10 Things You Didn’t Know About Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine is a fashionista well-known for her contributions to the fashion industry through her witty and trend-setting blog, Man Repeller. But there’s much more to this style icon than meets the eye. Today, we delve into 10 intriguing aspects of Medine’s life and career you may not have known about.

1. Medine’s Early Days in Fashion

Medine’s love for fashion was not something that came out of the blue. In fact, she started her fashion career early, working as a sales assistant for designer brand Zac Posen at just 15 years old. This experience not only introduced her to the fashion industry but also sparked the passion that would later lead to her successful career.

Having parents who treasured their own unique styles, her fashion journey began at a young age, and she was always encouraged to express herself through her clothes. This background continues to resonate, not just in Medine’s style, but her understanding of fashion as self-expression.

2. She Penned the BoF500: The Definitive Professional Index of Fashion

Leandra’s exceptional knack for writing and fashion didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, she was honoured by being asked to write for the Business of Fashion 500 index. This influential insider’s guide is a definitive professional index that highlights the most influential people shaping the global fashion industry.

Being entrusted with presenting the index attests to Medine’s impact and reputation in the industry and cements her place among fashion’s influential figures. Medine holds a special place in the list, given her profound influence in shaping global fashion trends with her brand, Man Repeller.

3. Man Repeller’s Unique Name

The name ‘Man Repeller’ was born out of Medine’s unique and quirky fashion sense. She has always dared to wear fashion-forward outfits that may not always appeal to the opposite sex. The term ‘man repeller’ thus defines an attitude, a woman who outfits herself in a sartorially offensive mode.

Medine’s approach to fashion, where she prioritizes self-expression and personal satisfaction over societal or gender-targeted appeal, has made a significant impact. It has become a firm mantra for those who adore her and her work. The ‘man repelling’ concept has redefined how we interact with fashion socially, politically, and aesthetically.

4. Medine’s Multi-Cultural Roots

Leandra Medine is a beautiful blend of different cultures – she is Iranian and Turkish-Jewish. Both her parents were born in Iran but moved to the U.S. when they were young. The diversity of her background has greatly influenced her view of the world and has made a significant impact on her bold style choices.

Her multicultural family influence has not only shaped her world view but also her approach to fashion. Embracing all parts of her identity, she often combines styles, patterns, and textures in a way that reflects different aspects of her cultural heritage. Her multicultural roots are also reflected in her writing, where she brings fresh and diverse perspectives to the table.

5. Her Influence has Extended Beyond Blogging

Although Medine’s blogging success is substantial, she’s diversified her career impressively. She’s a published author with her book, “Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.” The book is as equally stylish, funny, and relatable as her blog, offering her unique observations on her own life and the fashion industry.

Leandra has also dipped into design, collaborating with brands like Atea Oceanie, Superga, and Dannijo. Whether through writing, designing, or partnering with brands on unique projects, Medine consistently extends her brand far beyond the realms of blogging.

6. Leandra’s Resilient Personality

Medine’s journey hasn’t always been smooth. From not being invited to fashion shows to dealing with negative reactions to her blog posts, she’s faced a fair share of disappointments. Through it all, her resilience is unfaltering. Medine’s unwavering passion for what she does fuels her, and she continues to inspire and motivate many with her dramas and triumphs.

Medine’s resilience, passion, and drive even showed up in her open discussions about her struggle with infertility. Allowing her followers to be part of her journey not only inspire many but also underline her authenticity.

7. She is an Engaged Activist

Medine uses her platform and influence to advocate for equal rights and diversity in the fashion industry. She has been vocal about the need for change, underlining her commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality at every opportunity.

Through her activism, Medine has started discussions about privilege, inspired readers to become more politically active, and raised awareness about various social issues. She isn’t afraid to use her voice or blog to make a difference.

8. She’s a Mother of Twin Girls

In 2018, Medine gave birth to twin girls, Laura and Madeline. Throughout her pregnancy and into motherhood, Medine candidly shared her experiences with her followers. She balances motherhood with her career, adding another dimension to her inspirational journey.

Medine also emphasizes the importance of maintaining her own identity outside of being a parent and a wife. For her, being a mum means embracing all the changes while continuing to nurture and prioritize herself.

9. She Initially Failed to Break into Freelance Writing

Before founding her blog, Medine tried her luck at freelance writing but repeatedly faced rejection from major publications. This initial setback didn’t deter her. Instead, it reinforced her drive, leading her to establish Man Repeller, which quickly snowballed into a full-fledged career.

Once her blog became widely recognized, the very publications that once rejected her were eager to have her write for them. Looking back at her initial failures, Medine sees them as an important stepping stone to her success.

10. She’s Not Just About Fashion

While Medine has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, she’s not just about clothes and style. She holds a degree in journalism from the New School and sees herself as a storyteller first and foremost. Through Man Repeller, Medine has created a platform for herself and others to tell stories and share opinions about everything from world affairs to mental health.

Medine believes that it’s not the clothes that people wear that makes fashion interesting, but rather the people wearing them. For her, fashion is a means of exploration, self-expression, and storytelling, and she’s committed to sharing these stories with the world.

To explore more about Leandra Medine and her fabulous world, visit her blog Man Repeller. You can also follow her journey on Instagram @leandramcohen.