The world of fashion has seen many legends rise to the top of its ranks, but few have impacted it quite like Jenna Lyons. Known for her unique sense of style, eye-catching glasses, and remarkable love of stripes, Lyons has been garnering attention and praise throughout her illustrious career. However, there is so much more to know about this fashion icon. Let’s dive into ten fascinating things you might not know about Jenna Lyons.

1. Began Her Career at J.Crew

Lyons began her career as an intern at the renowned American retailer, J.Crew, straight after graduating from Parsons School of Design. Lyons’ talent was quickly recognized, and she swiftly ascended the ranks, eventually becoming the company’s President and Creative Director.

During her impressive 26-year run at J.Crew, Lyons revolutionized the company’s image, transforming it from a preppy retailer into a high-fashion label admired by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Glasses are Her Trademark

Jenna Lyons is known for her signature black-rimmed glasses. The glasses became Lyons’ fashion emblem, and she has mentioned in interviews that she feels “naked” without them.

This no doubt has inspired countless people to embrace their eyewear as a fashion statement, demonstrating that creativity and individuality can truly enhance personal style.

3. Her Height was a Challenge in her Early Life

Standing at an impressive 6 feet tall with a size 11 shoe, her height and size proved to be a challenge during her upbringing. She often faced bullying because of it. However, as she grew older, she learned to embrace her height and attributes, using it to command a bold and powerful presence in the fashion world.

Lyons’s unique stature would later become a driving force behind her influential aesthetic and fashionable designs, allowing her to dominate the fashion world.

4. Visible Vitiligo

Lyons has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes patches of skin to lose their pigment. Rather than concealing it, Lyons bucks conventional beauty standards by embracing her vitiligo and using it as a platform to promote acceptance and diversity in the public eye, and the beauty industry.

Lyons breaking the beauty norms and stepping out confident in her skin is a true testament to her courage and has earned her praise from many, including those battling the same condition.

5. The White House Visit

In 2013, Lyons was among the guests invited to attend the White House’s annual state dinner. She made headlines by wearing a stunning, male-inspired ensemble, complete with a crisp white shirt, pinstriped trousers, and a glamorous fur stole.

Jenna’s choice of a less formal outfit than the typical evening gown showcased her unique take on fashion, making a striking statement about breaking gendered dressing norms.

6. A Love for Art

Besides her passion for fashion design, Lyons has cultivated a deep appreciation for art. This love is evident in the way she uses color and pattern in her designs, drawing inspiration visually from different art forms.

Her home in New York City is reportedly filled with a carefully curated collection of artworks, emphasizing her commitment to aesthetics not just in fashion, but in her everyday life.

7. Transition into Television

Post J.Crew, Lyons made a leap from fashion into television by hosting her a reality TV show called “Stylish with Jenna Lyons.” This show enabled her to showcase her unique sense of style, all while helping people transform their wardrobe, home décor, and even their overall appearance.

The show, celebrated her down-to-earth demeanor and her knack for styling, further expanding Jenna Lyons’ audience and influence.

8. Launched a False Eyelash Brand

Jenna Lyons launched a ventures of her own after leaving J.Crew: a faux lashes brand named LoveSeen. The brand, which offers a wide range of lashes designed to compliment different eye shapes and sizes, reflects Lyons’ belief in self-expression.

The launch of LoveSeen underscores her instinct for innovation, demonstrating that Lyons isn’t just a savvy fashion mogul, but a shrewd businesswoman, too.

9. Pioneer of ‘High-Low’ Dressing

Jenna Lyons is credited with popularizing ‘high-low’ dressing: the union of affordable and designer pieces. It was seldom seen before Lyons brought it into the mainstream, making it a cornerstone style of J.Crew.

Through high-low dressing, Lyons notably democratized high fashion, making it easily accessible and achievable for the everyday woman and man.

10. Private Life

Despite being a public figure, Lyons has been very private about her personal life. After her divorce with artist Vincent Mazeau, Lyon’s sexuality was talked about in the media. Lyons has since been in a relationship with Courtney Crangi.

Lyons’s experience serves as an important reminder that successful public figures are also human beings with their own personal lives and that their privacy should be respected.

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