10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Chang

When it comes to influential figures in the tech industry, Jason Chang stands tall amongst the very best. As the chairman of Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE), Chang has made significant contributions to the semiconductor industry. While his professional prowess is well known, there’s much more to Jason Chang than meets the eye. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about this innovative tycoon.

1. Early Life

Jason Chang wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chang had a modest upbringing. His years spent in Taiwan helped him develop a strong work ethic and determination that propelled him to his corporate success.

Chang’s humble roots help explain his commitment to giving back to society and his devotion to creating opportunities for others. His early life instilled in him values of resilience and hard work which have played a crucial role throughout his career.

2. Academic Background

Chang’s interest in the tech field stems from his academic background. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Taipei Institute of Technology. Further, he received an honorary doctorate from National Chung Hsing University and National Taipei University of Technology. This strong academic base laid a solid foundation for his future career in the semiconductor industry.

Chang’s learnings during his college years fuelled his interest in the intricacies of the electronic world. This academic prowess and curiosity have resulted in his significant contributions to the evolving tech industry.

3. Career Beginnings

Chang’s professional journey commenced back in the 1970s when he founded ASE. ASE turned out to be Taiwan’s first independent semiconductor packaging and testing company. From being a small startup, it has grown massively to become a multinational company, contributing significantly to the semiconductor industry.

The ride hasn’t always been easy. Chang faced countless challenges in establishing ASE, but he remained unwavering in his resolve. His determination, hard work, and innovative thinking guided ASE towards becoming an industry giant.

4. ASE’s Global Expansion

ASE is not just prominent in Taiwan but has a global presence. Chang’s leadership has led to the expansion of ASE across the globe with operations in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and the U.S. Now, ASE is regarded as a global powerhouse in the semiconductor segment.

Under Chang’s leadership, ASE has established a strong reputation worldwide for its stringent quality control, research and development efforts, and progressive approach.

5. Philanthropic Efforts

Apart from being an accomplished entrepreneur, Chang is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He established the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation to assist underprivileged students, promoting the importance of education in Taiwan.

Additionally, Chang established the “After School Class” program, which supports students from low-income families. These noble initiatives reflect his commitment to contributing back to his society.

6. Environmental Preservation

Chang is devoted to preserving the environment. He is a firm believer in sustainable development and has ensured that ASE works towards reducing its carbon footprint. ASE received a Gold Class distinction in the Sustainability Yearbook three times for its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts.

Chang’s eco-conscious mindset differentiates him from many contemporaries, as he continually emphasizes the importance of aligning business goals with sustainable practices.

7. Chairman of the TSMC

In addition to heading ASE, Chang also serves as the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC). Founded in 1987, TSMC plays a significant role in the global semiconductor industry, providing the cornerstone of the digital age.

A multifaceted personality, Chang has leveraged his command over the tech sector to make TSMC a recognized and respected name worldwide.

8. Accolades and Recognition

Chang’s innovative ideas and steadfast dedication have earned him numerous accolades. In 2015, Chang was listed in the Forbes’ Taiwan’s 50 Richest People. His efforts in promoting environmental sustainability won ASE the SAM Sector Leader recognition.

These awards showcase the significant impact Chang has made in the tech industry and beyond.

9. Chang’s Views on Innovation

Chang firmly believes in the power of innovation. He stresses the importance of continually developing new technologies and enhancing existing ones. He plans to focus on automated factories, smart manufacturing, and the internet of things (IoT) in the future.

Chang’s transformative vision is driving the evolution of the tech industry worldwide, with ASE continuing to break new ground under his leadership.

10. Personal Life

Chang likes to keep his personal life very private. Despite his numerous professional commitments, Chang maintains a composed demeanor and is known for leading a balanced lifestyle.

Even with considerable achievements and busy work schedules, Chang never takes his daily rituals lightly. He always finds time for exercise and meditation, emphasizing the importance of health and mental well-being.

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