10 Things You Didn’t Know About John Middleton

An esteemed actor hailing from Britain, John Middleton is best known for his captivating performances within the world of television and theatre. Although you may already be familiar with his name due to his long-lasting stint on the popular series “Emmerdale”, there’s so much more to learn about this talented individual. In the following post, we unearth ten fascinating facts about John Middleton you may not be aware of.

1. He Has a Passion for Shakespeare

Known to many for his on-screen performances, John Middleton’s love for acting extends well beyond the realm of television. He has shown a deep reverence for the works of William Shakespeare, and he is no stranger when it comes to demonstrating this passion on stage. He views Shakespeare’s writings as timeless literary pieces that provide an in-depth understanding of the human condition, driving him to portray these emotions intensely on stage.

His reputation within the live theatre sphere is predominantly connected with several notable theatre productions. These include “Macbeth”, “King Lear”, and “Much Ado About Nothing”, in which he played leading roles, adding his unique interpretation to these famous Shakespeare characters.

2. He Was a Vicar in ‘Emmerdale’

Probably the most recognizable role of Middleton’s career is his portrayal of Ashely Thomas, the Vicar of ‘Emmerdale’. For over two decades, viewers tuned in to follow the on-going storyline of Ashley, delving into his complicated life within the village. He executed with perfection the compassionate, often conflicted character, and the role has been a defining moment in his professional career.

A perfect illustration of his calibre as an actor, this role has seen him navigate through various challenging storylines, which included profound themes of dementia and death. His nuanced portrayal of these difficult experiences earned him critical acclaim and immense public appreciation.

3. His Departure from Emmerdale

In 2017, the fans of ‘Emmerdale’ bid farewell to the beloved vicar, Ashley Thomas. After being diagnosed with early onset vascular dementia in 2016, viewers accompanied Ashley on the emotional journey through his medical condition. His heart-wrenching exit from the show was lauded as a defining moment in soap history, and it showcased Middleton’s talents to effectively deliver such a poignant storyline.

John Middleton and the Emmerdale team worked closely with both the Alzheimer’s Society and MHA (Methodist Homes) during the filming of the dementia plot line. It was important to them that the depiction of Ashley’s deterioration was accurate and respectful. The departure of the fan-favourite character was met with many tributes, as fans expressed admiration for Middleton’s masterful portrayal of Ashley’s journey.

4. The ‘Best Actor’ Award

Recognized for his profound acting abilities and the intensity he brings to his roles, Middleton’s work in Emmerdale has not gone unnoticed by industry professionals. His interpretation of Ashley’s storyline throughout the dementia plot earned him the ‘Best Actor’ title in The British Soap Awards of 2017.

This highly coveted award is evidence of his undeniable talent, and it is proof of the deep connection he established with viewers during his tenure in Emmerdale. This commendation not only reflects his hard work and dedication, but more importantly, it honours his significant contribution to shaping the landscape of British television dramas.

5. His Whirl Around the Ballroom

While he is celebrated for his serious acting roles, Middleton also knows how to have fun on screen. In 2004, he took part in a special charity edition of the beloved British television show, “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Although he didn’t win the competition, Middleton succeeded in entertaining the audience with his dance moves, revealing a lighter side to his personality. His involvement in “Strictly” proves that his talents extend beyond the realms of dramatic acting, and he possesses the ability to entertain audiences in more lighthearted settings as well.

6. His Connection with the Alzheimer’s Society

Middleton’s role on Emmerdale has deepened his understanding and knowledge of dementia. As a result, he’s become a prominent supporter of the Alzheimer’s Society, working closely with them to increase awareness and pave ways for support and care for people living with dementia.

His influence and efforts in raising awareness and funding for dementia research have been significant. As an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society, Middleton has demonstrated his commitment to this cause, both on and off-screen.

7. His Dedication to the Theater

Even after achieving immense on-screen success, John Middleton hasn’t detached himself from his love for live theatre. Throughout his career, he has equally distributed his time and energy between the television screen and the theater stage.

Post his departure from Emmerdale, Middleton has immersed himself in various theatre projects. He believes that the live connection with an audience in theatre performances cannot be replicated on screen and that it brings an entirely different dynamics to storytelling. This dedication to the theatre indeed shows his wide-ranging acting talents.

8. He was A Policeman Before Acting

Before winning hearts as the beloved Vicar in Emmerdale, Middleton worked as a policeman. Yes, you read it right! He served in the North-East on the beat, walking the streets as a law enforcement officer. Upon realising his true passion lay in acting, he left the force to pursue a career on stage and screen.

His former career has doubtless informed his acting performances, particularly his understanding of human behaviours and emotions, contributing to the depth and intensity of the characters he portrays.

9. He Has Private Life

Despite his fame and public recognition, Middleton has always managed to keep his private life under wraps. He has successfully shielded his personal affairs and experiences from the media glare.

While he openly discusses his career and accomplishments, he prefers to keep his personal life private, focusing instead on the professional aspects of his life when speaking publicly.

10. He Loves Music

Like any multi-faceted personality, Middleton is not just about acting. He has an extensive love for music. In numerous interviews, he has stated that music is a significant part of his life and that he enjoys spending time appreciating the world of rhythm and melody.

Whether it’s relaxing with musical instrumentals or tapping his feet to some Beatles, Middleton’s deep appreciation for the universal language of music is something that keeps him grounded in amidst his busy acting career.

Any John Middleton fan or admirer would surely benefit from learning more about him. His charm, talent, and the personal characteristics revealed in this post all contribute to his unique appeal. If you’re interested in following him further, refer to these useful links: