10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kwong Siu-hing

Look beyond the surface, and the life of Kwong Siu-hing, a magnate in the world of real estate and the widow of the late Kwok Tak-seng, becomes a fascinating exploration of self-made success, fortitude, and resilience. Even if you’re familiar with her prominent role in shaping Sun Hung Kai Properties into one of the largest developers in Hong Kong, there’s much more to this stoic billionaire. Let’s unravel 10 fascinating and lesser-known facts about Kwong Siu-hing.

1. Chairwomen of Sun Hung Kai Properties

Many are unaware that Kwong Siu-hing stepped into the challenging role of chairwoman after the death of her eldest son, Walter Kwok, in 2018. Taking the helm during one of the company’s most challenging times, she exhibited exceptional leadership and navigated the company through the storm.

Her stint as chairwoman wasn’t her first. In 2008, she stepped in after her son, Raymond Kwok, faced allegations of bribery. Under her guidance, Sun Hung Kai Properties maintained stability and continued growth, demonstrating her formidable leadership skills.

2. Philanthropic Endeavors

Kwong doesn’t just confine her focus to business achievements; she also has a sturdy philanthropic arm. In honor of her late husband, she founded the Kwok Tak Seng Memorial Cancer Fund in 1995.

Besides cancer research, her philanthropic interests extend to education and healthcare. Through Sun Hung Kai Properties’ charitable platform, SHKP Reading Club, they have encouraged a culture of reading in Hong Kong since 2002.

3. Syndicate of Four

What’s lesser-known about Kwong is her involvement in ‘Syndicate of Four’, a group formed to purchase shares of Sun Hung Kai Properties in 1972. The group comprised Kwong, her husband Kwok Tak-seng, Fung King-hey, and Lee Shau Kee, all magnates in their own right.

The syndicate’s buying activity attracted considerable attention, influencing the rise of the stock market index in Hong Kong. This move also cemented Sun Hung Kai Properties as a major player in the industry.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Influence

Kwong often preferred to remain out of the public eye, but her influence within Sun Hung Kai Properties and her family-run empire has been substantial. She often discussed business matters with her husband and sons, providing her insights and advice.

When Kwok Tak-sing passed away, her behind-the-scenes role in the business became more prominent. She was instrumental in key decisions and transition plans, particularly in safeguarding the financial health of the company during challenging times.

5. Major Shareholder

Currently, Kwong is one of the biggest shareholders of Sun Hung Kai Properties, owning around 41.53% of the conglomerate. This makes her not only a significant stakeholder but also a crucial decision-maker in the company’s policy and direction.

Despite many ups and downs, under her wise counsel, the company has thrived and been able to achieve and maintain an enviable position in the real estate market of Hong Kong.

6. Upholder of Family Values

Kwong is a staunch believer in family values and unity. Even amid professional disagreements or disputes, she has been pivotal in maintaining harmony within the family, emphasizing the need for understanding and cooperation.

She has often played the role of peacekeeper, mediating family matters and putting family unity above all else. This has been critical in ensuring that personal issues do not obstruct the company’s growth trajectory.

7. Wealth & Status

Kwong Siu-hing has an estimated net worth of $14.5 billion, making her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Despite her significant wealth and status, she’s known for her low-key lifestyle and avoids the limelight as much as possible.

Despite her status as a billionaire, Kwong values modesty and humility and leads a relatively simple life. This down-to-earth attitude is evident in the way she conducts herself and in her approach to business.

8. Age Defying

In her 90s, Kwong Siu-hing continues to exhibit unparalleled dedication and leadership. Her zeal for her business and her commitment to family and social issues defy her age, making her an inspiration to many.

She remains involved in strategic direction and major decision-making at Sun Hung Kai Properties, proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference and shaping the course of a company.

9. Resilience In The Face Of Tragedy

The Kuoks have faced many trials and tribulations over the years, from bribery allegations to kidnapping incidents. Despite these setbacks, Kwong Siu-hing’s resolve and resilience have never wavered.

These testing times have brought out her stoic nature and the capacity to handle adversity gracefully. She has effectively led the Sun Hung Kai Properties through its toughest times, which is testament to her resilience and strength.

10. Guarded Privacy

Kwong is notoriously private and maintains a discreet social profile. Media interactions are rare, and she generally keeps the details of her life and experiences close to her chest.

This guarded privacy has added a veil of mystery to her life. Despite the high-profile nature of her family and business, she has managed to keep her private and professional life distinct-a challenging feat in today’s era of incessant media scrutiny.

To learn more about Sun Hung Kai Properties, visit their website at www.shkp.com. Dive into the world of Hong Kong real estate and explore how Kwong Siu-hing and her family have built one of Asia’s most prestigious property companies.