10 Things You Didn’t Know About Joel Greenberg

Joel Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector and now a famous personality due to his alleged connection to multiple scandals including the Matt Gaetz case, is the center of media attention. As the investigation into these scandals continue, we discover more intriguing aspects about Greenberg that catch our eye.

In this article, we dig deeper to shed light on ten things you might not have known about Joel Greenberg.

1. He Was a Tax Collector

Greenberg’s career in politics started with his successful campaign for the position of Seminole County tax collector in 2016. In a stunning upset over the incumbent, Ray Valdes, Greenberg became the youngest person to ever hold that office.

Entering the position, Greenberg promised changes and innovation. However, his tenure was marred with controversy, including allegations of misuse of taxpayer funds, political retaliation, and more that eventually led to his resignation in 2020 after he was indicted on federal charges.

2. His Alleged Connection to Matt Gaetz

Greenberg is often mentioned in connection with Matt Gaetz, a U.S congressman from Florida’s 1st district. The link between the two emerged during investigations into allegations of sex trafficking involving both of them.

Reports have surfaced that Greenberg is cooperating with the FBI to provide information about Gaetz’s involvement in alleged illegal activities, potentially indicating a plea agreement as he faces multiple charges, including sex trafficking of a minor.

3. He Once Created His Own Cryptocurrency

In a move that shocked many, Greenberg attempted to create his own cryptocurrency for his office in Seminole County. This was in line with his promise to bring innovation to the office.

The move was ultimately unsuccessful, but not before Greenberg reportedly used taxpayer money to invest in servers for mining Bitcoin. This only added fuel to the fire of allegations against him regarding misuse of taxpayer’s funds.

4. He Was Accused of Stalking a Political Rival

Greenberg’s political tenure has been rife with controversy, but one of the most shocking allegations against him involves stalking a political rival. He was accused of sending a fake anonymous letter to a school where the rival was employed, accusing him of engaging in inappropriate behavior with a student.

He was also accused of setting up a fake Facebook account to spread these allegations publicly, leading to additional federal charges of identity theft and producing false documents.

5. He is a Businessman

Greenberg’s background is in business, not politics. Before his election as tax collector, he owned and operated several small businesses in Orlando, Florida.

His business interests included advertising, real estate, and even a small chain of laundromats. However, it was his move into politics that brought him into the national spotlight.

6. He is Known for Controversial Statements

Greenberg is no stranger to controversy when it comes to his public statements. Among the most notable was his call for a ban on Muslims from holding public office. This caused a huge outcry, leading him to later apologize.

Despite the apology, his tendency towards inflammatory remarks seemed to persist throughout his political career, further staining his reputation.

7. He has been Connected to White Supremacy Groups

Although he has denied any connection, Greenberg has been linked with known white supremacy groups, furthering his controversial image.

For instance, he was reportedly associated with Proud Boys, a far-right and self-described “western chauvinist” organization. Photos of him with known members of the group have circulated the internet, raising eyebrows and concerns.

8. His Luxury Lifestyle

Greenberg lived a lavish lifestyle. He flaited this through his multiple luxury cars, jet skis, and high-end parties. Many have raised questions about how he funded this lifestyle with his public servant salary.

His opulent lifestyle has added to the curiosity around his financial dealings and alleged misuse of taxpayer’s funds during his tenure as tax collector.

9. His Extensive Legal Troubles

Greenberg’s legal issues are extensive and wide-ranging. Along with the aforementioned allegations of misusing taxpayer funds and stalking a political rival, he has also been charged with sex trafficking of a minor, production of false identification documents, and conspiracy to bribe a public official.

The myriad of charges he is facing indicate a long, uphill battle in court for Greenberg.

10. His Family Affluence

Greenberg was born into affluence thanks to his father’s successful dental practice. The Greenberg dental group has multiple practice locations throughout Florida.

His family wealth has allowed him access to legal, educational, and business opportunities that many believe have been major factors in his early career successes.

In conclusion, beyond the scandals and legal troubles that headline the news, Joel Greenberg is a complex character with an interesting background.

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