10 Things You Didn’t Know About Khaled Jamil


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Khaled Jamil

Among the leading lights in the Indian football management world, Khaled Jamil has carved a niche for himself. From his early days as a footballer to his current stint as a revered coach, Jamil has encapsulated the essence of the beautiful game within the subcontinent. His journey, achievements, and trivia offers proud moments and nuggets of surprise. So here we offer you ten things you didn’t know about Khaled Jamil.

1. Khaled Jamil, the Footballer

Before his dream career in coaching, Khaled Jamil was a skilled footballer. Born on October 21, 1977, in Kuwait, Jamil moved to India in his childhood. The allure of football enamored Jamil, and he started his professional career as a midfielder for Mumbai FC. The club was his home ground for eight long years from 1997 to 2005, where he exhibited remarkable game skills.

Following Mumbai FC, he had short stints at two other clubs, Air India, and Mahindra United. He officially hang up his boots in 2007 marking the end of his playing career. Jamil’s footballing journey laid the foundation for his successful transition into managing teams.

2. Becoming a Pioneering Coach

Transitioning into coaching after hanging up his boots, Jamil was roped in as head coach for Mumbai FC. His appointment marked a historic point in Indian football as he became the first person of Indian descent to manage a club in I-League, India’s premier football league. It also marked the beginning of an illustrious coaching career for Jamil, a role he embraced with great eagerness and humility.

His tenure at Mumbai FC lasted almost a decade, where he fostered young talents, masterminded game plans, and found success. After Mumbai FC, he became head coach of several clubs including Aizawl FC, East Bengal, and Mohammedan Sporting Club, leaving a substantial impact in each of them.

3. A Historic Win with Aizawl FC

Khaled Jamil etched his name in Indian football history during his stint with Aizawl FC. The Mizoram-based football club’s performance was transformed under his attentive guidance and leadership, which led them to an unimaginable height. In the year 2016-17, Aizawl FC won the I-League under Jamil’s coaching.

The win made Jamil the first Indian coach to win the I-League and also the first who clinched the title with a North-East based club. This cemented his place among the Indian football superstars.

4. The Highest Paid Indian Coach

Khaled Jamil’s success did not only come with admiration and accolades, but it also resulted in him becoming the highest paid Indian football coach. After leading Aizawl FC to I-League victory, he signed a two-year contract with historic club East Bengal FC. Sources revealed that the contract was worth 1.25 crores (INR) per year, making Jamil the highest paid Indian coach in the history of Indian football.

Even though his stint with East Bengal ended prematurely, his mark in Indian football did not diminish. The record-breaking contract showcases Jamil’s value and credibility in Indian football management landscape.

5. AFC’s Level 1 License Holder

Khaled Jamil holds the distinguished AFC’s Level 1 license, which is the highest coaching certification provided by the Asian Football Confederation. Joining the elite league of coaches who has this definitive certification, Jamil showcases his immense knowledge and expertise in football coaching.

This professional coaching license is granted only to those who possess the necessary skills and understanding in managing teams and games. As an AFC Level 1 license holder, Jamil stands among the best in Asian football management arena.

6. Jamil’s Technique and Tactical Preferences

Known for his tactical acumen, Jamil relies heavily on statistics during his game planning process. He meticulously studies the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, which he uses to strategize his team’s moves. Some of his signature techniques include a flexible 4-4-2 formation and a strong emphasis on defense.

Jamil’s technique and tactical preferences show a great balance between offense and defense. He prefers a strong midfield, capable of both attacking and defending. His coaching style includes keeping possession, quick counterattacks, and using set pieces effectively.

7. Jamil and the Underdogs

Khaled Jamil has been repeatedly seen turning football underdogs into champions. Aizawl FC’s surprising success in the I-League in 2016-17 season is one such example. This club from Mizoram suddenly turned as the title challengers under Jamil’s coaching, and source of motivation not just for the team, but for the entire community.

His ability to nurture and polish raw talents has often yielded successful teams. Jamil believes in giving young talents the opportunity to shine, which in turn, fuels their growth and ensures an exciting future for Indian football.

8. Jamil’s Inspirations

Khaled Jamil counts Brazilian legend Zico, former Indian football player Bhaichung Bhutia, and former English footballer Steve Coppell among his major inspirations. He has often expressed how these individuals have influenced his career as both a footballer and a coach.

Jamil’s admiration for these football icons provides an interesting glimpse into his own style of play and coaching. He has seamlessly blended the flamboyance of Brazilian style, the resilience of Indian football, and the tactical prowess of English play into his own unique style.

9. Not Just Football

His love for sports is not limited to just football. He is a known supporter of the Indian cricket team and enjoys watching cricket matches when he is not engaged with football. His favorite cricketer is the Indian batting maestro, Sachin Tendulkar.

His support and enthusiasm for other sports show that he cherishes sportsmanship in its entirety. His varied interests contribute to his holistic approach to coaching and leadership.

10. Plans For the Future

Khaled Jamil’s dreams for Indian football are as high as his own ambitions as a coach. He envisions creating an environment where young talents can flourish and take Indian football to new heights. He also aspires to coach India’s national football team one day, a dream that he is certainly capable of achieving.

With his experience, vision, and dedication, the future prospects of Indian football under Khaled Jamil certainly seem bright and promising.

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