10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonathan Akeroyd

Jonathan Akeroyd is an influential figure in the global fashion industry and the current CEO of Versace. Despite his renowned status, there are many aspects of his life and career that remain unexplored. Let’s go beyond the headlines and delve into 10 things you didn’t know about Jonathan Akeroyd.

1. Akeroyd’s Educational Background

Accountancy and Finance

Akeroyd graduated from University College London, with a degree in Mathematics and Accountancy. This unique academic background is unusual in the fashion industry, which perhaps gave Jonathan unique insights into how to manage a fashion empire.

Lack of Fashion Education

Despite being at the helm of several leading fashion houses, Akeroyd didn’t formally study fashion. Instead, his prior experience and acumen in different management realms facilitated his rise in the industry.

2. His Inspiration

His Parents

His parents, a schoolteacher and a businessman, stimulated his interest in both the creative and financial worlds. Their influence is evident in his success in the fashion industry—a space that uniquely blends creativity and commerce.

His Interactions with Prominent Designers

Akeroyd’s years in fashion have allowed him to meet and work with several outstanding designers. These experiences greatly impacted his understanding of fashion and its relationship with commerce.

3. Akeroyd’s Role in Alexander McQueen’s Success

12-year Tenure as CEO

A major contributing factor to Akeroyd’s accolades was his 12 year-long tenure as CEO at Alexander McQueen. Here, he was proud to contribute to the expansion of the brand into a global luxury trendsetter.

Driving Force in Development

Under Akeroyd’s leadership, Alexander McQueen came to command a notable retail presence globally, with a significant number of acquisitions. His contributions cannot be understated in the larger saga of the brand’s ascent.

4. His Exit from Alexander McQueen

Unexpected Decision

Akeroyd’s decision to leave Alexander McQueen came as a shock to industry insiders. His departure from Alexander McQueen was seen as the end of a successful era for the brand.

Joining Versace

Following his surprising exit, Akeroyd joined Versace as CEO. Swapping one successful luxury brand for another, he continued inspiring the fashion world with his business prowess at Versace.

5. Akeroyd’s Stellar Performance at Versace

Transforming Versace

Since joining Versace, Akeroyd has led significant transformations that increased the brand’s revenue and extended the brand’s global reach.

Michael Kors Acquisition

A major accomplishment during his time at Versace was the brand’s acquisition by Michael Kors for $2.12 billion. This move was seen as a strategic review and expansion of the Versace brand.

6. His Family Life

Married Man

Beyond his work in the fashion industry, Akeroyd is happily married and a proud family man. His wife Amanda is a fashion insider herself, working as the director of VIP relations at Gucci.

Father of Two

The couple shares two beautiful children. Despite his busy schedules, Akeroyd always ensures he dedicates quality time to his family.

7. His Leisure Activities

Sports Enthusiast

Akeroyd is a sports enthusiast. In his free time, he enjoys cycling and skiing. His sporting activities enhance his leadership, strategic, and decision-making skills.


Besides sports, Akeroyd is also passionate about gardening. He believes that the gardening process helps in improving creativity and gaining a broader perspective on life.

8. His Influence in Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability Efforts at Alexander McQueen

During his tenure at Alexander McQueen, Akeroyd was instrumental in influencing eco-conscious and sustainable practices at the brand. His efforts contributed to the brand being viewed as a pioneer in embracing conscious fashion.

Continuing the Trend at Versace

At Versace, Akeroyd continues his efforts for sustainable fashion. Versace’s recent collections emphasize the use of sustainable materials and practices, making the brand a leader in eco-friendly luxury fashion.

9. Akeroyd’s Style

Simplistic and Minimalistic

Although Akeroyd heads top fashion houses, he doesn’t flaunt extravagant attire. Rather, his personal style is conservative, characterized by simplicity and minimalism.

Comfort Over Fashion

Akeroyd’s mantra is comfort over style. He believes that it is essential to feel content and comfortable while still looking professional and sophisticated.

10. Extensive Travel

Business Travel

Given his role in global fashion houses, Akeroyd has an extensive travel itinerary. He is constantly on the road, meeting new potential consumers, designers, and clients.

Personal Travel as Leisure

Despite the strenuous demand of business travel, Akeroyd also enjoys personal travel. Having exposure to diverse cultures adds to his rich tapestry of experiences and influences his leadership style.

At the end of this journey with Jonathan Akeroyd, we realize he is more than just a business magnate. He is a family man, a sports enthusiast, and an inspiring leader. Jonathan Akeroyd has made noteworthy imprints on the fashion industry and continues to be a celebrated figure. For more about Akeroyd’s life and impactful leadership, follow these links:

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