10 Things You Didn’t Know About John Bloor

For most motorcycle enthusiasts, the name ‘John Bloor’ conjures an image of rejuvenation and resilience. Bloor is credited with heralding the renaissance of Triumph Motorcycles – an iconic British brand that was archaic and near-extinct before being reinvigorated under his leadership. Despite his undeniable influence, many are still unfamiliar with the nuances of this intriguing personality. Let’s delve deep and explore ten things you possibly didn’t know about the legendary John Bloor.

1. Humble Beginnings

Contrary to what one might think, Bloor did not have a silver-spoon upbringing. Born in 1944 in a coal-mining village in Derbyshire, UK, his roots were far from opulent. His father worked as a miner, instilling within young Bloor a strong work ethic that would serve him well in later years.

Undeterred by his modest background, Bloor set out to create his own destiny. He did a series of manual jobs in his early years and slowly climbed his way up the ladder, epitomizing a true rags-to-riches story.

2. The Birth of Bloor Homes

Before making a mark in the motorcycle industry, John Bloor made a fortune in the building industry. After his varied early start, Bloor gained enough experience to venture into house building. In 1969, he took a loan and founded Bloor Homes – a company that has since constructed tens of thousands of houses in the UK.

Today, Bloor Homes is one of the largest privately-owned house building groups in the UK, a testament to Bloor’s acumen and vision. The grounding in the construction industry would later play a pivotal role when John transitioned into rejuvenating Triumph Motorcycles.

3. Triumph’s Resurrection

In 1983, the iconic but ailing Triumph Motorcycles went into receivership, an apparent end to a storied company. Enter John Bloor, who purchased the firm’s name and manufacturing rights. Refusing to let an emblematic British brand die, he began the daunting task of rebuilding Triumph from the ground up.

Against the odds, Bloor revived Triumph Motorcycles, evolving it from a brand on the brink of collapse to a world-renowned motorcycle manufacturer. Today, the company’s exquisite range of motorcycles is a favorite among motorbike enthusiasts worldwide.

4. Keeping Triumph Private

One of the remarkable things about Triumph under Bloor is its insistence on remaining private. Despite multiple opportunities to take the company public, Bloor has bucked the trend, choosing to retain complete ownership.

This implied complete control over every aspect of the company’s workings and a vested interest in its success on a personal level. The proud tradition of Triumph remains uncompromised thanks to Bloor’s brave move.

5. Under the Radar

Despite his immense success, Bloor is known to be private and publicity-shy, rarely making public appearances or statements. It seems that he prefers his motorcycles to do the talking.

He has built a reputation as a man of few words, and this discreet nature has often made people curious about his personal life. It adds an element of mystery and intrigue to his persona, which further augments his legacy.

6. Long-standing with the Same Team

John Bloor has been working with some members of his team for over four decades now. This indicates his trust in the team’s capability and collective vision.

The collaborative tenure and the resultant successes underscore Bloor’s belief in maintaining relationships while valuing talent and skill. This principle applies to both his home building enterprise and Triumph Motorcycles.

7. The Bloor’s Charity work

Bloor, along with his wife Julia, has been involved in numerous charitable causes. In 2008, his wife inaugurated an academy that chiefly aims at helping disadvantaged and vulnerable children aged below five years.

The Bloor family has extended its philanthropy widely. Their charity, The Bloor Homes Group Charity, allocates funds to various causes such as Cancer research, children’s charities, and support for the homeless.

8. A Stickler for Detail

Colleagues and acquaintances often describe Bloor as a perfectionist and a stickler for detail. In his venture with Triumph Motorcycles, Bloor has vehemently insisted on high quality and attention to detail.

The result is a line of motorcycles that are not only functionally superior but are also aesthetically exquisite. They bear the stamp of Bloor’s meticulousness, which is a significant facet of his success.

9. Preservation of Heritage

One of Bloor’s primary objectives while revamping Triumph Motorcycles was preserving its great heritage. He masterfully balanced innovation and tradition, modernizing the brand while also remaining true to its roots.

This preservation effort is evident in the perfect blend of vintage style and modern technology that Triumph Motorcycles are known for today. The brand’s history is continuously celebrated, largely thanks to Bloor’s efforts.

10. Recognition by the Queen

For his significant contributions to the British motorcycle industry, Bloor was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1995.

This prestigious recognition went a long way in validating Bloor’s efforts and the impressive turnaround he had spearheaded at Triumph Motorcycles. It was an honor not only for Bloor but for the entire Triumph team.

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