10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeffrey Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach, often known as the ‘King of Bonds’, is the founder and chief executive of DoubleLine Capital LP. Known for his resilience and precise decisions in the world of finance, there is more to him than meets the eye. Here are ten things you may not know about this life-long, self-made billionaire.

1. He was born to a Chemist Father and a School Teacher Mother

Jeffrey Gundlach was born on October 30, 1959, in Amherst, New York. His father Ronald Gundlach was a chemist, and his mother Barbara was a school teacher. Perhaps his scientific disposition and voracious appetite for knowledge can be attributed to his parents occupation, instituting from the very foundation of his childhood.

His parents always encouraged him to value education and it was evident from a young age that he was endowed with an analytical mind. It is no surprise that today, he is one of the most successful investors and fund managers in the world.

2. He is an Art Collector

Despite his vast success in finance, Gundlach also has a flair for the creative and artistic. He is an enthusiastic art collector and has an impressive collection of contemporary and modern art. His collections reportedly include pieces from famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, and Jasper Johns.

His love for art is not simply a hobby but also incorporates his analytical capabilities. He often relates art buying to his style of investment in finance – finding undervalued assets, studying their worth, and watching their value appreciate over time.

3. A Victim of a Million-Dollar Art Theft

In 2012, Jeffrey Gundlach’s Santa Monica residence was burgled, and artwork worth over $10 million was stolen in addition to other expensive goods. He offered a whopping $1.7 million reward for information leading to the recovery of his stolen artwork, which was the largest form of private detective contract ever executed.

His incentive worked, and in less than a month, the stolen paintings were discovered in an automobile at an East Los Angeles repair shop. This incident did not deter Gundlach’s love for art and instead strengthened his security measures regarding his prized collections.

4. Has a Strong Predilection for Math and Philosophy

Gundlach was always attracted to math and philosophy and majored in both subjects at Dartmouth College. The influence of these two contrasting disciplines is evident in his approach to investing. He uses logic and intellect to tackle complex financial problems, always seeking to understand the underlying reasons for market trends.

This unique combination is a testament to his critical thinking and problem-solving skills. His recognition of the significance of numbers in finance and the understanding of human motivations and behaviors, explained through philosophy, gives him a distinct advantage over his peers in the extremely competitive financial world.

5. He started his Career as a Drummer

Before stepping into finance, Gundlach tried his hands at rock and roll. He was a drummer in a band called “Radical Flat,” moving to Los Angeles with his bandmates to chase their dreams of music stardom. However, Fate had other plans, and he soon found himself gravitating towards the corporate world.

His passion for drumming still stays alive, and he often likens his current role and responsibilities to that of a drummer in a band. He indicates that just like a drummer sets the rhythm for the band, he too guides the tempo and keeps his team in sync.

6. He Never Originally Wanted to be an Investor

Believe it or not, Jeffrey Gundlach was not originally planning to be an investor. After graduating from Dartmouth, he planned to go to Yale for a Ph.D. in theoretical Mathematics. However, he misread the acceptation date and missed his admission opportunity, leading him onto the unconventional path of finance.

Despite this misunderstanding, he has managed to carve a highly successful career in the investment world. His resilience and adaptability to new situations have played a significant role in his rise to the top.

7. He Understands the Significance of Diversifying Risk

Having a broad perspective, Gundlach understands the significance of diversifying risk and strongly recommends it. He believes it is fundamental to distribute the investments wisely across different asset classes and not just concentrate on bonds and stocks. This belief stems from his understanding that market conditions are variable and this strategy helps ensure profitability.

His expansive views on finance and investing make him a person to learn from, especially for ambitious investors. His diversified approach towards investment, always keeping the larger picture in mind, has often led him to massive success.

8. Gundlach’s Firm Manages Over $70 Billion in Assets

Since it’s inception in late 2009, DoubleLine Capital, the investment firm founded by Gundlach, has gained significant success. The firm currently manages over $70 billion in assets, which underlines Gundlach’s investment prowess.

The firm’s success can be credited to Gundlach’s insightful leadership and strategic visions. His disciplined and methodical approach when dealing with financial choices and asset management has led DoubleLine Capital to become one of the industry’s heavy-weights.

9. Gundlach is Known for his Accurate Market Predictions

Jeffrey Gundlach has a knack for making the right call at the right time. He earned the nickname ‘King of Bonds’ after accurately predicting the subprime mortgage collapse in 2007, subsequently making him one of the most respected figures in financial markets worldwide.

His market forecasts and financial suggestions are often sought after by industry analysts and investors. His uncanny understanding of market trends and potential changes bodes well for his overall success and his company’s profitability.

10. He is a Philanthropist

Apart from investing and art collecting, Gundlach also has a philanthropic side. He has donated significant amounts of money to various charitable organizations and causes. He has even pledged to donate a part of his future earnings to several nonprofit organizations, highlighting his focus on giving back to society.

His philanthropic dedication is yet another facet of his personality, showing that he is not just a successful businessman but also a person invested in social utility and development.

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