10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Laurence Benaim’

If you are a fan of fashion journalism, then the name Laurence Benaïm probably rings a bell. This esteemed fashion historian, journalist, and author has penned down several notable works in the field of fashion. However, there is much more to Laurence than what we know from her contributions to the fashion industry. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Laurence Benaïm.

1. First Woman to Write for Le Monde’s ‘M’ Magazine

Laurence Benaïm is a pioneer in her own right. Benaïm was the first woman to write for ‘M’, the magazine of Le Monde, a leading French daily newspaper. This accomplishment established her as a bold and revolutionary figure in journalism.

Throughout her tenure at ‘M’, she brought a fresh perspective to the male-dominated world of journalism. She opened the door for female journalists, demonstrating that women too could excel in this field.

2. Author of Yves Saint Laurent’s Biography

Benaïm’s commendable writing skills are not limited to journalism alone. She also demonstrated her prowess in biography writing. Her book, ‘Yves Saint Laurent: A Biography’, is a comprehensive account of the life of one of the most influential couturiers of the 20th century.

Her book is revered by many because it doesn’t just skim the surface of Yves Saint Laurent’s life. It delves into the depths of his personality, his struggles, triumphs, heartbreaks, and accomplishments, making it an all-embracing tribute to the fashion legend.

3. Not Just a Writer

Though writing is Benaïm’s main forte, it’s not the only area in which she excels. She is also an accomplished speaker and broadcaster, lending her voice and knowledge to various multimedia platforms. Benaïm has hosted and contributed to many radio and television programs on fashion and contemporary culture.

This added angle to her career allows her to express her thoughts further and engage with a larger audience. It showcases her multidimensional skillset and underscores her relevance in the media sector beyond print journalism.

4. Pioneered ‘Fashion 2.0’

Laurence Benaïm is known for spearheading the concept of ‘Fashion 2.0’. Coined by her, this refers to the integration of digital technology in fashion. From e-commerce to virtual shows and social media influencers, she recognizes and advocates for the importance of technological innovation in the fashion industry.

In her view, ‘Fashion 2.0’ has transformed not just the way we shop for clothes but how we perceive and engage with fashion on a broader scale. She underscores this in many of her commentaries and writings, positioning herself as a progressive voice in the industry.

5. A Proponent of Sustainable Fashion

Benaïm is not just an observer of the fashion industry; she is also an active participant who is deeply concerned about the industry’s impacts on the environment. She is a vocal advocate of sustainable fashion. She uses her platform to educate her readers about making thoughtful and environmentally friendly fashion choices.

She strongly believes that contemporary fashion should not just be about new trends and innovative designs but should also be about ethical and sustainable practices. Through her writing, she emphasizes a shift towards a more accountable and green fashion industry.

6. Published Multiple Books

Laurence Benaïm is not just a journalist but also a notable author. Apart from Yves Saint Laurent’s biography, she has published other works such as ‘Marocco’, ‘Dior, Marc Bohan’, and ‘Les années Vogue’. Her books are a testament to her remarkable storytelling proficiency and comprehensive knowledge of the fashion world.

Her books dive deep into the rich history and inner workings of the fashion industry. They touch upon the glamour, challenges, and changes that define and drive this dynamic realm. Her literature forms a crucial part of fashion studies.

7. Won the Jasmin Award

Benaïm’s work has garnered much recognition and appreciation worldwide. Her extensive and insightful writings earned her the prestigious Jasmin Award, which is given for the quality of her fashion writing. This further underscores her prowess as a writer and her impact on fashion journalism.

Securing this award is no small feat. It reflects her commitment to her work, her in-depth understanding of the fashion industry, and the influence she has had on her readers and fans globally.

8. Founder of Stiletto Magazine

While Laurence Benaïm has made her mark in various capacities in the print media, she also chose to amplify her voice by founding Stiletto Magazine. This reputable fashion and lifestyle magazine is appreciated for its candid insights into fashion trends, innovations, and personalities.

As a founder and editor-in-chief of Stiletto Magazine, Laurence Benaïm has truly carved out a unique place for herself in the landscape of fashion journalism.

9. Constantly Traveling

If there’s one thing that Benaïm loves almost as much as fashion, it’s traveling. She is known for her nomadic lifestyle, traveling extensively for both work and pleasure. This has had a profound influence on her perspective of the world and her writing. Each travel experience contributes to the rich tapestry of her journalistic output and creative inspiration.

Her travels also allow her to explore global fashion scenes, and develop a more rounded understanding of fashion dynamics across different cultures, further strengthening her authority in the field.

10. Profound Love for Art

Apart from fashion and travel, Benaïm harbors a deep love for art. She often states that her interest in art has been instrumental in defining her perspective of fashion. She sees fashion as an art form, a perspective that is evident in her nuanced and poetic writings.

Her love for art also steers her towards often participating in and contributing to various art initiatives, further widening her sphere of influence and demonstrating her multidimensional persona.

The world of Laurence Benaïm extends beyond her revolutionary fashion literature. This in-depth look into her life uncovers a woman of substance, a trailblazer passionate about her work and the numerous causes she promotes. She serves as an inspiration for aspiring fashion enthusiasts and writers alike.

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