10 Things You Didn’t Know About Keeree Kanjanapas

Keeree Kanjanapas is a powerhouse in the real estate industry, best known for his contributions to Thailand’s infrastructure as the CEO of ‘BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited’, the company behind the city’s Skytrain. His life and accomplishments have been a major influence in transforming the face of modern infrastructure in Thailand. Despite his impressive public image and notable professional successes, there are several lesser-known aspects of Kanjanapas’s life and career worth uncovering.

1. A Formidable Business Lineage

Kanjanapas’s journey to the top isn’t entirely surprising when you consider his family background. His father, Anat Kanjanapas, was a successful businessman and a major player in the construction sector in Thailand, laying a solid foundation for a young Keeree.

Anat built a reputable empire, increasing his wealth by investing in properties and land throughout Thailand. Another part of his legacy was setting a clear example of hard work and ingenuity for his son, who would go on to become a significant force in the industry himself, continuing the family tradition of contributing to Thailand’s development.

2. A Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics

Though he leads a massive entity in the transportation sector, Kanjanapas didn’t study engineering or finance—his degree was in Political Science & Economics. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

Having different educational backgrounds can greatly influence decision-making strategies and broaden perspectives. Often, it can be seen as an advantage when working across various industries. The blend of subjects could have been instrumental in helping him understand the relation between government policies, economics, and how they influence investment decisions.

3. Skytrain Pioneer

Keeree turned the dream of a mass rapid transit in Bangkok into reality. He is the force behind the Bangkok Skytrain, a valuable contribution to help ease the intense traffic congestion in the city. His pioneering approach to public transportation has transformed the way people commute in the City of Angels.

The Skytrain has helped reduce air pollution, decrease traffic congestion, and has allowed people to move around the city more freely. The business mogul has always been inclined to help the community, and the creation of the Skytrain is an excellent example of this.

4. Significant Contributions to Real Estate

Kanjanapas is also a significant player in the property sector, with his company, BTS Group Holdings, heavily involved in property development across Thailand. He has leveraged his position to contribute to the improvement of real estate throughout the cities.

Over the years, Kanjanapas’s BTS Group has developed and invested in numerous significant real estate projects, transforming landscapes and contributing to the economic growth of Thailand.

5. The Philanthropist Side

Even with all his commercial success, Keeree hasn’t lost touch with his community’s needier side. He donates regularly to several charitable institutions and supports a number of social causes in Thailand.

He is known for his generosity towards organizations that focus on providing help to the less privileged. Keeree is a strong believer in giving back, a principle he credits to his father.

6. Not an Extrovert

Though successful, Keeree isn’t particularly keen on being in the public eye and prefers to maintain a low-key presence. He doesn’t believe in unnecessary extravaganza and leads a comparatively quiet life.

He believes in focusing on his work and making life easier for people through innovative and helpful infrastructure developments. Despite being known to many, there are no details about his personal life, proving just how private he wishes to keep this aspect of his life.

7. Climate Change Advocate

Kanjanapas is a strong believer in mitigating climate change and has taken several substantial steps to reduce the carbon footprint.

His initiatives in public transportation and property development always have sustainability at their core. The Skytrain is not only a solution for traffic congestion but also a significant step to reducing carbon emissions from private transportation.

8. Humble Beginnings

Before becoming the business magnate we all know of, Keeree worked in several positions including as a sale representative in a company owned by his father and later as the director of the company.

His humble beginnings helped him understand the various aspects of the business world and honed his leadership skills, preparing him for the arduous task of leading one of the biggest companies in Thailand.

9. Love for Art

Art has a special place in Kanjanapas’s heart. He is an avid collector of art and has an extensive collection from across the globe.

He also supports local artists and contributes to promoting Thai art worldwide. His love for art reflects his broad vision and an appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives.

10. A Symbol of Success

Keeree Kanjanapas symbolizes success through perseverance and innovation. His contributions to society have helped shape modern Thailand and improve the quality of life for many people.

His life’s work serves as an example for budding entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make a difference in society. His magic formula? Dream big, work hard, and always remember to give back to your community.

For more insights into Keeree Kanjanapas’s life and work, visit his interviews on YouTube . You can also read more about BTS Group and their projects on their official website.