10 Things You Didn’t Know About Katie Grand

As the founder of the fashion bible ‘LOVE’ magazine, Katie Grand is renowned for her striking style, bold innovativeness and exceptional talent. Grand has drastically reshaped the landscape of high fashion and continues to reign supreme in her spirited, stylish empire. Brunch aside, let’s uncover some unknown facts about this fashion powerhouse.

1. Start of Her Career: Dazed and Confused Magazine

Katie Grand’s journey in fashion began at the British youth culture magazine Dazed and Confused. Working a stacked myriad of roles from fashion director to fashion editor, Grand quickly gathered abundant knowledge about the industry, fuelling her future escapades.

The experience she gained at Dazed and Confused played a pivotal role in her career, setting her apart as an all-rounder. She sharpened her skills, gained industry insights, and ultimately found the confidence to embark on her own editorial exploits.

2. Creation of Pop Magazine

Following her tenure at Dazed and Confused, Grand went on to co-found Pop magazine in 2000. The biannual British magazine served as an avant-garde platform for fashion, art and pop culture. Grand’s impeccable eye for detail and knack for translating runway culture into printed material became evident here.

Pop magazine quickly established a distinct voice in the fashion world. Under Grand’s watchful eye, the publication garnered international acclaim for its audacious fashion-forward ethos and unique portrayal of pop culture phenomena.

3. Launch of LOVE Magazine

After a successful stint at Pop magazine, Katie Grand moved on to create another imprint, LOVE magazine, in 2009 for Condé Nast International. LOVE magazine infused Charles Dickens’ classics with modern celebrity culture, and soon, it became equally adored by brands, fashionistas and celebrities.

From featuring unexpected cover stars to stirring bold messages, Grand ensured she shook the core of fashion magazine norms. Often dubbed as the industry’s ‘Innovator’, her experimental visuals and break-through content redefined the meaning of fashion editorial and continue to keep readers captivated till this day.

4. High-profile Collaborations

Among some of her most notable collaborations, Katie Grand teamed up with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and Prada. As a stylist and creative consultant, she played a vital role in influencing influential fashion brands’ styles and seasonal strategies.

Her fearless approach and unprecedented creativity made these collaborations far more than just professional alliances. They allowed her to leave her unique stylistic imprint on global fashion houses, proving she was more than just a magazine editor.

5. She Wears Multiple Hats

Apart from being a successful editor, Katie Grand is also a renowned stylist, creative consultant, and art director. Whether it’s crafting inventive visuals for a magazine shoot or directing a high-profile ad campaign, she skillfully commands every role she undertakes.

Her multi-tasking acumen and profound understanding of the industry dynamics have cemented her reputation as a shapeshifter; unafraid to push the boundaries of fashion, art, and culture.

6. Professorship

One lesser-known fact about Katie Grand is that she’s a professor! Yes, in 2009, she joined the University of the Arts London as a Professor of Fashion. Her teachings have undoubtedly nurtured numerous fashion’s new generation.

She’s an excellent example of someone who has not only earned immense respect in the fashion industry but is also proactively contributing to shaping its future breed of talent.

7. Designer of Her Own Fashion Label

In 2009, Grand launched Hogan by Katie Grand, a collaborative collection with renowned Italian shoe and bag company Hogan. The brand allowed her to playfully explore her eccentric style, encapsulating her boldest, off-the-runway visions.

The range further testifies to her multitalented profession. She not only supplanted her reputation as a stylist and editor but forged her position as a versatile fashion designer.

8. She’s a Self-proclaimed Super-fan of Music

Katie Grand has admitted that she’s a massive admirer of music. She takes advantage of this passion by seamlessly incorporating it within her various fashion projects, creating a leisurely blend of fashion and music.

From casting music artists for magazine covers to styling them for standout performances, her adoration for music seeps through her work.

9. Love for Animals

Outside her unceasing professional life, Katie Grand is a hard-core animal lover. She has made this public via social media where she often shares images of her pet cats and dogs.

Her love for animals doesn’t stop at just being a pet owner – she’s equally passionate about voicing animal rights. She has utilized her influential platform to relay the message of ethical treatment of animals.

10. Award-winning Recognition

Over the years, Katie Grand has been recognized for her immense contribution to the fashion world. She received the prestigious Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator by the British Fashion Council in 2009, honouring her imaginative vision in fashion.

Such accolades only remind us of the heights she has scaled within the industry and further affirm her incredible talent, charisma, and intuition.

From the ascent of her career at Dazed & Confused to launching her own acclaimed publications and designing her fashion label, Katie Grand has undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the world of fashion. She’s a living testament of how innovation, passion, and intuitive creativity can turn ideas into reality and how those realities can shape an entire industry.

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