10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee Seo-hyun

Lee Seo-hyun is recognized around the globe as a leading force in the world of business, particularly in South Korea. As the former president of Cheil Industries and current executive board member of Samsung C&T Corporation, Lee is an inspiring personage who has not only broken the glass ceiling in the business world, but has also influenced the spheres of art and philanthropy. However, there’s more to Lee Seo-hyun than meets the eye. In this article, we delve into ten fascinating facts that might surprise you about this accomplished businesswoman.

1. She’s part of a business dynasty

You may already know that Lee Seo-hyun is a key player in the Samsung Group, but did you know about her family’s crucial role in the conglomerate? Her father, Lee Kun-hee, served as the Chairman of Samsung until his passing in 2020. He is widely credited with transforming Samsung into a global electronics giant and one of the world’s leading brands.

Lee Seo-hyun’s siblings also hold high-ranking positions within the conglomerate. Her elder brother, Jay Y. Lee, is the Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, while her elder sister, Lee Boo-jin, is the CEO of Hotel Shilla, a duty-free shop operator. This business dynasty has significantly shaped the South Korean economy.

2. She’s a connoisseur and supporter of art

Lee Seo-hyun is well-known for her discerning eye for art. As the head of Samsung’s cultural projects, she oversaw the opening of the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, which boasts a collection of over 2,000 artworks, including traditional Korean art pieces and contemporary works.

Under her leadership, Samsung became a prodigious sponsor of art-related projects. The corporation supports artists through its in-house residency program, provides scholarships to promising art students, and sponsors art fairs and exhibitions. By merging business and the arts, Lee has positioned Samsung as an innovative supporter of culture and creativity.

3. She’s a leader in South Korean fashion

Lee Seo-hyun was named president of Cheil Industries in 2012, Samsung’s fashion division. Under her leadership, Cheil expanded its presence in the fashion industry, bringing international brands like BET, 8seconds, and KUHO to the South Korean market.

In her role as president, she revitalized the company with her forward-thinking strategy and her eye for beauty. Lee worked to bolster Korean fashion’s global reputation, resulting in Samsung’s increased prominence in the fashion world and the growth of the country’s textile industry.

4. She’s a philanthropist

Lee Seo-hyun firmly believes in corporate social responsibility and is known for her philanthropic endeavors. She has heavily invested in numerous charitable causes, focusing on education and health. Her notable contributions include the Ho-Am Prize, a significant award recognizing contributions to culture, art, and science, and the Leeum museum.

Post her father’s passing, she, along with her siblings, announced plans to donate 1 trillion won ($900 million) to health and education causes over the next ten years, reinforcing her commitment towards social improvement.

5. She studied in the United States

Lee’s international perspective was shaped through her studies in the United States. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York, where she majored in Textile Design. This education undoubtedly influenced her later work in Samsung’s fashion division and her commitment to promoting Korean art and culture.

Studying abroad gave her a broader perspective and a deep appreciation for different cultures, attributes which have informed her leadership style and her approach to business and philanthropy.

6. She’s a mother

Despite her busy corporate life, Lee is a dedicated mother to her children. Raising a family while navigating a high-power career is no small feat, but Lee balances her personal and professional life successfully. Her commitment to her family is another testament to her multitude of roles beyond the corporate world.

Not much is publicly known about her children as Lee prioritizes their privacy and tends to keep her family life out of the spotlight. Regardless, it’s clear that she brings the same dedication to her family as she does to her various professional commitments.

7. She guides the Seung-il Hope Foundation

Lee Seo-hyun played an instrumental role in appropriating the initial funding for the establishment of the Seung-il Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The foundation works to build rehab centers for patients suffering from this debilitating disease, offering exercise programs and seminars to improve their quality of life. Lee’s involvement and influence in this foundation underscore her commitment to making a genuine societal impact.

8. She’s a strong advocate of ethical business practices

Throughout her illustrious career, Lee Seo-hyun has been a staunch advocate of ethical business practices. She has promoted various initiatives within Samsung to ensure business conduct aligns with environmental standards and pushes for corporate transparency.

Her efforts extend to championing fair working conditions across Samsung’s businesses. This dedication to ethical business practices not only showcases her commitment to social responsibility but also her leadership principles in action.

9. She heads the Samsung Welfare Foundation

One of Lee Seo-hyun’s remarkable contributions to South Korean society is heading the Samsung Welfare Foundation. The organization targets poverty alleviation and provides support to underprivileged and disabled citizens.

Lee’s dynamic leadership continues to propel the organization in creating impactful programs across South Korea. Under her guidance, the foundation has become a beacon of compassion, uplifting lives and fostering social integration.

10. She’s listed among the world’s most powerful women

Forbes repeatedly lists Lee Seo-hyun in their annual ‘100 Most Powerful Women’ list. She’s recognized both for her contribution to the business world and her influential role in the arts and philanthropy. Her remarkable achievements tip the balance, proving that women can hold powerful positions in traditionally male-dominated industries.

As one of the world’s most influential women, Lee Seo-hyun continues to chart new paths, leaving an indelible imprint on the world. It’s not just her accomplishments and prowess in business that set her apart, but also her commitment to social impact and the arts that make her an inspirational figure.

Despite her numerous achievements and roles, there is a private side to Lee Seo-hyun that remains shrouded in mystery, making her an endlessly captivating figure in the world of business.

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