10 Things You Didn’t Know About John Morris

John Morris may be a household name in the tech world but there’s a lot more to learn about this dynamic personality. From his coding achievements, personalised teaching style, to his family life, here are ten things you didn’t know about John Morris.

1. He has coded over 100 websites.

Yes, that’s right! John Morris has personally coded well over 100 websites for various companies. This man is no stranger to the world of technology, with every one of his coding efforts yielding commendably efficient products. It is this same determination and skill that he uses to teach his students in the online platform.

His coding skills aren’t only limited to website building. He also happens to be a problem-solver and works tirelessly to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the coding phase. All these speak volumes about his dedication and passion in the field.

2. He started as a freelance developer.

Before he shot to fame, Morris was a humble freelance developer. But hard work and perseverance paid off and he was able to quickly rise through the ranks, establishing himself as a household name in tech. People now associate him with process of developers mastering the code.

He credits his humble beginnings in freelance as the foundation of his success. Even then, his skills were highly sought after, and it is this experience that he shares with aspiring developers around the world.

3. He’s a Self-taught coding guru.

Morris prides himself in being self-taught. While many of his peers enrolled in conventional technology courses, Morris chose to learn the ropes on his own. Over the years, he has become proficient in various programming languages which he passes on to his followers.

Through sharing his journey, Morris inspires many who might be unsure of taking the self-taught path. He often emphasizes that determination, passion, and resilience can go a long way in achieving success.

4. He runs a successful online coding school.

In an effort to share his knowledge with aspiring developers, Morris set up his online coding school. His teachings have been praised for their practical approach, clarity, and high relevancy in today’s tech environment. The online platform offers courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more.

His courses go beyond just coding, he teaches students how to turn their skills into a successful career. This unique approach is what sets his online school apart from others.

5. His YouTube Channel is a massive hit among beginners and pros alike

Morris is the proud owner of a successful Youtube Channel that spans over 150K subscribers. His channel provides tech reviews, coding tutorials, and comprehensive lectures. This is a testament to his commitment to making tech education accessible and understandable for all.

His Youtube platform is also a forum where coders of all levels can interact, learn, and grow together. This fits perfectly with his philosophy of learning as a shared experience.

6. He’s more than just a coder

Aside from his many achievements in the technology field, Morris is also a dedicated family man. He often mentions his family in his podcasts, showing another layer to his personality beyond his coding expertise.

He often emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between work and family, and firmly believes that success isn’t limited to only professional accomplishments but personal happiness as well.

7. He encourages beginner coders

Unlike most trainers, Morris doesn’t believe in criticizing beginner coders for their mistakes. Instead, he encourages them to learn from these mistakes, emphasizing that everyone was a beginner at one point.

His down-to-earth approach and understanding nature has helped many aspiring coders overcome their fear of coding, thus producing some incredibly proficient programmers.

8. He’s passionate about helping developers monetize their skills

One of his recurring themes in teaching is how developers can effectively monetize their skills. Morris believes that every programmer should be financially rewarded for their talents and spends a great deal of time advising on best practices to secure well-paying job opportunities or to start as freelancers.

The business approach he brings into his training has been met with immense appreciation and has helped many of his students secure substantial income in the tech world.

9. He is a devout believer in the no-employees policy.

Through hard work and resilience, Morris successfully runs his online coding school without a single employee. Instead, he runs the business leveraging technology and online services.

This type of business model enables Morris to enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur without the stress of managing a large team. It’s also in line with his advocating for aspiring coders to become independent.

10. He’s known for his unique teaching style.

A key attribute that differentiates John Morris from others is his unique teaching style. His method incorporates a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning, coding from scratch, and breaking down complex concepts into comprehensible elements.

His students have continually appreciated his generosity in sharing real-world experiences and potential roadblocks one might face in the field, thus fully equipping his followers for professional coding.

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