10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Jose Isaac Peres & family’

If you’re interested in the world of business tycoons, you might have heard of Jose Isaac Peres, a Brazilian billionaire. But beyond his financial success, there are many intriguing details about Peres and his family that few people know about. Over the course of this article, we are going to delve into these aspects, exploring some little-known facts about Jose Isaac Peres and his family.

1. Humble Beginnings

Jose Isaac Peres was not born into wealth; quite the opposite. He comes from a poor Jewish immigrant family that moved to Brazil from Morocco. This shift in circumstances is a testament to Peres’ hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

From working in a textiles shop in his teens to owning Multiplan, one of the largest mall operators in Brazil, Peres built his empire from scratch. This demonstrates his commitment to evolving and adapting, no matter the context or situation.

2. Education is The Key

Peres firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of success. This belief is reflected in his own academic journey. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from Rio de Janeiro Federal University, one of the most renowned universities in Brazil and globally.

Apart from his undergraduate studies, Peres also holds a postgraduate degree in business from COPPEAD, underlining his interest and dedication to both the technical and business aspects of his ventures.

3. Philanthropy

Jose Peres is not just about business. He is heavily involved in philanthropic activities focusing on Health and Education. His social projects aim to support thousands of people, with the goal of contributing to a more egalitarian society.

For instance, he supported the construction of the Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital in Salvador, Bahia. Named after the renowned pediatrician and medical researcher who developed the oral polio vaccine, the hospital provides comprehensive maternal and infant health care services.

4. The Family

Jose Isaac Peres is married and a proud father of two daughters. His wife, Claudia Sender Ramirez, is also a recognized figure in the Brazilian business scene, having served as the CEO of LATAM Airlines Brazil.

Their daughters, Marianna and Roberta, are following in their footsteps. Marianna is actively involved in the family business as the Executive Chairman of Multiplan while Roberta is engaged in philanthropic activities.

5. A Vision Beyond Brick and Mortar

Although Jose Isaac Peres is a pioneer in the Brazilian mall industry, he is aware of the importance of digital transformation. As a result, Multiplan has been focusing on integrating bricks-and-mortar stores with digital platforms.

This integration played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping Multiplan to navigate through the challenging times, proving that Peres’ strategy was impeccably timed.

6. An Avid Sailor

Peres has a passion for the sea and is an avid sailor. He even competed in yacht races in Brazil and around the world. This love for sailing has expanded to include yacht construction, with him being the owner of MCP Yachts, a renowned Brazilian yacht company.

The company produces luxury ships using advanced marine technological systems, combining Peres’ love for sailing and his eye for commerce.

7. Property Investments Around the World

One might expect Peres to have his wealth focused within Brazil; however, that is not the case. He has real estate investments around the world, including the United States and France.

Not known to many, the billionaire bought a $17 million penthouse in New York in 2013. These international investments reflect his broad business vision.

8. Awards and Recognition

Jose Peres’s success has not been unnoticed. He’s been decorated with many awards recognizing his contribution to the real estate and shopping center industry.

In 2009, he was announced as the Shopping Centre Man of the Year by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). The award testifies his significant contributions to the shopping center industry.

9. A Passion for Art

Art is another passion of the Peres family. Jose and his wife often attend a variety of art and cultural events in Brazil, and internationally.

The billionaire is known to be a keen art collector, possessing a priceless collection of Brazilian contemporary art. This passion is also evident in the curation of Multiplan malls, featuring large-scale works by emerging Brazilian artists.

10. A Leader in Sustainability

Peres is a significant force in promoting sustainable business practices. Many of Multiplan’s shopping centers have obtained the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, demonstrating his commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Under his leadership, Multiplan has invested heavily in the use of renewable energy sources, waste management and energy-efficient systems, proving that sustainability can be integrated successfully into the world of business.

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