10 Things You Didn’t Know About Isak Andic

Isak Andic is a name that may be unfamiliar to some, yet his influence in the fashion world has been monumental. If you’ve purchased casual or trendy clothing from high-street brands like Mango or Zara, you’ve indirectly encountered the powerful impact of this industry tycoon. Though not as publicly recognized as figures like Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld, Andic has quietly reshaped the landscape of affordable fashion worldwide. Here, we delve into 10 lesser-known facts about this reticent innovator and his incredibly successful career.

1. His humble origins

Isak Andic was born in a small, modest town in Istanbul, Turkey. His parents owned a textile business, but Isak, along with his brother Nahman, was encouraged to seek his own path and establish his own identity in the business world. The entrepreneurial spirit was embedded into his identity from a young age, as he started selling handkerchiefs at the age of 15.

In their early 20s, the Andic brothers decided to relocate to Barcelona, Spain. There, they began reselling imported clothing in the bustling markets of the city centre. It was a humble start to a journey that would make Isak Andic a billionaire, with a net worth exceeding 4.8 billion dollars today.

2. The birth of Mango

In 1984, Isak Andic established ‘Mango’, a name chosen for its simple pronunciation in multiple languages. The aim was to provide trendy clothes with a unique vision and a distinctive brand voice. Despite the fierce competition, Andic’s keen eye for retail and his ability to spot and capitalize on emerging trends ensured Mango’s success.

With time, the brand grew in popularity. Today, Mango can be found in over 110 countries worldwide. It has a strong retail presence with more than 2,000 stores. All thanks to Isak’s vision and astute business acumen.

3. He believes in the power of advertising

Isak Andic recognized early on that great advertising can take a brand from relative obscurity to mainstream fame. He understood the power of celebrity endorsements and effective PR campaigns to elevate the profile of his brand.

Mango has worked with several high-profile celebrities and models as the face of their brand, including the likes of Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson. This strategic move has undeniably played a significant role in the company’s global success and appeal.

4. He is a firm advocate of technology

Andic has repeatedly spoken about the importance of technology in the retail industry. He adopted the use of big data early on and pushed for the integration of technology in every process from the design studio to the store floor.

In 2000, Mango became one of the first brands to launch an online platform, pioneering the online shopping trend. Today, Andic continues to look for creative ways to integrate technology into his business model.

5. His focus on sustainability

Andic is also known for his commitment to sustainable fashion. He has pledged to increase the proportion of sustainable products in his collections and aims to make Mango a carbon-neutral company by 2025.

This commitment is not just on paper. Mango has launched several sustainable collections and initiatives that employ organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other environmentally-friendly materials.

6. His respect for tradition

Despite being a stone-cold businessman, Andic has always retained a soft spot for tradition and his origins. He upholds the tradition of family business, with his brother Nahman and son Jonathan working alongside him at Mango.

Surprisingly, despite his billionaire status, Andic resides in the same house he bought nearly 30 years ago. He believes that his roots are an integral part of his identity and helps him stay grounded amidst his massive success.

7. His privacy

Unlike other industry giants, Andic shies away from the limelight. He is known for his low-key lifestyle and rarely makes public appearances or gives interviews.

Andic prefers to let his work speak for him. He remains dedicated to his work in the fashion industry and is committed to taking Mango to new heights while staying out of the headlines.

8. His philanthropy

Andic is not only a successful businessman but also a generous philanthropist. He has made considerable donations to various causes both in Spain and internationally.

He also established the Andic Foundation, which is focused on childhood care and cancer research. Andic maintains that he has a responsibility towards society and is keen on giving back whenever he can.

9. His investment strategies

Beyond fashion, Andic has shown great acumen as an investor. His investments are diverse and span healthcare, real estate, and hotels.

One of his savvy moves was investing in a Spanish biopharmaceutical company back in 2001. This company recently developed one of the vaccines for COVID-19, boosting the value of his investment exponentially.

10. His passion for art

A lesser-known fact about Isak Andic is his unwavering love for art. He is an avid collector, with his collection boasting prominent works from artists like Picasso and Miró.

He has shared his collection with the public on multiple occasions and frequently loans pieces to museums. His passion for art extends to his brand as well, as reflected in Mango’s creative clothing pieces and innovative lookbooks.


Isak Andic is a trailblazer in the fashion industry, a visionary whose journey and achievements inspire many in the business globe. By continuously evolving with changing trends, maintaining a firm commitment to sustainability, and clinging onto his roots, he has set a unique example of leadership and innovation.

Andic’s story is proof that private, humble individuals with steadfast dedication can significantly impact industries, alter perceptions, and quietly rebuild the world in their own image.