10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeffery Hildebrand

Jeffery Hildebrand has been a powerhouse in the energy industry, yet there’s so much more to him than his entrepreneurial prowess and successful career at Hilcorp. Here are ten things that you may not know about Jeffery Hildebrand.

1. His Origins in the Oil and Gas Industry

Despite his remarkable success, Jeffery has always been low-key about his accomplishments. He began his journey in the oil and gas industry when he joined Exxon, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

Starting off as a petroleum engineer, he broadened his horizons and honed his skills, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors. His time at Exxon instilled in him a deep understanding of the industry, setting the stage for the future establishment of Hilcorp.

2. The Founding of Hilcorp

In 1989, Hildebrand made a decision that would change his life: he founded Hilcorp. Despite the considerable risk associated with starting a business in such a complex industry, Hildebrand was set on bridging the gap between energy and environmental conservation.

Under his leadership, Hilcorp has grown exponentially and is now recognized as one of the largest privately-held independent oil companies in the United States. Hildebrand’s leadership and innovation have played a significant role in Hilcorp’s substantial growth.

3. His Enviable Education

Hildebrand is not just a successful businessman, but an incredibly intelligent one at that. He earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin.

While at UT, he sharpened his skills in petroleum and energy resources, which was arguably the most significant catalyst to achieving the great heights he has reached in the industry today.

4. His Philanthropic Contributions

One significant aspect of Hildebrand’s life that often flies under the radar is his philanthropy. Jeffery and his wife Mindy founded the Hildebrand Foundation in 2005, focusing on health, education, and community services.

They have since donated more than $100 million to causes they are passionate about. This charitable side of Hildebrand is a testament to his consideration for others and his keen sense of social responsibility.

5. A True Animal Lover

In addition to his philanthropic work, Jeffery Hildebrand’s love for animals is something that often goes unnoticed. He owns a ranch in Texas where he breeds cutting horses, a type of horse bred for its agility and athleticism.

This shows his passion not just for animals, but for the outdoors and the environment. His love for animals extends beyond his horse breeding, with a number of pets at his home.

6. His Love for Sailing

That’s right – when he’s not managing his business or contributing to philanthropic causes, Hildebrand loves to sail. He even owns a custom-built sailing yacht. This interest again highlights his love for the great outdoors and his adventurous spirit.

He often takes time off from his busy schedule to relax and rejuvenate on the calm waters. His hobby allows him to disconnect from his intense workload and spend time with his family.

7. The Most Generous Boss in America

Hildebrand’s approach towards his employees is commendable. In 2010, he was declared the most generous boss in America by MSM Money after giving every one of his employees a $50,000 bonus after the company doubled its oil field production rates.

Not only does this highlight his generosity, but also his leadership vision. Hildebrand understands that his company’s success is directly tied to the dedication of his employees and shows his appreciation in a substantial manner.

8. His Commitment to Houston

Hildebrand is dedicated to his hometown, Houston, Texas. When disaster struck Houston with Hurricane Harvey, Hildebrand and his wife donated $25 million to relief efforts. His commitment to helping his community is a testament to his character.

Hildebrand is more than just a successful businessman. He is a philanthropist, an animal lover, a sailor and a devoted member of the Houston community.

9. A Reserved Personality

Despite his success, Hildebrand prefers to keep a low profile. He rarely gives interviews to media and is considered one of the most private people in the business world. This character trait contrasts against the traditional image of a super-rich businessman, further setting him apart.

His desire for privacy could be one of the reasons he chose to keep Hilcorp a privately held company. This allows him to avoid the public scrutiny and disclosure that can come with a publicly traded company.

10. His Net Worth

As successful as he is, it should come as no surprise that Hildebrand’s net worth is well over a billion dollars. He was listed as a billionaire by Forbes and has maintained his status for the last several years.

This wealth enables him not just to live a comfortable life, but also contribute significantly towards charitable causes. His wealth has allowed him to make a real impact on his community and indeed the world.

In conclusion, Jeffery Hildebrand is a man of many facets – he’s accomplished a great deal in his career, contributed significantly to society, and held firm to his passions and interests outside of work. While he may not be a widely recognized name outside industry circles, his story and achievements are a testament to his dedication, hard work and philanthropy.

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