10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Hortensia Herrero’

As the wife of Spanish billionaire and Mercadona owner Juan Roig, Hortensia Herrero may be best known for her philanthropic efforts and art appreciation. However, there is so much more to this talented woman. Lets unveil the lesser-known details about this highly reputable woman in this article.

1. Early Life and Education of Hortensia Herrero

Hortensia Herrero grew up in a meagre household in Valencia, Spain, with three other siblings. Despite her humble beginnings, Herrero never let this discourage her from working hard and achieving success. Her resilience ultimately paid off as she is now considered to be one of the wealthiest women in Spain.

Herrero studied economics in a university in Valencia, where she met her now-husband, Juan Roig.

2. She Worked at Mercadona Before She Got Married

Before marrying Juan Roig, Hortensia Herrero had worked at Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket chain. She worked her way up in the company, eventually becoming Vice President. Despite the couple’s success, they are known for their humility and work ethic, often citing that they started from scratch and worked their way up.

Not only has she been exceptional in her business endeavors, her leadership skills at Mercadona have been crucial to growing the supermarket into the successful enterprise it is today.

3. Herrero and Philanthropy

Not only is Herrero a successful businesswoman, but she’s also a devoted philanthropist. She has made a significant contribution to society through the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, which she founded in 2012.

The foundation is aimed at promoting and spreading cultural, especially artistic activities, contributing to the enrichment of society. Notably, she contributes greatly to the restoration of heritage buildings in her hometown.

4. Lover of Arts and Culture

Apart from her work and philanthropy, Herrero is passionate about arts and culture and is an avid art collector. Her private collection includes works by celebrated artists like British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Spanish artists Antonio López and Miquel Barceló.

In line with her passion, her foundation also gives scholarships, grants and acquire works of art to place in Valencia for the public to appreciate.

5. Watcher of the Family Wealth

Herrero is known to be the primary manager of the family’s wealth. She is greatly involved in the allocation of the family’s fortune, a significant portion of which is dedicated to public philanthropy – including scholarships and promoting the arts.

Her astute financial management ensures that the family remains among Spain’s wealthiest, while also contributing meaningfully to society through charitable works.

6. Lover of Travelling

One of the less-known facts about Hortensia Herrero is her love for travelling. She enjoys visiting new places, experiencing different cultures and soaking in the authenticity of various societies.

Journeys to various parts of the world serve as a great source of inspiration to her, which she tries to bring back home, particularly into her philanthropic activities.

7. A Stickler for Privacy

Herrero is known for her preference to maintain a low profile. Despite her success and wealth, she remains largely private and out of the limelight.

In fact, few photographs of her are available to the public. This humble nature and preference for privacy sets her distinctively apart from many billionaires.

8. Awards and Recognition

Apart from her business success, Herrero has also won various accolades for her philanthropic work. In 2016, she was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for promoting art and culture.

These recognitions and awards are a testament to her dedication and commitment to enriching society and promoting artistic activities.

9. Family Life

Despite all her professional endeavors, family is at the core of Hortensia Herrero’s life. She has four children with her husband Juan Roig. Her family remains grounded, valuing hard work and commitment.

This strong sense of family and commitment to raising grounded, responsible children is another admirable quality of Herrero.

10. Legacy of Hortensia Herrero

Herrero’s legacy is building up to be an impressive one. Not only has she successfully managed her family’s wealth, but she’s also made a significant impact in promoting and preserving art and culture through her philanthropic activities.

Her efforts ensure that her legacy will leave an enduring impact on Spanish society, and the face of Valencia’s architectural landscape and cultural heritage for many generations to come.

For more information about Hortensia Herrero and her philanthropic activities visit The Hortensia Herrero Foundation webpage: Hortensia Herrero Foundation.