10 Things You Didn’t Know About Inder Jaisinghani

It’s often the people behind the scenes who make the biggest impact. Inder Jaisinghani, the renowned business tycoon and Vice Chairman of Polycab, is one such influential figure in the corporate world. However, despite being in the limelight, a lot of instrumental aspects about him remain hidden. To know more about him, we unearthed some intriguing facts about Inder Jaisinghani; facts that reveal his work philosophy, personal life, and the journey he embarked on which propelled him to the pinnacle of success.

1. Humble Beginnings

People often associate success with privilege, but Inder Jaisinghani defies this stereotype. Coming from a modest background, his journey to success was not a walk in the park. The foundation of his formative years was laid down in a small, unassuming neighbourhood in Mumbai, a world far removed from the corporate glitz and glamour he’s surrounded by today.

His parents, late Mr. Govind P. Jaisinghani and Mrs. Chand Jaisinghani, played a significant role in his early life, inulcating the values of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. Inder rose above his circumstances, transforming every hurdle into an opportunity. He is a living testimony to the fact that success is not a matter of chance, but a result of relentless determination.

2. Tryst with Entrepreneurship

Inder Jaisinghani is a seasoned entrepreneur, having launched one of India’s leading companies in the electrical and telecommunication industry. However, his entry into entrepreneurship was far from planned. He originally started his career in the family’s small-scale cable business, which eventually led him to establish Polycab, an industry leader today. His deep understanding of the industry and his entrepreneurial instincts were instrumental in scaling the business to great heights.

Polycab, which started out as a small venture, today serves millions of customers nationwide and has exhibited consistent growth over the years under his leadership. Inder’s management methods have been key to building a successful business empire, reflecting his natural flair for business and leadership.

3. Philanthropic Endeavours

For Inder Jaisinghani, success doesn’t end with personal accomplishments. He strongly believes in giving back to society and is actively involved in philanthropy. He is the guiding force behind the altruistic arm of Polycab that actively contributes to education, healthcare, and other social initiatives for the lesser privileged.

His philanthropical efforts extend beyond traditional chequebook donations. He utilizes his company’s resources to make a direct impact on the lives of the less fortunate. Under his guidance, Polycab runs multiple CSR initiatives, including scholarships for meritorious students and healthcare projects for poor communities.

4. Passion for Innovation

Inder isn’t just a successful businessman; he’s a thought leader who passionately drives innovation. He believes that success is ever-evolving, and it is essential to continuously innovate to stay ahead. This passion is evident in Polycab’s diverse product portfolio, where they frequently introduce cutting-edge solutions to cater to the evolving needs of their audience.

Under his leadership, Polycab has emerged as an innovation-driven organization, continuously differentiating itself from competitors. His thirst for implementing innovative strategies, fostering creativity among the staff, and nurturing an experimental work culture are what makes Polycab a leader in its field.

5. Belief in Teamwork

Inder Jaisinghani leads with the conviction that teamwork is the foundation of any successful business. He gives credit to the sheer dedication and hard work of his entire team for Polycab transforming from a small family venture into a national leader.

You’ll frequently find him talking about the importance of trust, unity, and mutual respect as the pillars of a functional team. His belief in his team’s abilities and potential, coupled with his effort towards creating a rewarding work environment, is what propels Polycab to new heights.

6. Understanding the Market

Inder Jaisinghani’s innate understanding of market dynamics has been a key to Polycab’s dramatic growth over the years. Having entered the industry at a time when the cable and wire segment was highly fragmented, his keen business acumen enabled him to position Polycab at the forefront of the market.

His business prowess isn’t limited to just identifying opportunities; he’s exceptional at understanding consumers’ trends and preferences, making strategic decisions, and leading Polycab to adapt to the changing market realities. His astute market understanding and dynamic decision-making have made Polycab a go-to brand for millions of customers.

7. Family Man

Despite being a powerful businessman, Inder Jaisinghani is a devoted family man. He believes in maintaining a work-life balance and often says that his business achievements would be meaningless without his family’s unwavering support. He is married to Suman Jaisinghani and they have two children, Dhruv and Sweta Jaisinghani.

He often credits his family for being his pillar of support throughout his journey, especially during challenging times. He firmly believes that his work should not encroach upon his time with family, and in multiple interviews, he has emphasized the importance of setting boundaries between work and personal life.

8. Risk-Taker

One of the defining characteristics of Inder is his ability to embrace risks. He understood early on that risks are inherent to entrepreneurship. The ability to foresee the rewards and act despite potential dangers has been a driving factor behind his success. Whether it was expanding the product line or penetrating new markets, Inder’s strategic risk-taking has paid off.

He encourages budding entrepreneurs to calculate the risk-to-reward ratio and make informed decisions. His ability to invest strategically in innovative ideas and thrive in the face of uncertainty have contributed to his narrative as an industry stalwart.

9. An Advocate for Employee Well-being

Inder Jaisinghani is known for his employee-centric leadership style. He believes that employees are the most important asset of any organization. His focus is not just on achieving the bottom line but also on maintaining a highly motivated and satisfied workforce.

Under his leadership, Polycab has implemented several employee welfare measures like comprehensive health insurance, employee assistance programs, and mental health initiatives. His strong emphasis on employee well-being has made Polycab an employer of choice for many professionals.

10. A Healthy Work Ethic

There’s no denying that Inder Jaisinghani’s unstoppable work ethic has significantly contributed to his success. Yet, his work ethic isn’t just about hard work. Instead, it involves leveraging his leadership skills, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment towards his team and the company’s vision.

He consistently sets a high bar for himself and his team, demonstrating the power of leading by example. Inder’s exemplary work ethic, coupled with his strategic thinking, has been instrumental in earning his status as a respected leader in the industry.

Now that you’re familiar with the little known facts about Inder Jaisinghani, it’s evident that his journey is an inspiration for anyone striving to make a mark in the corporate world. Even beyond his professional life, his life principles and philanthropic work speak volumes of his character.

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