10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a name that almost everyone is familiar with. The Canadian singer and songwriter rose to fame at a young age and has since become a global phenomenon. With a massive fan base and numerous chart-topping hits, Bieber’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. However, behind the glitz and glamour, there are some lesser-known facts about the pop star that might surprise you. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Justin Bieber:

1. Justin Bieber’s Musical Beginnings

Before his rise to stardom, Justin Bieber had a humble start in the music industry. He first gained attention by posting cover songs on YouTube, where his incredible voice captivated viewers. His talent eventually caught the eye of music executive Scooter Braun, who signed Bieber to his record label, leading to the launch of his sensational career.

Bieber’s love for music started at a young age as he taught himself to play several instruments, including guitar, piano, and drums. Despite facing numerous rejections from talent agencies early on, his dedication and persistence propelled him to achieve extraordinary success.

2. Bieber’s Hidden Talent

While everyone knows Justin Bieber for his incredible singing voice, there’s an unexpected talent that many might be unaware of. Bieber is an adept graffiti artist. In fact, he has showcased his artwork in various cities around the world. The singer even once revealed that he uses spray cans as a form of therapy and finds solace in the creative process.

This lesser-known passion of his has also led to collaborations with renowned street artists, creating captivating and vibrant murals in cities like Los Angeles and London. Bieber’s graffiti skills highlight another dimension to his artistic abilities beyond his vocal prowess.

3. Justin Bieber’s Soccer Skills

Aside from his musical talents, Justin Bieber is also quite skilled on the soccer field. Growing up, he played soccer for several local teams and even participated in national youth tournaments in Canada. His love for the sport has remained strong, and he frequently takes part in celebrity charity matches.

Bieber’s soccer skills have not gone unnoticed by professional players. He has been known to impress athletes like Neymar Jr., who has praised Bieber’s abilities and even invited him to train with the FC Barcelona team. The pop star’s passion for soccer provides an exciting glimpse into his life beyond music.

4. A Record-Breaking Career

Justin Bieber’s impact on the music industry is undeniable. At just 26 years old, he has broken numerous records and achieved impressive milestones throughout his career. He became the youngest solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100, with his debut single “One Time” reaching number one at the age of 15.

Furthermore, Bieber is the first artist ever to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He has also consistently held records for the most simultaneous charting songs on the Hot 100. These exceptional achievements solidify his status as one of the most influential musicians of his generation.

5. Bieber’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Justin Bieber is actively involved in numerous philanthropic efforts. He has supported various organizations and charitable causes throughout his career. One of his notable contributions is his partnership with Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization focused on building schools and providing education in developing countries.

Bieber has also worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting wishes to children facing serious illnesses. In addition, he has raised awareness and donated to many other causes, including mental health initiatives and disaster relief efforts. Bieber’s philanthropy demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

6. Bieber’s Pet Monkey

In 2013, Justin Bieber made headlines when he brought a pet Capuchin monkey named Mally with him on a European tour. Unfortunately, the singer faced legal issues and Mally was confiscated by German authorities due to its improper paperwork and regulations.

This incident sparked widespread debate about the ethics of keeping exotic animals as pets. Although Bieber’s ownership of a pet monkey may seem unusual, it exemplifies the unique experiences and challenges that arise within a life of fame.

7. The Bieber Effect

Justin Bieber’s influence extends far beyond music. His impact on social media and various online platforms has been dubbed the “Bieber Effect.” Bieber became one of the first celebrities to engage with fans through social media directly, giving rise to a new era of artist-fan interaction.

His massive following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram has helped him promote his music, connect with fans worldwide, and even raise awareness about important issues. The Bieber Effect showcases the power of social media as a tool for artists to engage with their audience on a personal level.

8. Justin’s Fear of Sharks

An unexpected fear that Justin Bieber has is his phobia of sharks. Despite having mastered sold-out concerts with thousands of fans, his fear of sharks led him to cancel a performance at a water park in Dubai due to the presence of the aquatic creatures.

This fear might seem irrational, given Bieber’s fearless presence on stage, but it reveals a vulnerable side to the pop star. It underscores the fact that celebrities, despite their fame, can also experience common fears and anxieties.

9. Bieber’s Favorite Hockey Team

Being Canadian, it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber is a hockey fan. He has expressed his support for the Toronto Maple Leafs, consistently cheering for his hometown team on social media and attending games when his schedule allows.

Bieber’s love for hockey went even further when he participated in the 2017 NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout, where he played alongside professional players. His passion for the sport showcases his Canadian roots and adds another layer of interest to his persona.

10. A Passion for Tattoos

Justin Bieber is well-known for his extensive collection of tattoos, with each one holding personal significance. He has more than 60 tattoos, including portraits, symbols, and religious imagery, spread across his body.

Bieber’s tattoos represent different stages of his life and reflect his personal journey. From tributes to family members and spiritual symbols to references to his career, each tattoo tells a unique story. His love for tattoos reflects his penchant for self-expression and the importance of art in his life.

Justin Bieber’s life is filled with intriguing aspects that go beyond his successful music career. From his early beginnings as a YouTube sensation to his philanthropic efforts and personal passions, Bieber continues to surprise and inspire his fans worldwide.

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