10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Holli Smith’

Today, we are delving deep into the captivating world of Holli Smith. Smith is a well-known celebrity hairstylist who has created unique hairstyles for some of the most prolific high-fashion brands and leading stars in the world. Are you intrigued enough? Read on to know about the ten little-known facts of the legendary Holli Smith.

1. Smith has been in the industry for over two decades

Holli Smith, boasting a career spanning more than 20 years, has evolved and grown in the throbbing heart of the fashion industry. She started as a trainee in high street saloons and slowly made her way to the pinnacle of celebrity hairstyling in high fashion thanks to her formidable hairstyling skills and unique creativity.

A testament to her talent, Smith has remained at the top of her game for decades. Continually innovative, she has a knack for creating and offering styles that manage to both mirror the current fashion trends and set new ones.

2. She started styling hair from a very young age

Holli Smith’s love for hair styling began when she was barely in her teens. Her passion for creating intricate hairstyles was evident when she started practicing on her friends and family, honing her skills at a young age.

Smith soon realized her true love for hair styling. With sparkling enthusiasm, she devoted herself to hairstyling full-time, detailing her journey as being something born from a childhood hobby that evolved into an adult fascination that she simply couldn’t ignore.

3. Smith worked for top fashion houses

Holli Smith has been instrumental in creating the ‘look’ for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Her work has been in demand by several haute couture and ready-to-wear brands, including Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, and Céline.

Smith’s skills were highly sought after by these premium brands, which attracted her major recognition in the industry. Each brand she worked with saw a unique interpretation of their identity through her hairstyles at fashion weeks and on magazine covers.

4. She is a Celebrity Favorite

Smith has become the hairstylist of choice for numerous high-profile celebrities. From FAQs to Anne Hathaway to Jared Leto, her clientele reads like the guest list of a Hollywood premiere.

It’s not hard to see why. Smith’s ability to work with individual features, incorporating them into the wider aesthetic of an event, photoshoot, or everyday look, appeals to celebrities looking for a stylist who can craft a hairstyle that tells a story.

5. Smith isn’t confined to the world of high fashion

While she’s a favorite among high-fashion houses, Holli Smith’s work doesn’t stop there. She’s also branched into theater, opera, and film, showcasing her wide-ranging hairstyling capabilities across different media.

Her work can be seen in such productions as the film ‘Begin Again’, for which she was a personal hairstylist for the lead actress. Smith’s brush with the world of cinema is yet another testament to her incredible versatility and creative prowess.

6. She’s a Fan of Rock-n-Roll

Many artists are inspired by different influences and Holli Smith is no exception. She’s been vocal in interviews stating her teenage infatuation with rock-n-roll and punk culture had a profound influence on her, shaping her sense of style and individuality.

Smith credits these genres with helping her develop her unique approach to hairstyling, pushing boundaries and consistently breaking the mold. It’s a testament to her dynamic talents, sourced from various influences, that she can create something remarkably unique and stunning every single time.

7. She Believes in Breaking the Rules

Holli Smith is someone who believes in defying norms and breaking rules. This attitude, combined with her firm grasp on the technical aspects of her craft, allows her to create extraordinary looks that routinely push boundaries and set new trends.

Whether she’s working with a major fashion brand or a well-known celebrity, Smith uses her rule-bending nature to give her styles a unique edge. This not only helps her clients stand out but also allows her to continue influencing the industry in her own way.

8. Teaching is a passion of hers

Holli Smith is more than just a hairstylist; she’s also a teacher. Smith has openly talked about her passion for teaching, sharing her extensive knowledge with the next generation of aspiring hairstylists, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Through teaching, Smith gets the exhilarating chance to shape and inspire the future of hairstyling. What moves her most about teaching is the opportunity to see her students grow and succeed in their own individual journeys throughout the course.

9. She Has Her Own Hair Product Line

Smith’s extensive knowledge of hair and its diverse nature led her to create her line of hair products. Passionate about creating products that are inclusive of all hair types and that meet her standards, Smith’s line has gained considerable recognition for its high-quality ingredients and superior performance.

Smith’s hair products are a testament to her commitment to promote healthier and more personalised hair care routines. Her dynamic collection ensures that everyone, regardless of their hair type, can maintain and style their hair just like a celebrity.

10. A Hair Troubleshooter

Having dealt with diverse hair types and issues over the years, Smith is often referred to as a ‘Hair Troubleshooter’. She has an innate ability to understand what the hair needs, providing the right treatment and suggesting the perfect products to restore hair health.

Smith’s proven abilities to solve many hair conundrums and her continued focus on honing her skills make her a ‘hairstyling genius’. As she’s helped many people regain confidence in their hair, she’s truly become a shining beacon within the hair industry.

Whether you’re a budding stylist, a fashion enthusiast, or a fan of the glamorous world of high-fashion hair and beauty – knowing these ten interesting facts about Holli Smith just might make you appreciate her extraordinary work even more. From punk rock style to high fashion couture, Smith’s journey is nothing less than an inspiring tale of passion, hard work, and creativity.

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