10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jenné Lombardo, Mazdack Rassi & Keith Baptista

As power players in the world of fashion and beauty, Jenné Lombardo, Mazdack Rassi and Keith Baptista have left an indelible mark on the industry. From introducing breakthrough beauty concepts to transforming the entertainment landscape, these industry moguls have managed to strike a delicate balance between business and creativity and have aced it like no other. Although you may know them for their work, there is a lot more to their fascinating lives than meets the eye. Allow us to pull back the curtain and reveal ten things about this dynamic trio that you probably didn’t know.

1. Jenné Lombardo: Co-Founder of MADE Fashion Week

Jenné Lombardo co-created MADE Fashion Week, a global platform that has served as a launching pad for emerging designers all over the world. Starting with just a small number of designers and a desire to shake up the industry, Lombardo and her co-founders quickly transformed MADE into a cornerstone of New York Fashion Week. Today, the platform serves as an engine of creative diversity and inclusivity.

Not many know that Lombardo’s introduction to the fashion world was as the Executive Director of Global Fashion for MAC cosmetics. A role she took up only a year after the birth of her first child. Her dedication to balance family life and carve her niche in the world of fashion is inspiring to millions all over the world.

2. Jenné Lombardo: Strikes a Balance Between Professional and Personal Life

Many regard Lombardo as the epitome of the ‘superwoman’ for her ability to juggle her responsibilities as a mother, a wife and a career woman. An active advocate for healthy work-life balance, she is a firm believer that understanding one’s worth and taking time for oneself enhances an individual’s productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Contrary to the stereotype of high-profile fashion personalities, Lombardo has never been secretive about her commitment to her family. She has said that her children are her greatest passion and that she prioritizes them over everything else. This just goes to prove that anyone, even the busiest of modern women, can succeed in their careers while never compromising on their role as a mother.

3. Mazdack Rassi: Co-Founder of Milk Studios

Mazdack Rassi’s name is synonymous with Milk Studios, a cultural hub that combines design, fashion, photography, and event spaces under one roof. However, his journey has been anything but straightforward. Before he made it big, the Iranian-born Rassi worked in a range of roles, including as a night shift deliveryman.

Humble beginnings and a forward-thinking attitude shaped Rassi’s exciting career trajectory. His insatiable curiosity had him experimenting with innovative ideas, ultimately paving the way for a fully collaborative environment that allowed creatives in the fashion, film and photography community to thrive.

4. Mazdack Rassi: Curator of The Estée Lauder Companies’ Project Provenance

Rassi is well-known for his dedication to sustainability. In his role as curator of The Estée Lauder Companies’ Project Provenance, he is driving the development of a digital consumer engagement platform that aims to provide radical transparency about the life-cycle of cosmetics products.

This initiative suggests a greater ambition on Rassi’s part beyond mere industrial success. His vision – to lead by example and inspire change in the face of the global sustainability crisis – has resonated with millions, further establishing his standing as an influential figure in the industry.

5. Keith Baptista: Co-Founder of Prodject and partner at OBO

Keith Baptista is a long-time collaborator of Rassi. A name synonymous with creative production and event managing, Baptista is a co-founder of Prodject, a design and production firm, and also a partner at OBO, a global event production agency. His genius lies in his ability to achieve a perfect blend of entertainment, design and spectacle in each event he manages.

Baptista’s marriage of business and creativity isn’t accidental; it represents a deep understanding of the industry’s inner workings. With an eye for trends and an ability to predict cultural shifts, Keith’s work has helped shape the landscape of what we know as the modern fashion event.

6. Keith Baptista: From Dancing to Directing

Keith Baptista’s journey to the top tier of event management started in an unexpected place: the dance floor. Baptista has a long history in the performing arts, and he embraced his passion for dance early in life. His love for the arts is thought to have a significant impact on how he conceives and plans his events.

In addition to his love for dance, Baptista also developed a passion for fashion at an early age. Combining his two love interests, he has managed to create a unique niche for himself in the world of fashion event management, transforming runways into performance stages and fashion shows into theatrical events.

7. Rassi & Baptista: The Duo Behind MADE Fashion Week

Few people are aware that Mazdack Rassi and Keith Baptista were instrumental in creating MADE Fashion Week, along with Jenné Lombardo. The trio revolutionized the traditional fashion show format, providing a platform for new design talents to shine and present their collections to fashion industry insiders.

Their efforts provided the much-needed exposure for designers who were just starting in the field and had limited resources. Their collective vision made MADE a valuable addition to New York Fashion Week, valuing creative diversity and inclusivity.

8. They Are Philanthropists

Beyond their remarkable business acumen, all three figures are also known for their humanitarian efforts. Rassi and Baptista are vocal about sustainability and ethical fashion practices. Additionally, Lombardo is involved in various causes and charitable events, including her work with FAIR Girls, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking.

Their work outside of their regular job roles convincingly reveals that their mission goes beyond just shaping the fashion industry. They are determined to utilize their platform to make the world a better place.

9. Cultural Influencers

Through both their professional work and personal endeavors, Lombardo, Rassi and Baptista have emerged as trendsetters and global influencers. Whether it’s pioneering new sustainable practices in the beauty industry or revolutionising fashion event management, their roles as cultural leaders cannot be understated.

They have also shown their ability to influence on a global scale. Their projects have made impacts in various countries, and they continue to shape the landscape of multiple industries.

10. The Trio’s Future Ventures

Considering their deep passion for the industry and dedication to creativity and innovation, there is no doubt that Lombardo, Rassi and Baptista have more exciting plans for the future. While their current projects continue to evolve and make an impact, fans and industry insiders alike are full of anticipation for what this inspiring trio will create next.

In conclusion, these three juggernauts of the fashion and beauty industry prove that from humble beginnings big things are possible. Whether pushing boundaries, playing with creativity, advocating for important causes, or shaping global culture, they show that dedication, persistence and innovation can transform an industry, and indeed the world.