10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Lauren Santo Domingo’

Best known for her influential status in fashion and social circles, Lauren Santo Domingo – or LSD as she is popularly known – is a figure that seamlessly blends celebrity with business acumen. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about this stylish fashion icon.

1. Her full name is Lauren Davis Santo Domingo

Daughter of retired CEO of Perrier Group of America, Ronald V. Davis, and Judy Davis, Lauren’s maiden name is Davis. Lauren Davis Santo Domingo is her full name after marriage to Colombian beer heir Andrés Santo Domingo.

This blending of two influential families from the fashion and business world has only grown Lauren’s influence in the industry. This integration of different backgrounds has led to her creation of a distinct, personal brand.

2. She was an Executive at Vogue

Before kickstarting her entrepreneurial journey, Lauren worked as an executive at Vogue. Her experience dealing with fabric, color, and styles sparked in her a lifelong love for fashion.

Her credentials at the prestigious fashion magazine opened several doors in the fashion world and ultimately helped propel her success in her career today.

3. She Co-founded Moda Operandi

In 2010, Lauren Santo Domingo co-founded Moda Operandi, an online luxury fashion retailer that allows customers to preorder looks straight from the runway. She serves as the Chief Brand Officer.

The business model was a fresh concept in the fashion world, it enabled designers to understand their consumer’s taste and demand better, and it revolutionized the entire fashion retail process.

4. She’s a Philanthropist

Lauren’s not all business and fashion. She’s a known philanthropist. She is actively involved in several charities and causes ranging from helping children to the environment.

Thus, through her fame and influence, she has used her position to shed light on urgent issues and causes and make a positive impact.

5. She’s Columbia University Alumna

Lauren got her degree in History from the prestigious Columbia University. This academic background perhaps explains her ability to perceive fashion trends from a broad and historical perspective.

Her grounding in history has given her a unique and compelling edge in the highly competitive, innovative, and ever-changing world of fashion.

6. She is a Favourite of the Paparazzi

Thanks to her high-profile social status, impressive fashion sense and glitzy events, Lauren is a favorite of the paparazzi. She and her husband are a regular feature on the New York social circuit, and their glamorous lifestyle is well-documented.

While she is quite private about her personal life, the couple’s public appearances are splashed across several publications.

7. She is a Mother of Two

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and fashion icon, Lauren is also a doting mother to two children, Beatrice Santo Domingo, and Nicolas Santo Domingo.

Despite her busy schedule, Lauren often shares glimpses of her personal life and motherhood journey on her social media accounts, showing a softer side to the high-flying fashion mogul.

8. She has a Unique Style Philosophy

Lauren’s style is influenced by feeling comfortable and confident rather than following the latest trends. She believes the individuality one brings to an outfit is what makes it truly fashionable.

Her style philosophy is a testament to her career in the fashion industry, promoting a mix of individual expression and confidence as a basis of one’s style.

9. She finds Inspiration Everywhere

From the colors of the setting sun to the pattern on a vintage vase, Lauren finds inspiration everywhere. She has an eclectic taste, and it’s this flexibility that defines her unique style and approach to fashion.

This open-mindedness to inspiration serves her well in both her personal style and her visionary work at Moda Operandi.

10. She is on Instagram

Lauren is indeed not an Instagram-shy celebrity. With nearly 400k followers, her Instagram account is a source of daily fashion inspiration, glimpses of her personal life, and insider peeks into the fashion world.

However, despite being high-profile and public on social media, she maintains a balance and tends to keep her most personal moments off the internet.

There you go! Ten things you didn’t know about the fashion mogul, philanthropist, and influencer, Lauren Santo Domingo.

Check her fashion world at Moda Operandi, and follow her in Instagram at @thelsd.