fashion director. She played an instrumental role in the company’s growth and expansion, setting the stage for her subsequent success at Browns.

3. She Isn’t a Formal Fashion School Graduate

Despite her significant role in the fashion industry, Rogers did not attend a traditional fashion school. Instead, she holds an Economics degree from the University of Colorado Boulder and gained comprehensive industry knowledge in her early career years through hands-on experience.

From Versace to Chanel, she managed various prestigious labels before transitioning into the digital luxury fashion scene. This unique path paved the way for a well-rounded understanding of the industry’s inner workings.

4. She Was Appointed CEO of Browns in 2015

Rogers joined Browns, a London-based boutique, in 2015. As CEO, she breathed new life into the brand, transforming it into a significant player in the digital fashion landscape. Her appointment marked the start of an innovative era for the legendary boutique.

Her exemplary leadership saw the brand through a significant technological shift, moving towards an online-first operation model. Meanwhile, she maintained the physical touch of luxury shopping, accommodating the varied tastes of high-end consumers.

5. Rogers Has an Eye for Sustainability

Rogers is a big proponent of sustainability in fashion, a perspective she has integrated into Browns’ ethos. She acknowledges the urgent need to shift towards more sustainable practices and the pressure for high-end brands to lead this change.

Under her leadership, Browns introduced several sustainable initiatives, endorsing designers who produce high-quality, long-lasting pieces. The move reflected a clear progression towards conscious consumption.

6. She Was Made Chief Brand Officer of Farfetch in 2019

In 2019, Rogers added another prominent role to her fashion tenure – Chief Brand Officer at Farfetch. She accepted the dual leadership role to cultivate synergy between the two businesses.

With her profound knowledge of the luxury fashion industry and vast business acumen, she aims to enhance Farfetch’s brand and expand its global reach while continuing to develop Browns’ innovative strategies.

7. She’s an Advocate for Diversity

Rogers is passionate about promoting diversity within the fashion industry, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She believes in fashion’s power to shape societal norms and strives to use this platform to encourage inclusivity.

Within the companies she leads, Rogers prioritizes fostering inclusive environments where individuality is celebrated. She recognizes the richness added to businesses by an assortment of perspectives and experiences.

8. Rogers is a Yoga Enthusiast

Away from the bustling fashion world, Rogers enjoys downtime practicing yoga. She is a firm believer in wellness and mindfulness, embracing yoga as a method of maintaining balance amidst her demanding professional life.

Her passion for wellness extends to encouraging her team members to maintain healthy lifestyles, ensuring a positive work environment.

9. She Has a Love for Art

Rogers’ appreciation for aesthetics extends beyond luxury fashion into the realm of art. An avid art enthusiast, she often visits galleries and exhibitions, deriving inspiration from various art forms.

Her appreciation for art echoes in her professional approach, as she continually seeks to merge fashion with other creative disciplines, creating a richer, more immersive brand experience.

10. Female Empowerment is Close to Her Heart

Rogers is a staunch advocate for female empowerment. As a highly visible female leader in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she’s committed to building platforms that support and encourage other women.

She wholeheartedly supports initiatives that empower women and promote gender equality, demonstrating her commitment not just in her words but through her actions.

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