10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonathan Newhouse

If you’re a disciple of fashion literature, you’d be conversant with the name Jonathan Newhouse. As the chairman of the Condé Nast International powerhouse, he possesses an undeniable influence in the fashion and magazine industries worldwide. But just like the mysteries that shroud the fashion world, not many are privy to the man behind the scenes. Therefore, we shed light on the lesser-known aspects of this sentinel of style, providing you with ten things you didn’t know about Jonathan Newhouse.

1. His Educational Background

Jonathan Newhouse holds a graduate degree from Columbia University, a prestigious institution ranked consistently amongst the top in the world. Interestingly, many may not be aware that his academic pursuits did not align with journalism, the field in which he would achieve remarkable heights.

Newhouse pursued his undergraduate degree in History, highlighting his sense of inquisitiveness about human evolution, culture, and societal systems. This broad-based education surely contributed to his understanding of the world, leading to the success of the international editions of Vogue, GQ, and other Condé Nast publications under his leadership.

2. His Deep-Seated Roots in the Media Industry

Jonathan Newhouse hails from the legendary Newhouse family, renowned for their significant contributions to the American media landscape. The famous media mogul, Samuel I. Newhouse, was his uncle. Samuel established Advance Publications, which today houses many distinguished publications like The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

Engaged in the family legacy, Jonathan began his career at Advance Publications, acting as a beacon for their European operations. Eventually, he became the head of Condé Nast International, which was a part of the Newhouse family empire and helped perpetuate its worldwide influence.

3. The Spearhead of International Expansion

Among the noteworthy contributions of Jonathan Newhouse to Condé Nast was his remarkable execution of the company’s international expansion. He was instrumental in the launch of Russian Vogue, the first international Vogue edition outside the Western world.

Under his leadership, Condé Nast International established numerous new publications across the world, allowing the brand to penetrate emerging markets in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Thanks to Newhouse’s vision, you can pick up your favorite Vogue, GQ, or Vanity Fair copy in cities across the globe.

4. A Philanthropist at Heart

Fabricated under the thick layers of his professional prowess, lies Jonathan Newhouse, the philanthropist. He is known to have contributed generously to several charitable institutions and causes. Mindful of his industry’s impact, he established the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London to educate aspiring individuals in the industry.

Moreover, he partnered with esteemed British artist Damien Hirst to produce a charity auction in aid of Kids Company, a cause assisting children afflicted by poverty in the UK. These endeavors amplify his commitment to empowering communities and individuals through education and compassionate acts.

5. His Passion for Art

Beyond his affection for publishing and fashion, Newhouse’s heart also beats for art. He is a known collector, and his interest in contemporary art positions him amongst the top patrons in the industry.

6. Environmental Consciousness

Jonathan Newhouse’s concerns extend beyond shaping the fashion and media world. He is a well-known advocate for sustainability and environmental preservation. Under his guidance, the British Vogue announced its first “Sustainability Editor,” acknowledging the importance of sustainability in fashion.

7. Residence in London

Many believe Newhouse resides in New York, owing to the American roots of Condé Nast. However, it might surprise you that he relocated to London in 1985 and has considered it his home since then.

8. Laughter Yoga Enthusiast

Jonathan Newhouse finds solace in the practice of laughter yoga, a unique exercise routine that promotes the use of laughter as a form of physical exercise. It not only reveals his love for unique lifestyles but also his focus on maintaining a healthy way of living.

9. He’s a Vegetarian

Living a conscious life also extends to Jonathan’s diet. An ethical vegetarian, Newhouse abstains from consuming meat, falling in line with his sustainable living ethos.

10. A Big Fan of Reading

Newhouse is an avid reader, which is no surprise considering his love for literature, and the fact that he leads one of the world’s most significant publishing empires. Under the same breath, he is also known to champion diversity in literature, actively promoting a broad spectrum of writers and voices.

We hope you feel closer to Jonathan Newhouse now after uncovering some intriguing aspects of his life, outside the polished world of fashion and media.

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