10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lei Jufang


Lei Jufang, a familiar name in the world of traditional Chinese medicine, stands as an icon for her contributions to the industry. She built her empire from scratch, persistently navigating her way through the difficulties that arose in her path, and eventually claiming her title as the Chairwoman of Tibet Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd.

The road to her present day success was not an easy one; in fact, it required immense hard work, dedication and an iron will to turn her dreams into a reality. However, there’s much more to Lei Jufang than meets the eye. Here we take a look at ten lesser-known facts about this formidable woman.

1. She started her journey in the pharmaceutical industry at an early age

Lei Jufang’s career journey began when she was just twenty years old. After finishing school, she entered the pharmaceutical sector intending to make a positive impact. She worked at a provincial pharmaceutical factory, where she gained significant experience and knowledge about the industry.

During this time, she learned about the intricacies of the pharmaceutical process, from the sourcing and manufacturing of products to their final sale. These foundational years were crucial in shaping her future endeavours.

2. She endured great hardships to establish her own company

While her initial years in the industry were fruitful, her literal journey towards establishing her company was not a smooth ride. It was in the late 1990s when she decided to venture out on her own. With her savings, she embarked on a 1,000-kilometer journey across difficult terrain to reach Tibet, where she established Tibet Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine.

The difficulties she faced were insurmountable, from traversing rugged landscapes to overcoming language barriers and cultural differences. However, her unwavering spirit kept her going, and she managed to set up a successful venture in an unfamiliar land.

3. Her company specializes in traditional Tibetan medicine

Unlike many pharmaceutical companies, Tibet Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine focuses on traditional Tibetan medicine. Making use of the rich Tibetan medical heritage, Lei Jufang, through her company, has brought traditional cures for various ailments to the forefront.

Under her guidance, the company developed a wide range of products that make use of rare and precious Tibetan medicinal materials. As a result, a wide array of diseases can be treated in a method that’s been trusted for hundreds of years.

4. Lei Jufang strongly believes in giving back to society

Despite her personal success, Lei Jufang considers giving back to society equally important. She directs significant resources towards employment and social initiatives in Tibet, such as restoration projects for local landmarks.

Moreover, she also initiated support for the integration of arts and culture into local society, aiding in both the preservation of Tibetan culture and the enrichment of people’s lives.

5. She is a strong advocate for scientific research and innovation

Despite her company’s focus on traditional medicines, Lei Jufang doesn’t shy away from embracing modern technology. She staunchly believes in the power of scientific research and innovation in improving healthcare.

Her company is known for its innovative approach in marrying traditional medicine with modern science. This visionary way of approaching healthcare has significantly contributed to its success.

6. She has been recognized with multiple awards

Lei Jufang’s contributions to the pharmaceutical industry haven’t gone unnoticed. She has received multiple awards both within China and internationally, a testament to her relentless efforts in legacy preservation and innovation in healthcare.

Some of her notable awards include ‘Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in China’, ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur of Tsinghua Alumni’ and ‘China Charity Award’.

7. She is a proud alumni of Tsinghua University

Lei Jufang received her executive MBA degree from one of China’s most prestigious universities, Tsinghua University. After receiving her degree, she has continued to contribute to her alma mater in various capacities.

Most notably, she is the founder and the director of the Tsinghua Alumni Association at Tibet, where she continually works to strengthen professional ties among the alumni community.

8. Lei Jufang faced more than her fair share of controversies

Over the years, Lei Jufang has faced her fair share of controversies. The most significant one surrounded the construction of a highway in Tibet, which faced significant protest from environmentalists and locals.

Yet, despite all the negativity and setbacks, she faced every controversy head-on, and has continuously worked with dedication and perseverance to provide quality healthcare products.

9. She’s among the richest women in China

After years of hard work and dedication, Lei Jufang has made her mark as one of the richest women in China. Her wealth is largely attributed to the shares she holds in her company, Tibet Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine.

While she’s renowned for her wealth, it doesn’t overshadow her philanthropic efforts and her fervor to bring quality healthcare to all, particularly those in distant and under-developed regions.

10. She continues to inspire women entrepreneurs

Lei Jufang serves as a beacon of hope and determination for women not only in China but across the world. She’s a living testament to the power of unwavering determination, vision, and sheer grit.

Despite her personal success, Lei Jufang remains humble, always attributing her achievements to her team’s collective effort. She is indeed a true role model for aspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere.

Lei Jufang’s journey is peppered with obstacles, controversies and victories, making it truly inspiring. Her unwavering dedication towards her work and commitment to her society exemplifies the virtues of a world-class entrepreneur.

As we journey through her life, we discover not just the shining beacon of a successful entrepreneur but also the dedicated humanist, committed to improving the lives of her people. In the end, it’s safe to say that the name Lei Jufang is synonymous with tenacity, philanthropy, and innovation.

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