10 Things You Didn’t Know About Julius Juul

When you’re in the world of high-end fashion, you’re no stranger to the name Julius Juul. This Danish fashion designer has carved a unique place for himself, adding contributions to the field that are both controversial and exciting. Here, we delve into some interesting and less-known facts about this fashion icon.

1. From a Punk Rocker to a Successful Fashion Designer

What might initially seem to be an unlikely transition is a part of what makes Julius Juul so interesting. The punk rocker turned fashion designer has shown himself to be a master of multiple roles. His journey wasn’t necessarily easy, but it paved the way for his unique outlook on fashion. If anything, his punk rock roots have heavily influenced his hard-edged fashion aesthetic.

Julius was born and brought up in a remote part of Denmark, where he started his journey as a punk rock singer. In 2009, he decided to venture into fashion, joining his brother in the launch of their brand ‘Heliot Emil’. His punk rock background can still be seen in the designs he produces today, with his avant-garde approach to fashion.

2. Heliot Emil: A Family Creation

Heliot Emil, the label Julius created alongside his brother Victor Juul, was named after their great-grandfather. The Copenhagen-based brand launched in 2009 and it quickly garnered attention with its streetwear-inspired designs and high-quality production. It represents an amalgamation of experimental garments and accessories, all which carry a distinct futuristic edge mirrored in their aesthetics.

The family values run deep within the brand. Even though it functions at an international fashion market level, the Juul brothers always remember their family roots. They believe in ethical production and often include family members in their operations and activities, such as fashion week events and photoshoots.

3. Julius’ Fashion Design Journey Did Not Start in School

Unlike many fashion designers who attended prestigious art and design schools across the globe, Julius’s journey into fashion was purely experiential. He didn’t have any formal education in fashion design. Instead, he learned everything on the job and from his surroundings, technically making him a self-taught designer.

His innovative and conceptual designs exhibit something new and refreshing, much of which can be attributed to his alternative viewpoint and less conventional path into the industry. Despite the lack of formal training, his designs have garnered worldwide recognition and a solid fan base in the streetwear and avant-garde fashion communities.

4. Minimalist yet Experimental

In a world where loud and vibrant designs often steal the limelight, Julius Juul has managed to shine bright with his minimalist approach. His love for minimalism reflects in his designs. However, don’t mistake his minimalistic approach for a lack of creativity or innovation. The designer’s less-is-more philosophy coexists with his experimental style, creating a unique juxtaposition that defines the Heliot Emil brand.

His designs often play with textures, materials, and colors, embedded in a minimalist aesthetic. Furthermore, his designs are often unisex, defying gender norms and pushing boundaries in the fashion industry. Accented by innovative elements like changeable and adjustable strings, Velcro, zippers, and more, his designs truly stand out in their minimalistic elegance.

5. Julius’s First Collection Didn’t Have a Single Stitch

In line with his innovative approach to fashion, Julius and his brother Victor initially wanted to challenge the norms of how garments are produced. As a result, their first collection didn’t include a single stitch. This level of innovation and difference in approach shot them to fame, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

This approach was a massive departure from traditional modes of clothing production. The focus was more on bonding the fabrics in a way that the stitch and seam lines were entirely avoided. It was not just a creative venture but also a socio-environmental statement that demonstrated the Heliot Emil’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

6. His Designs were Banned by the Danish Government

At one point, the Danish Government banned Julius and Victor Juul’s designs. This happened in 2017 when their collection included bulletproof vests. This controversial move led to the governmental ban, but rather than stifle them, it further ignited the curiosity and interest of the international fashion community.

The incident led Julius to claim that fashion should not be about compromising. It should, instead, be about pushing boundaries, about creating something new and unusual. True to his word, Julius’ designs have continued to make waves in the industry with their unique and at times, controversial appeal.

7. He Gained Accolades Despite Facing Criticism

Winning awards is nothing new for Julius Juul. Despite facing flak for his unconventional designs, he remains a celeb favourite. In 2019, he was presented with the Dansk Design Talent – Magasin Prize, one of Denmark’s most prestigious honours for emerging designers. This reflects his refreshing take on design and his ability to incorporate new elements into his pieces.

Being recognized by such a prestigious award also puts him into the league of some of the best designers in the industry. Winning the award not only proved his mettle as a designer but also proved that he was not one to be set back by criticism and controversy.

8. Preference for Monochromatic Tones

Julius’ preference for monochromatic shades is clear in the collections he creates. His designs usually incorporate black, white, and various shades of grey, going on to create a distinctive color palette that’s quickly attributable to Heliot Emil. His choices reflect his love for minimalism and detail-oriented design, resulting in a unique visual impact.

The use of monochromatic colors need not restrict creativity; rather, it can enhance it. Julius has shown this through the radical pieces he has created, using mainly a monochrome palette. He believes this palette allows more focus on the cut, fit, and construction of the clothing.

9. Collaboration with the High-End Italian Streetwear Brand Nid De Guepes

The world took notice when Julius collaborated with high-end Italian streetwear brand Nid De Guepes to create a unique footwear collection. This collaboration further solidified his reputation as a multifaceted designer who’s not afraid to venture into different aspects of the fashion world.

This collaboration allowed Julius to feature his design innovation in an entirely new category – shoes. His minimalist aesthetic, coupled with the trademark craftsmanship of Nid De Guepes, resulted in a quality footwear line that embodies both style and comfort.

10. His Inspiration comes from Technology and Outer Space

Many fashion designers draw their inspiration from nature, cities, or people around them. But Julius’ inspiration sources are more futuristic and out-of-the-world, literally. He often cites technology, science, and even outer space as sources of inspiration.

The technical and futuristic details present in his designs speak of his peculiar sources of inspiration. His fascination with space and scientific theory often result in clothes that bear a distinct, futuristic vibe. This unique perspective allows him to create fashion that gives a glimpse of what the future might look like.

In conclusion, Julius Juul is a designer like no other, full of surprises, full of challenges and posing a vital fresh perspective to the world of fashion. Armed with an unending desire for minimalist yet experimental designs, he is changing narratives and molding new paradigms for the world of fashion one collection at a time. To know more about Julius Juul and his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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