10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lai Meisong

Lai Meisong, founder and incumbent CEO of ZTO Express, is a highly successful entrepreneur. His journey is an encapsulation of innovative strategies, gutsy decisions, and astute leadership. However, behind the scenes, there are many intriguing, lesser-known facts that shed more light on his personality, life, and career. In this enlightening piece, we present to you ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lai Meisong.’

1. Humble Beginnings

Lai Meisong was not born with a silver spoon. He was raised in the rural region of Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, in China, where opportunities were scant. His parents were simple farmers living a modest life. This however, set the stage for an incredible journey of hard work, persistence, and ultimately, success.

Lai’s zeal to alter his life out of the agricultural province influenced him to move, first to the bustling city of Hangzhou, and later, to Shanghai. The journey wasn’t easy, however, his upbringing served as a significant driving force.

2. The Leap into Entrepreneurship

In 1998, Lai started a small courier firm in Shanghai with only three staff members, having no idea that his venture would grow into one of the biggest express delivery companies in China. Lai’s decision to become an entrepreneur was not a whimsical one, but rather, a strategic choice triggered by the growing potentials of e-commerce.

His company, which he named “Tiantian Express,” provided last-mile express delivery solutions. This venture marked Lai’s first successful foray into the logistics industry, paving the way for his eventual establishment of ZTO Express.

3. The ZTO Expedition

In 2002, Lai established ZTO Express in response to the rapid growth in the e-commerce industry. He chose a different kind of strategy for ZTO: instead of owning a fleet of vehicles like traditional logistics companies, he decided to engage independent network partners.

Given the declining trend in the express sector, Lai’s move was seen as risky, but he remained positive. His intuition paid off as ZTO flourished phenomenally, revolutionizing the express delivery market in China.

4. The Tilt towards Technology

Realizing the immense potential of technology in the logistics sector, Lai Meisong has always leaned heavily into it. He made significant investments in technology, such as tracking systems and sorting methods, which resulted in a highly positive effect on his company’s efficiency and cutting-edge competence.

The strategic focus on technology has been instrumental in ZTO’s grand success, cementing Lai’s stand as an innovative entrepreneur. It demonstrates his far-sightedness – acknowledging the importance of technology in an industry that was previously seen as mundane and traditional.

5. Lai on Philanthropy

Lai believes in giving back to society and he channels a considerable portion of his wealth into philanthropic causes. In 2019, Forbes honored him as one of the most generous philanthropists in China.

His significant contributions have been directed towards various societal causes, particularly education. This stems from his belief that education is instrumental in alleviating poverty and helping individuals realize their potential.

6. The Family Man

Despite being a business magnate, Lai is known for his down-to-earth nature and simplicity. He is fiercely private about his personal life. He has a wife and one son, and he ensures to balance his time between his commitments at work and family.

Lai prefers a low-key lifestyle, avoiding unnecessary publicity. For him, family time is sacrosanct, and he makes sure to spend quality time with them despite a hectic schedule.

7. The Business Philosophy

Lai runs his business based on the philosophy “Customer First, Teamwork, Embrace Change, Integrity, Passion and Commitment.” His unique management style and customer-centered approach have significantly added to the success of ZTO Express.

He strongly believes that staying close to the customer and understanding their needs is the key to delivering value. His commitment to customer satisfaction has made ZTO Express one of the most respected companies in China’s express logistics sector.

8. The Alibaba Collaboration

In a distinctive move, Lai collaborated with Alibaba’s Cainiao Network, to strengthen ZTO’s position in the competitive logistics market. This strategic partnership not only added immense value to ZTO Express but also amplified its brand recognition significantly.

The partnership with Alibaba was a significant milestone for ZTO, and it further confirmed Lai’s innovative and strategic leadership approach.

9. Lai’s Leadership Style

Described as pragmatic and forward-thinking, Lai’s leadership style is characterized by his commitment to innovation, focus on customer satisfaction, and investment in people. He encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking within his team.

His employees often mention his open door policy, patience, and personable leadership style, referring to him as not just a boss, but a mentor.

10. Global Recognition

Lai’s accomplishments do not go unnoticed. In 2017, ZTO made a splash with its initial public offering on New York Stock Exchange, that marked the largest US listing by a Chinese company since Alibaba. It symbolized their transition from being a significant local player to a global force.

Lai Meisong, without a doubt, has positioned himself at the forefront of the logistics industry, a standing warranted by his drive for innovation, leadership skills, and strategic business insights.

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