10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Bolden

Jason Bolden is a name that has adorned many a headline in fashion, styling, and reality television. With an impressive celebrity roster under his belt, Jason has achieved significant success in the world of fashion. Despite his high public visibility, there’s so much more to him than just red carpet attires. Let’s uncover ten things you probably didn’t know about Jason Bolden.

1. Jason’s Humble Beginnings

It may come as a surprise that Jason Bolden’s origins are far from the glitz and glamour that characterize his current status. Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Bolden’s early life was riddled with several challenging circumstances. However, amidst these trying situations, his vision and strategic mode of hustle were already beginning to shine through.

Neither of his parents was involved in the fashion industry or had any significant connection to it. Yet, unphased by the absence of direct industry links, he clung to his dreams and relentlessly pursued his fashion interest, which later became his well-known career.

2. He Began his Fashion Career in Retail

Every success story has a beginning; for Bolden, it started in retail. Upon moving to New York City, he began working at high-end showrooms and luxury retail stores. This invaluable platform gave him an in-depth understanding of how the fashion industry works, from manufacturing and advertising to clients’ needs.

More importantly, this stage of his career unveiled his knack and passion for styling. He soon realized his unique ability to mix and match outfits and predict fashion trends, catching the attention of clients and people within the industry.

3. Started His Signature Line with His Husband

Jason Bolden is happily married to Adair Curtis, an interior designer. The duo has combined their creative prowess and carved a niche for themselves in the world of high-end lifestyle management. Their joint venture, JSN STUDIO, caters to a wide array of services, from personal styling to home decor.

Both Jason and Adair work in perfect synergy, complementing each other’s strengths and covering up for the other’s shortcomings. Their unique blend of style and functional practicality is infectious, and the reason behind the wide acceptance of JSN Studio.

4. He Has Styled A-List Celebrities

Having worked with some of the most prominent names in Hollywood, Bolden’s star-studded clientele includes Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, and Yara Shahidi, to name just a few. Bolden’s talent encompasses the understanding of his clients’ body shape, style preferences, and the vision they wish to portray.

His styling has graced many a red carpet, gathering rave reviews from fashion critics and fashion enthusiasts alike. With each client, he creates custom-tailored style as intricate and distinct as the stars he caters to.

5. Jason Bolden On Television

Jason’s prowess is not restricted to styling alone; his television appearances have also captured many hearts. Bolden, along with his husband, has a Netflix original series, “Styling Hollywood”, where they take viewers behind the scenes to exhibit how they create magical moments in fashion and interior design.

“Styling Hollywood” marks a significant point in Bolden’s career – a testament to his growth and dominance, and this has cemented his place as a powerful African-American figure in the fashion industry.

6. He Was Once a Professional Basketball Player

Before becoming a famous fashion stylist, Bolden was quite a sportsman. He once played professional basketball in Australia. This may seem quite unrelated to his career now, but his basketball career taught him lessons on teamwork, commitment, and consistency; attributes he applies to his fashion career successfully.

Even though his basketball career was short-lived, it played an essential part in developing his competitive edge, and building continuous momentum, eternally pushing him to aim higher and reach for more.

7. Bolden Has Appeared On the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

The recognition of Bolden’s work extends beyond the world of fashion. His exceptional talent and significant influence have seen him feature in Forbes magazine’s prestigious ’30 Under 30′ list. This acknowledgment not only amplified Bolden’s credibility but also paved the way for upcoming fashion enthusiasts.

This recognition underscores his contribution to shaping the fashion narrative, not just for black celebrities but the entire Hollywood industry.

8. He Does Not Believe In Fashion Rules

While Bolden’s creations tend to follow the trends, his personal belief is that fashion rules are meant to be broken. He encourages his clients not just to follow fashion rules blindly but to have fun, experiment, and discover their unique, personal style.

According to Bolden, the most outstanding fashion moments happen when individuals make bold and brave choices that go against the conventional tide.

9. Jason Bolden Loves Vintage Pieces

Known for his unique style, Bolden’s love for vintage pieces is equally well-known. His appreciation for timeless classics is visible in his many curated looks that blend the past, present, and future of fashion, creating ageless styles.

From showrooms to his own home, Bolden’s affinity for vintage pieces is unmistakable. This signature preference, combined with his ability to effortlessly create modern looks, reiterates why he’s considered one of the industry’s most influential figures.

10. Jason Bolden Is a Passionate Advocate for Diversity

More than anything else, Bolden’s passion for inclusivity and diversity transcends every aspect of his work. A prominent figure in pushing for more inclusion both on and off-camera, Bolden sees celebrating diversity as a critical factor for succeeding in today’s world.

He is unafraid to voice his opinions about the lack of diversity in Hollywood and the fashion industry. Bolden uses his influential position to foster essential conversations and initiate a positive change on this issue.

Learn more about Jason’s exceptional work by visiting his website JSN Studio or follow him on Instagram here, be inspired and get a taste of his incredible sense of style. Also, take an adventure into his creative world by watching the “Styling Hollywood” series on Netflix here.