10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jorge Mas

Often referred to as one of the most influential people of Hispanic descent in America, Jorge Mas has made waves in various sectors, notably business and sports, making him a force to reckon with. Though most are familiar with him as the co-owner of Miami’s Major League Soccer team or as the chairman of MasTec, there’s so much more to Mas than meet eye. This post will unveil 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jorge Mas.

1. He is Second Generation Cuban American

Jorge Mas is the son of Jorge Mas Canosa and Irma Santos. His parents were Cuban immigrants who moved to the States escaping the political turmoil inflicted by Fidel Castro in their home country. With the blueprints of hard work and perseverance imprinted in him from a young age, Jorge took these traits and ran with them, carving out great opportunities for himself in America.

The journey of migration wasn’t easy for his parents. However, they never allowed that to erase the richness of their Cuban culture. Growing up, Jorge was taught to honor his roots and embrace his heritage, a trait he still holds dear to this day.

2. His Father Founded the Cuban American National Foundation

Jorge Mas is the iconic son of an iconic father. His father, Jorge Mas Canosa, was the founding chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF). This organization was established to fight for democracy and human rights in Cuba, and is a very respected entity in the Cuban American community.

Following his father’s footsteps, Jorge is now the current chairman of the CANF. His leadership has been instrumental in keeping his father’s dream alive by supporting initiatives and advocating policies that promote freedom and democracy in Cuba.

3. He Co-Owns Inter Miami CF

If you’re a football fan and more specifically, a Major League Soccer fan, you’ve probably come across the name Inter Miami CF. What you might not know is that Jorge Mas, together with his long-time friend David Beckham, are the co-owners of this beloved team.

This partnership between Mas and Beckham was quite fruitful, as they had a shared vision of bringing exceptional football to the city of Miami. Through their collaborative effort, South Florida now has a high-profile soccer team to root for, and it’s all thanks to Mas and Beckham’s tenacity.

4. He’s Head of a Multibillion-Dollar Family Business

Jorge Mas is the chairman of a family-run business called MasTec. The company, established by his father, deals in infrastructure construction, including but not limited to installations for telecommunications, oil, and electricity sectors. Under Jorge’s leadership, MasTec has grown into a company with multi-billion dollar revenues.

Showing his business acumen, Mas turned MasTec from a struggling business into a profitable one by expanding its services. He daringly ventured into sectors that were untouched by his father during his tenure, equipping MasTec with a dynamic sheen that drew more business and skyrocketed its success.

5. He is Committed to Philanthropy

Jorge believes in giving back to society and has made philanthropy a crucial part of his life. He chairs the Mas Family Foundation, which offers the Jorge Mas Canosa Freedom Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship was established as a tribute to his father and aims to help students of Cuban descent further their education.

The foundation also supports several other educational, cultural, and social causes, proving that Jorge not only cares about business growth but, more importantly, about community growth and development. His philanthropic efforts have cemented his place in the hearts of many.

6. He Was Heavily Involved in Miami’s MLS Expansion

Jorge played an integral role in expanding MLS to Miami. It was his vision to bring high-profile soccer to Miami, via his co-owned team Inter Miami CF, which became a reality in 2020. The efforts took nearly seven years, but Jorge’s tenacious personality ensured he saw his dream through.

His involvement in the expansion did not stop with just owning the team; he was instrumental in developing the Inter Miami CF Stadium. This 18,000 seater stadium, located in Fort Lauderdale, is a testament to Jorge’s commitment to sports development in the city.

7. His Influence Extends Beyond Miami

Although Jorge is a Miami symbol and always associated with the city, his influence extends well beyond Florida’s sunny coast. As the chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation, he has had a role in shaping US foreign relations with Cuba.

Furthermore, MasTec’s business ventures span across the nation, turning Jorge Mas into a nationally recognized figure. His capability and entrepreneurship have allowed him to leave his footprints in various parts of the US.

8. He Holds an Engineering Degree

Before his rise to the business world, Jorge was deeply engrossed in the world of engineering. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami. His engineering background provided him with the necessary skills to understand the complex aspects of MasTec’s operations, contributing to his successful leadership of the company.

Despite his subsequent transition into business, Jorge never lost his connection to engineering. He applies his engineering knowledge to oversee the execution of MasTec’s complex projects, ensuring that all details are executed correctly and efficiently.

9. He Attempted to Buy Miami Marlins

In 2017, Jorge, together with his brother Jose, made a serious bid to acquire the Miami Marlins, a Major League Baseball franchise. Unfortunately, their bid fell short, and the franchise was acquired by a consortium led by Derek Jeter.

Despite this setback, Jorge remained undeterred in his passion for sports and his desire to invest in it. The failed bid was followed by his successful venture with David Beckham, becoming co-owners of the MLS team Inter Miami CF. His resilience has shown that no failure can keep a determined person down for long.

10. He is an Advocate of Human Rights

Carrying forward his father’s legacy, Jorge Mas is a staunch advocate for human rights, especially in Cuba. As the current chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation, he continues to advocate for democracy and human rights in Cuba, shaping US foreign policy towards the island nation.

His tireless efforts for democracy in Cuba include demanding political reforms and improvements in human rights conditions. He believes that freedom and democracy are irrevocable rights that every individual deserves, and he uses his platform to champion these causes.

In conclusion, Jorge Mas’ life is far richer and more diverse than most people perceive. From his commitment to preserving his Cuban roots, his influence on US-Cuba relations, his passion for sports, to his philanthropic contributions, Jorge Mas is many different things rolled into one persona. Uncovering these facts not only provides a deeper understanding of the man he is but also a closer look at what has guided his remarkable journey.

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