10 Things You Didn’t Know About Julie Wainwright

Welcome to this gem of an article where we breathe life into the incredible journey of Julie Wainwright. Famous as the powerhouse CEO of ‘The RealReal’, a leading online platform for authenticated luxury consignment, Julie is a trailblazer known for her tactical business approaches and inspiring success stories. Take a walk down this lane as we unveil some intriguing and lesser-known facts about this phenomenal woman.

1. Tech Industry Return After The Dotcom Crash

Julie Wainwright was at the helm of Pets.com when the 2000 dotcom bubble bursted. The crash left many businesses in ruins, including Pets.com, and forced leaders like Wainwright to reassess their approach. However, unlike many others who found themselves reluctant to re-enter the tech space, Julie bounced back stronger than ever.

She returned to the tech industry with the launch of ‘The RealReal’ in 2011, proving her undeterred resilience. This move not only marked her successful comeback but also revolutionized the world of luxury consignment, introducing e-commerce to this sector for the first time.

2. Julia’s Struggle In Securing Funding

While the success of ‘The RealReal’ is evident today, the initial journey wasn’t smooth. Julie faced significant challenges while trying to secure funding. Venture capitalists were hesitant to support her idea, after the debacle of Pets.com. At that time, the luxury consignment space was uncharted territory, with its potential untested and uncertain.

However, Julie’s determination and unwavering belief in her business model paved the way forward. Unlike other executives who resort to acquiescing under pressure, she proved her mettle and eventually raised $83 million in private equity funding.

3. Persistence Personified

Julie Wainwright is an image of resistance. When she couldn’t raise the necessary capital to launch The RealReal, she ran the business out of her own kitchen. With nothing but unwavering faith in her vision, she through years of adversity, relentlessly pitching to investors and networking her way to potential business partnerships.

With her personal funds on the line, her resilience did not waver. Instead, it became her most potent weapon. It eventually led to the storied success of The RealReal and rendered Julie’s journey as the ultimate come-back story in the business world.

4. Embraces Mistakes

Julie admits that one of her biggest learnings came from her earlier failures. Rather than shunning the mistakes, she fully embraces them as critical steps that shaped her journey. Emphasizing learning from setbacks and using them to create success in the future is one of her inspiring philosophies.

She believes that the dot-com bubble burst and the downfall of Pets.com taught her valuable lessons. These challenging experiences fed her determination for success and formed her dynamic leadership approach, which is evident in the continual growth of The RealReal.

5. A Philanthropist At Heart

One of the lesser-known facts about Julie is her philanthropic endeavors. She is actively involved in various charitable activities, most notably in creating opportunities for women and raising funds for cancer research.

Her dedication to inclusivity and equality is reflected in The RealReal’s workforce—more than 60% of its staff comprise women. She is also a board member of the Bay Area Cancer Connections, a non-profit organization offering support services for people dealing with breast and ovarian cancer.

6. A Celebrated Author

Before her high-flying journey into the entrepreneur world, Julie Wainwright was a celebrated author. Her published book titled ‘Computer Management: Planning and Implementation’ long before email was a business tool. Her book is still considered an important document for managing a successful tech project.

She launched her author career while working in Clorox’s IT department. Her published work goes to show her dedication and hands-on approach to technology and its infinite applications.

7. Showcased On Reality TV

Julie’s journey and persona have been so influential that she made it to reality television. In fact, Bravo’s reality TV series ‘Quit Your Day Job’ featured Julie as a startup investor. Here, she was seen advising and supporting budding entrepreneurs, offering both financial assistance and strategic advice to help their business ideas thrive.

Her participation in the show reflects her commitment towards nourishing small businesses and startups, exemplifying her entrepreneurial spirit.

8. Champion Of Circular Economy

Wainwright’s business model champions the concept of circular economy. The RealReal encourages the use, re-use, and recycling of high-end products, contributing to sustainable consumption and extending product lifespan.

Taking eco-consciousness within the fashion industry to another level, The RealReal reported saving 870 metric tons of carbon in 2020 by using pre-owned items, demonstrating Julie’s commitment towards creating a sustainable future.

9. Admires Other Iconic Women

Julie is quick to acknowledge and admire the trimphant narratives of other strong women in business. She considers Ruth Bader Ginsburg, late Supreme Court Justice, as one of her inspirations, along with female entrepreneur Ty Haney, the founder of Outdoor Voices. She draws inspiration from their journey, and resonates their values of impactful leadership and meaningful work.

She also admires Elon Musk for his undying perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Julie draws upon these diverse inspirations to shape her unique leadership style, results of which are visible in her successful business ventures.

10. An Advocate of Diversity

Julie Wainwright is a strong believer in diversity. She actively promotes diverse and inclusive work environments, as evidenced in The RealReal. Under her guidance, the company stands out with its predominantly female staff, fostering a diverse and empowered work culture.

Promoting gender equity, Julie ensures opportunities are equitably distributed, advocating that businesses should be more reflective of the world they operate in. Her leadership ethos firmly stands for inclusivity, fairness, and equal representation.

For more about Julie’s work and mission, check out The RealReal and Bay Area Cancer Connections. To learn about her writings, check out her critiques at Amazon.