10 Things You Didn’t Know About Igor Bukhman

The world of interactive entertainment and video games is vast and filled with innovative minds. Among them, Ukrainian entrepreneur Igor Bukhman has emerged as a prominent figure. He co-founded Playrix, a mobile game development company responsible for globally popular games like Homescapes and Gardenscapes. Despite his success, Bukhman has maintained a rather private persona, which is why we’ve delved into his background, interests and personal beliefs to bring you 10 things you probably didn’t know about Igor Bukhman.

1. Playrix Was Born in a Small Bedroom

In 2004, when the Bukhman brothers, Igor and Dmitri, launched Playrix, they initially started working out of a small room in their parents’ house. Today, Playrix is a big shot mobile game company, serving millions of players globally. Despite the humble beginnings, the Bukhman’s strong foundation of hard work, determination, and innovation has turned Playrix into a colossal name in the gaming industry.

Their journey from that small room to one of the best global mobile game development companies teaches us the importance of holding onto dreams despite hardships and limited resources. The brothers prove that success is not reliant on grand offices; instead, it all boils down to resilience and the will to create something extraordinary.

2. His Education paved his Success Path

Igor Bukhman studied computer science at Vologda State Technical University, which provided the brothers with the necessary skill set to excel in the digital realm. Their understanding of technology was a vital part of why their first game, Fishdom, was a major success.

It reiterates the importance of a good education and its potential to open doors to several opportunities. For Igor, his technical knowledge formed the backbone behind brilliant business decisions, eventually leading to Playrix’s astronomical success.

3. He Is An Avid Reader

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Igor is an avid reader, believing in the power of knowledge. He gains insights from a range of themes, including business, technology, and innovative trends. His expansive reading habit has helped him stay informed and ahead in his industry, directly impacting the way he runs Playrix.

His entrepreneurial journey reflects the saying, “Leaders are readers.” Reading sparks new ideas, fosters empathy, and triggers innovation, evidently seen in the continuous rise of Playrix.

4. Igor is Meticulous About Game Development

Igor Bukhman and his brother have always been very particular about the game development process. They are heavily involved in every step of the way, ensuring that each game they release is as best as they can produce.

This meticulous nature is one of the reasons their games gained massive success immediately after their release. According to Igor, ‘quality over quantity’ is one source of Playrix’s success.

5. He Is a Forward Thinker

Igor Bukhman is known for his forward-thinking, always anticipating changes in technology and user behavior. He always maintains the relevance of their games in the ever-changing technology market by staying abreast of its evolving trends.

Being a forward-thinker has enabled Playrix to stay competitive and influential in the gaming industry.

6. Igor Believes in Creating an Immersive User Experience

Igor Bukhman believes in offering a rich and immersive user experience. This principle is evident in all of Playrix’s games, which are known for their stunning visuals and captivating narrative experience.

His dedication to enriching the user experience has resulted in the creation of several top-grossing games.

7. He Values Teamwork

Aside from their drive and determination, Igor Bukhman credits a major part of Playrix’s success to the exceptional teamwork. He believes in fostering an environment where every individual can contribute their skills and ideas.

This approach has led to Playrix developing a dedicated team that continuously develops top-quality games.

8. Igor Continuously Innovates

Igor Bukhman and his team are known for pushing boundaries with their games. They continuously innovate to stay competitive, resulting in several top-grossing games in the mobile gaming market.

Their success is based on their ability to recognize what players appreciate and then finding innovative ways of delivering that experience.

9. He Hails From Vologda, Russia

Despite being globally recognized, Igor Bukhman has never forgotten his roots. Born in Vologda, Russia, he is proud of his hometown and has mentioned that it has significantly played a role in shaping his life and career.

10. Igor Is an Ardent Advocate of Privacy

Igor Bukhman highly respects personal privacy. Despite being a prominent figure in the industry, he maintains a low public profile and focuses his attention on improving his company and recreating the user gaming experience.

At the end of the day, both his success and privacy assert the fact that high-profile individuals can maintain a balance between their personal and professional life while remaining productive and successful.

Uncloaking Igor Bukhman highlights the essence of hard work, innovation, resilience, and more. His aspect of leading Playrix is thorough yet charismatic. From choosing challenging paths to empowering the team, Igor Bukhman stands out as a true inspirational figure in the entrepreneurial and technological realm.

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