10 Things You Didn’t Know About Law Roach

When it comes to fashion styling and storytelling, few names stand out as much as Law Roach. As a renowned fashion stylist, image architect, and designer, Law Roach has crafted signature looks for some of the biggest names in entertainment, from Zendaya to Celine Dion and more. Yet, beyond his glittering career accomplishments, there’s much more that people don’t know about this fashion icon. Here, we delve into ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Law Roach’.

1. Law Roach was born and raised in Chicago

Law Roach is a proud product of the Windy City. He grew up in the South Side of Chicago, an area renowned for its rich cultural and artistic heritage. Life on the south side exposed him to a diverse range of artistic influences which would later prove pivotal to his career in fashion.

In fact, Roach credits his upbringing in Chicago as the foundation for his unique aesthetic. He attributes much of his stylistic sensibilities to those early years, citing the influence of Chicago’s vibrant hip-hop and house culture, as well as the work of local designers and trendsetters.

2. His Original Career Path Was Not fashion-related

Before he started styling A-list celebrities, Law Roach had completely different career plans. He attended The Harold Washington College in Chicago to study psychology, proving that you don’t necessarily have to start out in fashion to make it big in the industry.

Even though he did not complete his degree, the interpersonal skills he picked up during his study years no doubt contributed to his later success as a stylist. He has managed to build strong working relationships with his clients and navigate complex negotiations with different stakeholders in the industry.

3. He Rose To Fame Thanks To Zendaya

Roach’s career took off when he began working with actress and singer Zendaya. He has been pivotal in crafting the style narrative that Zendaya portrays in various red carpet events. Together, they have pushed boundaries and defied norms in the fashion world.

Roach’s partnership with Zendaya has not only contributed to her becoming a style icon but has also significantly raised Roach’s profile in the industry. He credits working with Zendaya as an eye-opening experience that deepened his understanding and appreciation of fashion as an art form.

4. He Has His Own Reality Show

Beyond the fashion shows and styling sessions, Roach has stepped into a new terrain; Reality TV. He starred in the reality television series “America’s Next Top Model” in 2016 where he served as a judge.

The reality show not only showcased Roach’s keen eye for style but also laid bare his challenges and triumphs in the industry, providing aspiring stylists with a real-world glimpse into the life of a high-profile fashion stylist.

5. Law Roach Is a Self-Professed “Image Architect”

Roach uses the term “Image Architect” to describe his work. Unlike a conventional wardrobe stylist, he doesn’t just pick outfits; he creates a narrative and shapes the public image of the celebrities he styles. This unique approach sets him apart in his field.

Roach believes that image architecture is about shaping perception and making an impact. To him, an outfit is more than just fabric and design; it’s a statement. His artistry lies in ensuring that every ensemble tells a compelling story.

6. The First Item He Sold Was A Pair Of Vintage Glasses

Roach’s journey in fashion started with the sale of vintage pieces. The first item he sold was a pair of vintage glasses, marking his entry into the business side of fashion. He established a self-owned vintage boutique “Deliciously Vintage” in Chicago where he sold vintage apparel.

This early venture provided him with the opportunity to understand and appreciate different fashion eras and styles. He has since incorporated this knowledge and appreciation for vintage into his styling work, mixing vintage pieces with contemporary fashion for unique looks.

7. He’s The First Black Stylist To Land A Vogue Cover

In June 2020, Law Roach made history by becoming the first black stylist to be featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. The cover, featuring Zendaya dressed in a powerful and symbolic outfit, pushed conversations about representation in the fashion industry.

Earning this milestone not only reinforced his status as a leading stylist but also highlighted his commitment to promoting diversity and representation in fashion. Roach continues to leverage his high-profile platform to advocate for more visibility and opportunities for black talent in the industry.

8. Roach’s Signature Style Is “Fearless”

When it comes to Law’s personal style, one word sums it up: fearless. Never one to shy away from making bold style statements, Roach stands out with his audacious and unconventional style choices that reflect his daring and creative spirit.

Whether it is a dramatic, attention-grabbing ensemble or a simple, minimalistic outfit, Roach exudes confidence in all his style picks. His personal style serves as an inspiration for many budding stylists out there.

9. He was named in Time’s 100 Most Influential People In 2021

In recognition of his impactful work, Roach was named among Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2021. This was not only an affirmation of his talent as a stylist but also a nod to his influence in shaping fashion and promoting diversity in the industry.

This significant recognition signals how Roach’s work in fashion extends beyond just styling. He is widely recognized as a thought leader, shaping trends and stirring conversations around fashion and representation.

10. He’s A Die-Hard Fan Of Diana Ross

For as long as he can remember, Roach has been a huge fan of the renowned singer and actress, Diana Ross. He attributes his fascination with fashion and glamour to Ross’s iconic style. Roach often channels his admiration for Ross’s boundary-pushing style into his work.

More than just her music, Roach admires Diana Ross for her fearless expression of personal style. She serves as his constant source of inspiration for creating bold and dramatic fashion choices.

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